Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone

By Everett Zarnick

Shotguns used to have the reputation of being Warzone weapons that were great in their niche range, but lacked the versatility needed to become loadout weapons in the most competitive of matches.

With the increased number of players learning to move properly and the meta of rushing and rotating, that niche range of 0-50 ft or so has become less a niche distance and more the norm, which has subsequently made shotguns much more viable weapons.

The Gallo SA12, in particular, is a weapon with high magazine capabilities and a time to kill that’s faster than the FFAR, when used properly. To show it some love, we’ll be going over its top ten blueprints. These rankings will be based solely on their aesthetic value and nothing else.

10. Jaw Breaker

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The nice thing about the Jaw Breaker blueprint is that it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. With a 21’ barrel, a fat sound suppressor that adds an incredible amount of length, and a purple and black paint job decorating the body of the weapon, the Jaw Breaker is a long, flashy piece of equipment that is made to call for attention before crackin’ skulls.

You can get this legendary-grade Jaw Breaker blueprint in the Sweet Tooth bundle that was released in season 1. 

9. Somber Touch

Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone - Somber Touch
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

It isn’t all that often that Infinity Ward releases a blueprint where the entire weapon is designed with intricate carvings along the entire weapon, but Somber Touch fits that bill nicely. With dark gold plating and a carbon finish, the weapon is designed with paintings that can only be described as the kind you’d recognize on Día de Muertos.

It’s not only fancy, but quiet and dark, which is certainly becoming of a weapon named Somber Touch. You can acquire it in the Gilded Age 2 bundle

8. Pointman

Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone - Pointman
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Pointman blueprint provides the kind of aesthetic that pops up once in a while that’s obviously made for those who watched G.I. Joe back in the day. Or players who want to roleplay as a soldier in some woodland front.

The weapon itself has a dark brownish and green camo you’d expect to see on any typical soldier, with a combat stock for the classic shotgun look, and duckbill choke muzzle for the extra ‘fatness’ one might expect from something you’d use up close.

You can get the Pointman blueprint in the Shadow Commando bundle, released in season 3.

7. Resilience

Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone - Resilience
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Resilience blueprint is a weapon for the player with finer tastes. It doesn’t have any flashy colors, thanks to its murky green and tan paint job. And the SAS combat stock with a realistic mesh wrap is, in some ways, so unremarkable you wouldn’t be blamed if you missed just how well the mesh artwork is done.

Is resilience going to catch the eyes of your opponents? No. But will it give you something pretty and calm to look at in the heat of the skirmishes? Absolutely. And the darker tones are necessarily going to keep you hidden from everyone, but having a weapon that doesn’t stick itself out of a shadow doesn’t hurt your chances of winning, does it?

You can grab the legendary-grade Resilience in the Invasive Species bundle.

6. Paint Splatter

Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone - Paint Splatter
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you were tasked with imagining just what a weapon named paint splatter would look like, there’s a 99% chance the image you’d get in your head would be the image you see here.

Paint Splatter’s whole get-up is that there were the colors of the 70’s psychedelic trips sitting in a few buckets near IW’s art team and they threw them over the SA12 in random fashion. Is it clever? Not really. But is it pretty? Absolutely. And for the more astute among us, the design on the carbon body and grip won’t go unnoticed.

You can acquire Paint Splatter in the Spray & Paint bundle

5. Flash Point

Top 10 Best Gallo SA12 Blueprints in Warzone - Flash Point
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

At halfway through the list, we find our first blueprint that aims for the more ‘futuristic’ aesthetic. Flash Point is a legendary grade blueprint out of the SHRP bundle that takes the SA12 and puts black, red, and dark purple hues along its body.

The 24” barrel and SAS combat stock do a good job of working with the color scheme to give off a ‘spaceship police’ vibe that most players will be able to appreciate. The SOCOM blast mitigator and SWAT Laser Sight aren’t bad touches, either.

As mentioned, you can grab Flash Point in the SHRP bundle.

4. Neutralizer

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

This is the first weapon on the list that looks like something out of Predator. The Neutralizer takes the SA12 and applies a jungle grip, milistop reflex optic, and claw artwork to the weapon. The body has a grey, silver, and yellow paint job, while fresh blood marks the grip.

If you want a weapon that looks like it’s been used to good effect, the Neutralizer is a great legendary-grade option with a ton of personality to boot. You can pick it up in the Maxis Operator bundle, which was released in season 2.

3. Strafe Run

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you’re a pro at Warzone who likes to run and gun, you might find that the Strafe Run blueprint fits your style perfectly. With mobility in mind, Strafe Run has a shortened barrel, and Duster stock. In addition, it sports a wild greenish hue over the black carbon finish we’ve all come to know and love in a winged design. When you’re moving with Strafe Run, you’re just about flying.

As a bonus, this blueprint sports a cartoonish character on the side, just in case its wearer wanted a little more personality to his or her destruction.

2. Warden’s Word

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Have you ever wanted to play Warzone with that “get off my lawn” feeling that can only be provided by being an oldster with a wooden shotgun, but couldn’t find the necessary aesthetic required for such a feat?

Well, Warden’s Word has got you covered. And in the right hands, Warden’s Word is the word that goes! A wooden handle and grip accent the standard black carbon finish of the SA12 nicely, while an “03” is printed on the stock for who knows what reason.

Does it make sense to you? Does it even matter? Probably not, given how unique this blueprint is. You can get them kids off your lawn with this legendary-grade blueprint out of season 1’s battlepass. If you didn’t already, you’re out of luck! Hrumph!

1. Apollo

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

It should come as no surprise that the highest weapons on this list will have the most personality working in tandem with their luscious designs. And Apollo is the epitome of that standard.

The blueprint boasts white grips, a beautiful brass body, and rose designs to compliment the rest of the weapon, which comes in a night black carbon finish. Without a stock, the weapon is surely made to be admired for the artwork, which is the star of the show. The brass coloring on the body helps to pull it all together, as it has a nearly rose-tint. And just to add some girth to the canvas this weapon is, it also sports a large sound suppressor.

Support those flowers as the sun god himself with Apollo, available in season 1’s Hot Shot bundle. 


The SA12 is a weapon for the mobile. The players who can run and gun, and do it expertly. That said, running and gunning isn’t always a dreary task, and some players want to look dashing while… dashing.

For that, refer to this list to find your dream aesthetic. Happy gunning, and as always, GLHF.