Top 10 Best Earbuds for Mobile Gaming 2020

By Erika Lentz

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Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular every day and, like with any other gaming platform, you need the right equipment. Audiophiles tend to gravitate toward certain types of headsets for gaming. That said, people generally don’t want to, or need to, use full headsets for mobile gaming. You need to invest in some good quality earbuds for the best mobile gaming experience.

Though it might seem minor, getting the right earbuds for mobile gaming is extremely important. You still want to be able to hear well and you want your ears to be comfortable. Believe it or not, there are a ton of options out there for mobile gaming earbuds.

These earbuds from MINDBEAST are a great choice for all gamers and come at a decent price. They come with an in-ear noise isolating technology (super bass hi-fi sound driver) that eliminates 90% of the ambient noise and lets you relax into your game. The lightweight design and three options for earbud tip sizes mean that that everyone can find the perfect fit. These earbuds come with a waterproof and dirtproof carrying case. In addition, the earbuds also have a sweatproof design to protect the interior.

Some users have noted issues with the volume on these earbuds being too low and the equalization not working properly. This means that the balance between frequencies might not be the greatest. Other users have also experienced issues with people not being able to hear them when they answer the phone while using these.

These earbuds from Turtle Beach are unique in that they have an optional mic attachment. The removable high sensitivity mic provides clear chat on the go. These earbuds also have a mute and volume control button panel. These are lightweight and comfortable and also come with three sets of interchangeable tips and stabilizers for a custom fit.

These earbuds are a little pricy compared to some others so they may not be the best choice for more casual gamers. The main issue that users note with these earbuds is that there seems to be a lot of echo.

These earbuds from Ludos are a fantastic choice for any gamer thanks to a great price and wonderful color selection. They have memory foam ear pads for optimized comfort and 40% more wear and tear resistance. These earbuds also have a great bass and balance of mids and treble for a truly immersive experience.

The main issue that users have with these earbuds is the static. People say that they have gotten static shock when putting these into their ears, likely due to the memory foam material. Though this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can be quite annoying. These earbuds may also produce static noise while gaming or while you’re using the mic.

These earbuds from Sony are high quality and super comfortable. They are lightweight and have a neodymium audio driver for clear, balanced sound. They also have hybrid silicone tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. These earbuds have a Y type cord with slider to prevent tangles. You can get these in black, blue, or red.

These earbuds are among the pricier ones on this list so they might not be the best option for more casual gamers. Users seem to have issues with sound balance where some people say they have a hard time hearing lower frequencies, some have a hard time hearing higher frequencies, etc.

These earbuds from KLIM are great for any gamer and come at a decent price. They have memory foam tips and come with 3 additional pairs for each size. They also block out any extra noise so you can really enjoy your game. You can get these earbuds in black, blue, red, green, or rose gold.

The main complaint that users bring up with these earbuds is the muffled noise. Volume may seem quiet and the noise may seem unclear. People have also said these earbuds don’t fit well in their ears and might fall out.

These earbuds from Sennheiser Consumer Audio are a high-quality set of earbuds designed for comfort and clear audio. They come in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) so you can get the perfect fit. They have a one button smart control for play/pause and answering calls. These earbuds are also able to block out ambient music.

These earbuds are a little pricy compared to others so this is probably a better choice for more serious gamers. Some users have noted that the bass is very loud and can sometimes overpower other sounds in the game.

These earbuds from Betron are very high quality and very affordable. The 10 mm neodymium audio driver is designed to highlight the bass. These earbuds are ergonomically designed meaning they are comfortable but also block out excess noise. The audio jack is 24k gold plated to improve durability and performance as well.

The build seems to be the biggest issue that users have with these earbuds. The tips are large and some users have found it difficult to keep them in their ears. Others have also noted that, while these earbuds have high quality tips and an audio jack, the cord is short and may break easily.

These earbuds from Razer are a fantastic choice for serious gamers. They have great audio clarity with a deep bass and high frequency clarity thanks to full-range, custom-tuned dual driver technology. The silicone tips come in three different sizes to ensure comfort and noise isolation. These are lightweight yet quite durable because of the aluminum frame and braided cables. These earbuds also have easy volume control.

These earbuds are expensive compared to others on this list so more casual gamers might want to look into a more budget-friendly option. Some users have noted a crackling noise and low volume with these earbuds as well.

These earbuds from Master & Dynamic are the only wireless choice on this list. They are extremely high quality and come in 8 different color and design options. These earbuds have a Bluetooth range of about 20 feet. They have a silicone “fitwing” and two silicone tip sizes for optimal comfort and outside noise elimination. These earbuds also come with a stainless-steel charging case that holds three additional charges and allows for 14 hours of continual use.

These earbuds are the most expensive on this list so they are great for very serious gamers but might not be the best option for more casual players. Given that these are Bluetooth connected, users have noted connectivity issues. Others have also said that these earbuds don’t always hold the charge as much as advertised.

These earbuds from HyperX are the top choice on this list. They are high quality and affordable, making them a great option for all levels of gamers. The silicone ear tips come in three different sizes and provide clear audio. They have highly immersive audio quality and an improved bass sound. These earbuds also have a 90-degree angled plug for tangle-free gameplay. The in-line mic also has multiple functions, giving you a lot of control over your device.

The main complaint that users have with these earbuds is that, even when using the smallest tip size, they are very large compared to other earbuds. Users tend to have issues with getting these to stay in their ears. In addition, people also note that there are several minor issues with audio quality such as some buzzing/crackling noise and lack of top-notch noise isolation.


Mobile gaming is really taking off and you need some great quality earbuds if you expect to have a good time playing. This above list of the top 10 best earbuds for mobile gaming provides you with some great choices, no matter what level of gamer you are. These earbuds all have great audio quality and are designed for comfort. They also have high quality built-in mics that you can use with gaming, answering calls, etc. In addition, though you are looking for earbuds for mobile gaming, these all have universal compatibility so you can use them with pretty much any device.

There are a ton of mobile games out there that are popular throughout much of the gaming community. Though it may not be obvious at first, audio quality for mobile gaming is just as important as it is for console and PC play. To have the best gaming experience you can, you need to invest in the best earbuds you can. You can browse through the above list and find the best choice for yourself. Get a pair of these earbuds and take your mobile gaming to a whole new level.