Top 10 Best Food in Rust

By Justin Joy

In a survival game such as Rust there are many ways to stay alive. Naturally as there are many dangers in the world of Rust you will want to equip yourself with proper weapons and armor in order to defend yourself against wildlife and hostile players. But first and foremost, you will need to make sure you have the proper supplies when it comes to food as it is paramount to survival. Not only will food restore your hunger, but it can also restore health, thirst, and even remove poisoning effects. In addition, keeping your hunger topped off can provide status buffs such as comfort and the much more important buff of not starving to death or dying of dehydration. There are numerous types of food as well as multiple ways to obtain this food which makes the normally tedious affair of eating much more accessible. So, grab a plate and some silverware and buckle up because you’re about to learn how to eat the best of the best in Rust.

10. Cooked Chicken

Top 10 Best Food in Rust - Cooked Chicken
Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Cooked chicken can be obtained by cooking raw chicken breast. Raw chicken breast can obviously be found by slaughtering a chicken but can also be found in barrels. After cooking the raw chicken breast, it will restore 40 hunger, 10 health, and 3 thirst. As with any raw meat in the game, consuming it before cooking it will result in the player getting some levels of poison. Cooking the meat first not only removes this poisoning effect but also greatly increases the resources it restores. Unfortunately, you cannot collect and raise chickens so if you were hoping to jump into Rust and start your own Chick-fil-A franchise you are going to be in for a bad time.

9. Cooked Fish

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

As the name implies cooked fish is acquired by cooking raw fish at a campfire or in a furnace. Raw fish is obtained after fishing out a small trout and gutting it. Once cooked and consumed the player receives 5 health, 10 thirst, and 40 hunger. In order to catch a small trout to roast up its guts you’ll have to craft a survival fish trap. The trap is capable of catching either small trout or minnows every three minutes until it breaks making an easy way to obtain food for the diligent fisher. Additionally, overcooking the fish will allow the player to obtain charcoal. Unfortunately, trout is the only fish in the game so if you are a fishing enthusiast you will have to use your imagination if you want to catch various types of fish.

8. Can of Tuna

Top 10 Best Food in Rust - Can of Tuna
Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

The can of tuna is a food item that is found in trash piles, which quite frankly is where I believe it should stay, but it does have its merit in Rust. Consuming the can of tuna will restore 50 hunger, 2 health, and 15 thirst. After consuming the tuna, the player also receives an empty can of tuna for their troubles foraging through trash and braving this disgusting meal. The empty can be smelted at a campfire for 15 fragments of metal or can be used to craft a Tuna Can Lamp which is a makeshift wall light. Luckily the Tuna Can Lamp won’t put off the infamous and pungent odor of tuna.

7. Granola Bar

Top 10 Best Food in Rust - Granola Bar
Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Granola bars can be found in loot crates and are an iconic meal for any survival experience whether it be hiking through beautiful woods or dodging the bullets of crazed survivors. Consuming one will restore 60 hunger and 1 health. There are many flavors of granola bars in the real world, but unfortunately the in-game icon for this food item is ripped and only shows oats as an ingredient and flavor.

6. Cooked Wolf Meat

Top 10 Best Food in Rust - Cooked Wolf Meat
Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

If you guessed that cooked wolf meat comes from cooking raw wolf meat then you’d be right on the nose. After slaying a wolf and cooking its meat at a campfire or furnace you will be rewarded with this food item that restores 60 hunger, 5 health, and 1 thirst. Be sure that you do actually cook the wolf meat as eating it raw will leave you poisoned. If you overcook the meat you will wind up with burnt wolf meat or leave it sitting too long and it will spoil. Either way, be sure not to let this hard-earned meat go to waste as wolves are not easy to find and luckily do not travel in packs which will make it easier to hunt this creature.

5. Black Raspberries

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Currently it is not possible to find black raspberries in the wild but rather only from supply air drops and rarely in loot crates. You will receive three black raspberries from a supply air drop and only 1 from loot crates. This makes black raspberries a rare and hot commodity in the Rust marketplace as a tasty delicacy in a savage world. Consuming a black raspberry will replenish 10 health, 20 thirst, and 30 hunger as well as reduce a player’s poisoning status by 5. They can also be stacked up to 20 which makes them easy to carry if you are able to get your hands on them.

4. Cooked Bear Meat

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

As the name implies, you’ll have to tangle with a bear in order to receive this food item. Bears have 400 health and are capable of sprinting 4x the player’s speed, making them incredibly dangerous. But if you have the courage or lack a survival instinct and take down this formidable foe you will receive 19 bear meat which can then be cooked. Eating cooked bear meat will restore 100 hunger, 1 thirst, and allows you to regenerate 5 health over time. And while it doesn’t necessarily affect anything in game, killing a bear and devouring its meat will surely make you feel like a badass.

3. Chocolate Bar

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Chocolate bars can be found in loot crates spread throughout the map making it an easy food item to find. It will restore 2 health, 1 thirst and 100 hunger once consumed. While the health and thirst recovery aren’t all that impressive, the amount of hunger it restores makes it a valuable resource to carry. Plus, when things have you down in the strange and terrifying world of Rust, who wouldn’t want some chocolate comfort food. Luckily you don’t have to worry about gaining weight in Rust so you can satisfy all your chocolate cravings here.

2. Can of Beans

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Cans of beans can be found in loot crates throughout the map, making them easy to find. Due to their small size, they are also easy to carry as they don’t take up much space in your inventory. Consuming a can of beans will restore 100 hunger, 25 thirst, and 4 health. After eating the beans, you will be left with an empty can which can be smelted down at a campfire for 15 metal fragments. Unfortunately, the empty can cannot be used to craft a Beancan grenade. Additionally, planting the can of beans in the ground will not grow a giant beanstalk either.

1. Pumpkin

Rust (©Facepunch Studios).

Pumpkins can be found growing riverside and can be planted by the player, making it only one of three items that can be grown with Rust’s farming system. The player will receive a pumpkin seed upon picking the pumpkin and upon consuming the pumpkin. Eating one will restore 10 health, 100 hunger, and 15 thirst. The amount of resources the pumpkin restores combined with how easy it is to obtain and replenish easily earns it the number one spot on this list. Who knows, eat enough pumpkins and you may even find a cozy sweater and a one-way trip to Target awaiting you. If that isn’t your style, you can also wear a pumpkin on your head and live out your Halloween fantasies.


While food is fairly plentiful in Rust, you will want to optimize your decisions as to what food you are searching out and picking up. These are going to be your best options when it comes to keeping your stomach full and fighting off starvation and dehydration. Unfortunately, starvation is only one of the dangers of Rust as it is of course a multiplayer game with both friendly and hostile players. So, while you can’t control how the crazed and naked spear wielding maniacs will react, you can control whether or not your stomach is eating itself by maintaining a strict regimen of shoving whatever food you find in the world down your throat, just be sure to cook it first if you had to kill it.