Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS

By Jim Jones

Are you spending a big percentage of your profit buying expensive food in Old School RuneScape? Then you need to learn about foods you can buy or cook cheaply that will save you a fortune while offering you considerable hitpoints.

In your skills tab, a simple click on the small cooking pot shows you a wide variety of food options in Old School RuneScape. There’s cake, alcohol, baked foods, vegetables, fish and so much more. How do you now determine which food is the best? Well, the answer differs based on your circumstances and the gold at hand.

Weapons aren’t the only things you need to protect yourself from foes in OSRS. For new players who need to defeat the vicious wizards waiting at Varrock’s entrance but always find themselves at Lumbridge, or PVMer’s who want to catch any available boss pets. Whatever your situation, present level, or the amount of gold at hand, the wide variety of food options gives you the luxury of choosing the best food that suits your situation. 

The following are the top 10 best food items in OSRS. Go through it carefully to have an idea of the ideal food for whatever circumstances you find yourself in OSRS.

10. Sea Turtle

Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS - Sea Turtle
Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

Cooking raw sea turtles gives you sea turtle food. You need a level 82 cooking to be able to cook raw sea turtles, which can be cooked either on a cooking range or fire. Successfully cooking a raw sea turtle awards a total experience of 211.3. It’s very likely players burn sea turtles in the process of cooking but they get better as their cooking level increases.

Burning a sea turtle results in burnt sea turtle and that can happen up to cooking level 99 so don’t beat yourself up when you do. The good news is you can easily avoid burning sea turtles if you wear a cooking cape. However, if without a cooking tape, we recommend you do your cooking on the clay oven in the Hosidius Kitchen as it gives a better chance of success.

After successful cooking, eating sea turtles gives you a total of 21 hitpoints.

9. AnglerFish

Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS - AnglerFish
Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

Don’t be threatened by the teeth and spikes. AnglerFish is a great food item. The AnglerFish gives considerable hitpoints when consumed but you don’t want to have an encounter with it in the middle of the ocean.

If you choose to cook the Angler Fish, it requires a minimum cooking level of 84 and rewards you with a total experience of 230 experience provided you’re successful with the cooking.

The AnglerFish tends to heal and overheal but this is dependent on the players’ hitpoint level. At a hitpoint level of 93, the AnglerFish offers a hitpoint of 22, and at a hitpoint level of 99, the AnglerFish offers a temporary boost above the maximum 121 hitpoints. At hitpoint levels between 10 – 19, the AnglerFish only heals 3 hit points.

This implies that the AnglerFish is not a good option if you have a very low hitpoint. We recommend you save this food for when you are above 99 hit points. Its overheating tendencies make it one of the best meals to have before engaging in a battle.

8. Tuna Potato

Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS - Tuna Potato
Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

You might be thinking the tuna potato is as flavourful and delectable as what we have in real life but that’s not the case. The OSRS tuna potato is just a while tuna stacked on top of a potato. Not quite appealing but it does an amazing job healing a total of 22hp.

Players willing to cook the tuna potato need a cooking level of 68 and reward players with a sum of 309.5 experience provided you’re successful with the cooking. Players can also choose to buy tuna potatoes for 113 gold coins.

The tuna potato healing a total of 22 hp makes it ideal for long trips as it ensures longevity during the trip. When combined with Karambwans, they provide massive energy for combat and travel.

7. Dark Crab

Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS - Dark Crab
Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

Crabs are quite a delicacy both in RuneScape and in real life. Crabs are outstanding healing food items that can be found in the wilderness which makes them kinda risky. But when players get to capture one, it will be worth the effort. Dark crabs offer a total of 22 hitpoints making it one of the best food items in the game for slayer and bossing.

Cooking the dark crab requires a cooking level of 90 and rewards players with a sum of 215 experience provided you’re successful with the cooking. Players can also choose to buy dark crabs for 320 gold coins.

