Top 10 Best Craftable Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6

By Jim Jones

The primal theme of Fortnite season 6 is only made better with the new type of weapon crafting that has been introduced. Knowing how to craft weapons could realistically be the difference between choking and getting the Victory Royale everyone strives for.

If you really want to succeed in season 6, you don’t want to go into the game blindly. Knowing how to craft various weapons will improve your arsenal. Whether you are into classic weapons or primal ones, these are the 10 best craftable weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6.

Crafting Items in Fortnite

Despite the tutorial messages, Fortnite didn’t do the best job of fully explaining how to craft items. From anywhere on the map, you open the inventory menu using “Tab” on your keyboard, or up on the D-pad, then select the “crafting” tab to navigate to the proper menu.

Once you reach this location, you simply select the weapon you would like to improve. Your crafting materials are acquired from machinery and animals you find in various locations around the map. Generally, you will need multiples of an item before you are able to upgrade or craft anything.

You will be able to craft two different types of weapons: Classic and primal. A classic weapon uses mechanical parts that you take from vehicles and machinery. Primal weapons involve a makeshift weapon and animal bones. Looking for packs of animals is a good way to get a larger inventory of bones in a shorter time frame.

10. Primal Pistol

Top 10 Best Craftable Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 - Primal Pistol
Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

Using the Primal Pistol lets the player fire in two-shot bursts. The accuracy is low but can inflict a lot of damage when fighting at close range, and even medium range if you’re a marksman. Primal Pistols use medium ammo and deal 52-21 damage per shot. When used for a headshot, Primal Pistols have a 2x headshot multiplier.

Recipe: Common, uncommon, or rare makeshift revolvers and 4 animal bones.

Upgrade: Primal Pistols can’t be upgraded once crafted. Before crafting, ensure that you have the desired rarity ready if crafting ingredients are limited.

9. Primal Rifle

Top 10 Best Craftable Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 - Primal Rifle
Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

If you are looking for an easy upgrade, the Primal Rifle would be a good choice. It shoots fast, is fully automatic, but does lack accuracy. In fact, this is one of the weapons that lack the first shot accuracy that many of the weapons in the franchise have. It makes up for the first shot accuracy sacrifice with its firing speed, however.

With the continuous fire, it fires a random bullet spread. When crouching, the spread does decrease. Damage ranges from 31 to 33 damage per shot, with a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. The Legendary version can only be found in chests, supply drops, and fishing spots.

Recipe: A makeshift rifle and 4 animal bones.

Upgrade: The Primal Rifle is unable to be upgraded. It can be found in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary varieties, but they cannot be improved.

8. Primal Flame Bow

Top 10 Best Craftable Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 - Primal Flame Bow
Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

Another great option in the primal series, the Primal Flame Bow uses a targeting system to send its projectiles to the enemy, and they need to be charged up first, or they fall short. The damage is 68 at Epic level, and 72 for the Legendary version. When the arrow lands on any flammable object, it will catch it on fire, damaging it and dealing fire damage to those in contact.

One of the best things about the Primal Flame Bow is that it has two recipes so if you want it and you’re in a bind, you have two options for how you can get what you need. The headshot multiplier hasn’t been nerfed like some others, likely due to the full 1-second fire rate and 0.7-second reload. This does make it one of the slower weapons, but an easy one-shot if you’re careful.

Recipe: 1 Primal Bow and 1 gas can, or alternately, 1 Primal Bow, and 1 firefly jar.

Upgrade: Unfortunately, the Primal Flame Bow cannot be upgraded. When it is crafted, it is crafted as an Epic level item, but the Legendary rarity must be found in the wild.

7. Makeshift Submachine Gun

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

Very similar to the Tactical Submachine Gun, this is a weapon that is ideal for short-range encounters. It does lack first-shot accuracy, making it harder to use at medium and longer ranges. One of the biggest perks is that it has a fast fire rate, which allows you to get more shots in.

This is a versatile weapon that can be used in both mechanical and primal applications. Depending on the rarity of the Makeshift Submachine Gun you have, the recipe for each crafting varies, resulting in an uncommon, rare, or epic weapon.

Recipe: For mechanical crafting, you need 1 Makeshift Submachine Gun and either 2, 4, or 6 mechanical parts. For primal crafting, you’ll use either 2, 4, or 6 animal bones in addition to your Makeshift Submachine Gun. The number needed will vary depending on what rarity you are at, and what rarity you are crafting.

Upgrade: You can find common, uncommon, and rare Makeshift Submachine Guns. For upgrading, you will need the next highest ingredient amount as you used in the previous craft.

