Top 10 Best Full Desk Mousepads

By Erika Lentz

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As a PC gamer, you know that your desk setup is a key component of your gaming experience. Sure, you could be the best player in the world, but you won’t get very far without a comfy setup or good gaming equipment to back you up. For instance, your game space might require a certain style of desk. You also know that you need a good mouse and keyboard to play the best you can.

But what about the mouse pad? Mouse pads are great because they help you glide smoothly through your moves. When it comes to gaming, you don’t want to be restricted. That’s where full desk mouse pads come in. The best full desk mouse pad for gaming can ensure comfort and ease of you to let you play every game to the fullest. You may think they’re all the same but this certainly isn’t the case. The best full desk mouse pads for gaming bring you a level of comfort and skill enhancement that generic or smaller mouse pads couldn’t.

This mouse pad from VicTsing is a great looking and affordable choice for any PC gamer. It is made of superfine braided fiber material to allow for smooth and accurate mouse movements. It is also slip resistant to prevent sliding during gameplay. This mouse pad is very durable thanks to a highly elastic natural rubber material and double stitched edging. It is also finished with a waterproof coating to prevent liquid damage.

Some gamers have noted that this mouse pad has a very distinct rubber smell that can be rough on people with sensitive noses or allergies. Gamers have also noted that the edges may roll up and that this mouse pad is not the best to pair with overly sensitive mice.

This mouse pad from havit is another cheap option that is great for all levels of PC gamers. It is made from a mercerized material to ensure smooth gameplay. This, along with a non-slip, ergonomic design, makes it a very comfortable mouse pad to use. This mouse pad is waterproof and also has large stitch edges to enhance durability and prevent damage.

Like other rubber mouse pads, the biggest complaint with this mouse pad is the smell. Other users have also noted that this mouse pad may be slightly smaller than advertised. That said, it does still cover a significant amount of desk space. There is also a XXXL option if you have a bigger desk, though it is a few dollars extra.

This mouse pad from AUKEY is a little pricier than the previously listed mouse pads but it is still very affordable. The cloth material and rubber base ensure comfort and precision in gameplay. This mouse pad is also water resistant and has durable stitching. This is the largest size but there are several size options available.

The main issue that users have with this mouse pad is that it can be difficult to clean. They note that it collects dust and dirt easily. Users also point out that this mouse pad has the unpleasant rubber smell mentioned previously.

This mouse pad from YSAGi comes in many different colors and is a great option for all PC gamers. It is dual-sided so you can have a different color on each side. Both sides are also made of a high-quality leather material that is water and oilproof. This mouse pad is easy to clean and comfortable to use. the leather material also makes this a good writing space.

One issue with this mouse pad is that, since it is dual-sided, it does not have an anti-slip design. This could be an issue if you play games requiring a lot of quick movement. In addition, users have also noted that this mouse pad tends to roll at the edges and not stay flat.

This mouse pad from luxcoms is a little more expensive than some others but it is well worth the price. This mouse pad comes in plain black and three different designs (for a slight upcharge). It has 11 different lighting modes; 7 static and 4 dynamic. It is plug and play so you won’t need to do anything special to use the RGB lighting. This mouse pad is both non-slip and waterproof. It has a durable and ultra-smooth surface to enhance your gameplay.

One issue with this mouse pad is that the edge stitching isn’t the best quality. Because it has RGB lighting around the edges, the stitches have a harder time staying in place. So, though it looks really cool, you might not get as much of a lifespan out of this mouse pad. In addition, users have noted that this mouse pad does not flatten out very well and that the lights are not very bright.

This mouse pad from KTRIO comes in three different sizes (XL, XXL, XXXL), all of which are full desk. The manufacturing of this mouse pad ensures durability. It has a high-density, premium texture processed in high temperature and high pressure. It also has a waterproof coating, anti-fray stitching, and a non-slip rubber base. It has an ultra-smooth surface that lets your mouse glide across easily. This mouse pad is very affordable for all levels of gamers, no matter what size you choose.

The main issue that users have noted is that this mouse pad doesn’t always register mouse movements correctly. The stitching also rubs at your wrists and this mouse pad has a strong rubber smell as well.

This mouse pad from Razer comes in four different styles and has lighting around the edges. This mouse pad also supports inter-device color synchronization and has over 16.8 million color options, powered by Razer Chroma. The micro-texture cloth surface is designed for comfort and optimized for sensitivity. This mouse pad also has a non-slip rubber base.

This mouse pad is quite pricey compared to the others. So, although it is extremely high quality, it may not be the best choice for more casual gamers. The main issue that users point out with this mouse pad is that it does not flatten very well.

This mouse pad from Corsair is another affordable option for both serious and casual gamers alike. It has anti-fray cloth and high-quality stitches to ensure durability. It is also optimized for gaming mouse sensors, both laser and optical. The weaved surface assists with pixel precision targeting and low friction tracking. This mouse pad also has an anti-skid rubber base.

Users note that this mouse pad may appear faded in color. Like with other rubber-based mouse pads, this mouse pad also has a distinct rubber smell to it.

This mouse pad from HyperX is decently priced for all gamers. There is a special edition design that is a little pricier, if you want something that adds more of a flare to your gaming setup. This mouse pad has anti-fray stitching and a densely woven surface to optimize mouse tracking. It also has a rubber base to prevent shifting during gameplay.

Many users have reported that this mouse pad arrived rolled and/or wrinkled. They also note that it can be difficult to flatten this mouse pad. It has a rubber smell to it as well.

This mouse pad from Glorious PC Gaming Race is the best full desk mouse pad for gaming that you can get. It comes in three different color options; black, stealth, and white. It has a smooth cloth surface that is optimized for both speed and control. It has anti-fray stitching and a non-slip rubber base. In addition, this mouse pad is also machine washable.

This mouse pad, being the best full desk mouse pad for gaming out there, is on the pricier end of this list. Though it is not the most expensive, it may not be the best choice for more casual gamers. The main complaint that users have with this mouse pad is that it tends to form bubbles under the cloth surface. Like with other non-slip mouse pads, this one also has a rubber smell.


PC gamers could really benefit from large mouse pads. The best full desk mouse pads for gaming allow you to utilize your space well. The above list featured a variety of large mouse pads that have durable builds and mouse sensor optimization. You can also see that they offer many unique features such as various colors and designs, RGB lighting, waterproof and oil-proof finishes, and more.

Investing in a special full desk gaming mouse pad may seem silly at first because people generally don’t think of the mouse pad when it comes to gaming setup. But the comfort and durability that these mouse pads offer, coupled with how well they optimize your gaming space, make them the perfect accessory for any PC gamer. Whether you are a casual or serious gamer, you will find that having a good full desk mouse pad can elevate your experience to the next level. Check out the above list, make your choice, and game like you never have before.