Even though other food items heal exactly like the dark crab, the dark crab has a better edge, in that, it is lighter compared to other food items. The dark weights of 0.3kg

6. Manta ray

Top 10 Best Food Items in OSRS - Manta Ray
Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

Just like the tuna potato, dark crabs, and the angler fish, the manta ray heals 22 hp in one single bite. This makes it one of the best foods to eat in OSRS. The Manta ray has a weight of 0.4kg which makes it not too heavy to carry on a long trip.

Players will need to catch and cook a manta ray if they want to complete the Elite Ardougne Diary. Cooking the manta ray requires a cooking level of 91 and rewards players with a sum of 216.3 experience provided you’re successful with the cooking. Players can also decide to purchase manta rays for 200 gold coins.

5. Wild pie

Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

The wild pie heals a total of 22hp but in 2 bites with each bite healing 11hp each. This food item also provides a short boost in skill to Ranged by 4 levels and Slayer by 5 levels. These boosts can be used to defeat Slayer monsters of higher levels but once the boost is over, that won’t be possible.

We recommend you use these boosts to defeat Slayer monsters not more than 3 levels away so that the boost can last longer to defeat such enemies. After consuming the wild pie, an empty pie dish is left behind which prevents the removal of worn equipment from the inventory once it is full.

Like every other food item, players can also decide to cook or purchase the wild pie. To buy the wild pie, you need a sum of 182 coins. But to cook, you need a cooking level of 85 and a reward of 216.3 experience is earned once you complete the cooking.

4. Summer Pie

Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

The summer pie is quite similar to the wild pie. It heals a total of 22hp in 2 bites, with each bite healing 11hp each, just exactly like the wild pie. The summer pie also grants a temporary boost in the skill of Agility by 5 levels while also restoring energy by 10%. Like the wild pie, the summer also leaves behind a push dish once it is consumed.

As a player, you can choose to cook the summer pie or purchase it from the Grand Exchange. To purchase, a sum of 140 gold coins is required. However, if you’re deciding to cook, you need a cooking level of 95, and a reward of 260 experience is earned once you complete the cooking.

3. Pineapple Pizza

Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

The pineapple pizza falls in the same category as the wild pie and the summer pie. It heals a sum of 22 hitpoints in 2 bites with each bite healing 11 hitpoints each. However, the pineapple pizza does not grant any temporary boost.

With a cooking level of 45, you can easily make the pineapple pizza by adding pineapple rings or chunks on a plain pizza. A reward of 189 experience is earned once you complete the cooking. You can also decide to buy the pineapple pizza for 100 gold coins.

2. Basket of strawberries

Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

Strawberries are nature’s sweets. They offer significant hitpoints in OSRS at a very cheap cost. A basket of strawberries holds a maximum of 5 strawberries which has the potential of healing to a maximum of 30 hitpoints.

The healing potential of a basket of strawberries makes it a very important food item to have in your inventory as it offers the highest hitpoints to be gained per inventory slot. However, stacking up these massive hitpoints from a basket of strawberries takes time as you have to eat each strawberry individually to gain stack up against such hitpoint.

1. Saradomin brew

Old School RuneScape (©Jagex)

The Saradomin brew is a very effective food item. When used carefully, it has the potential to restore more hit points on each inventory slot as compared to other food items excluding the purple sweets. Furthermore, the Saradomin brew can boost skills while also healing above the maximum hitpoint threshold. This is exactly why it ranks first on our list!

To prepare the Saradomin brew, it requires a Herblore level of 81. You mix a crushed bird’s nest and toadflax in a vial of water to get the Saradomin brew. After successful preparation, players earn a total of 180 Herblore experience.

For every dose of Saradomin brew, it temporarily increases Defence by 20% + 2 and Hitpoints by 15% + 2. It also temporarily lowers Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic by 10% + 2. The Saradomin brew is a must-have food item in your inventory.


It’s quite evident that there’s a wide variety of food options to pick from depending on your current situation and level. These food items range from high healing to low healing and are all beneficial at their capacity.

So, before you choose any food item, you must always put into consideration your situation and stat so you can make the best choice out of the vast food options.

To survive in OSRS, not only do you need food to keep your energy up but also weapons to protect yourself from enemies. There are also wide varieties of weapons in the game ranging from crush weapons to melee weapons, ranged weapons, and old school weapons.