6. Makeshift Shotgun

Top 10 Best Craftable Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 - Makeshift Shotgun
Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

This close-range shotgun is a great base for either a mechanical or primal upgrade. The magazine size is very small and it is not a great choice for medium and long-range enemies. This weapon takes shells and deals damage ranging from 88-98 prior to any upgrades.

Recipe: You can choose to go either the mechanical or primal route for this weapon as well. Primal crafting requires either 2, 4, or 6 animal bones. Mechanical crafting takes 2, 4, or 6 mechanical parts.

Upgrade: In addition to the usual primal and mechanical upgrades, you can also craft the Makeshift Shotgun into the Pump Shotgun.

5. Submachine Gun

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

On its own, this SMG is a powerfully accurate weapon, designed to deal high amounts of damage while in a close-range environment. This fast-firing Submachine gun has amazing hip-fire accuracy. It will work at longer ranges, but the accuracy drops.

Submachine guns take light ammo and deal 16-20 damage per shot, with a headshot multiplier of 1.75x. It does have First Shot Accuracy enabled to help the player succeed.

Recipe: In order to make a Submachine Gun, you will need a Makeshift SMG and 4 Mechanical Parts.

Upgrade: The Submachine Gun is created by upgrading an already existing Makeshift Submachine Gun.

4. Shockwave Bow

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

The Shockwave Bow is an upgraded version of the makeshift bow. First, you’ll need to search the ground and in chests for a Makeshift Bow before you can get started. Once you have found one, then you’ll also need some mechanical parts and shockwave grenades.

Recipe: In order to make the Shockwave Bow, you will first need to upgrade 1 Makeshift Bow with 4 Mechanical Parts. Once upgraded, then you add the 2 Shockwave Grenades.

Upgrade: The Shockwave Bow is a Makeshift Bow that has been upgraded twice.

3. Epic/Legendary Primal Shotgun

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

The Epic/Legendary Primal Shotgun is one of the most powerful shotguns in the entire game, and you can make it yourself. The Epic/Legendary Primal Shotgun does its damage in a 2-round burst that can be a quick kill if used as a fast follow-up to the pump shotgun.

The base damage is 63, with a fire rate of 3.8, for a total of 239.4 damage per second. The 12-shell mag is plenty to put down the competition quickly but takes a while to reload. ADS for slower, but less spread-out shots. It’s not terribly effective against structure, doing only 20 damage.

Recipe: 1 Rare makeshift shotgun, and 4 animal bones

Upgrade: Upgrade this beast to a legend with an additional 6 bones.

2. Epic/Legendary Scar

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

The Scar is the assault rifle superstar and has long been seen as one of the best all-around weapons in the game. It’s incredibly fast-firing and can work an opponent over effectively at medium to long-range, with a blistering 192.5 damage per second.

Each shot can cause an incredible 35 damage with just body shots, having one in one of the rarest two levels can change the game entirely. The only downside is that with a 30-shot magazine, the rate of fire means reloads come often if your accuracy isn’t on point.

The Legendary tier bumps the damage to 36, and drops the reload time by a tenth of a second, to 2.1. This puts the DPS at 198.

Recipe: 1 Rare makeshift rifle, and 4 mechanical parts.

Upgrade: To bump your Epic Scar to Legendary, visit the Camp Cod dummy with another 6 mechanical parts on hand.

1. Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun

Fortnite: Chapter 2 (©Epic Games)

The Epic Pump Shotgun has finally been unvaulted, and even though the 0.7 fire rate and 4 second reload are painfully slow, the possible damage of up to a full 108 per shot is undeniably murderous. Upgrade from Epic to Legendary, and boost the damage to 116, while paring the reload down to 3.7 seconds.

The pump shotgun can be crafted at any rarity level, but in most cases, you’ll be best served by something else until you’ve got the stuff you need to cook an Epic. The magazine size of 5 is the same across all rarities, just as the fire rate. The reload time, however, starts at a horrifyingly slow 5.1 seconds, but gets a little less awful with each step up in rarity.

Recipe: 1 Rare Makeshift shotgun, as well as 4 mechanical parts.

Upgrade: To upgrade you’ll need an additional 6 mechanical parts.


Season 6 of the second chapter brings us some pretty amazing weaponry, and the crafting system just keeps getting better. With the diversity that the primals bring, as well as the upgrade possibilities of both bones and parts, Fortnite is keeping us in fresh weapons, and that’s definitely nice.

The best weapons in the game are the ones you’ll have to craft yourself. Make sure you keep this guide handy and use it as your go-to recipe reference for your next game-winning loadout.