Top 10 Best Budget Headsets for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

By Jim Jones

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If you are gearing up to hit the ground running in Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, then you definitely need a headset. The problem is, with all the options out there choosing can be a little overwhelming, especially when you are trying to pick a headset that won’t turn your budget into a confirmed kill. If you are booting up Call Of Duty: Warzone instead, check out our list of the best headsets for that specific flavor of COD.

You are going to want a headset that has a great range of sound because Call of Duty is known for its blistering soundtrack and effects. You want to hear the high pitched ping of a nearby ricochet and the zip of the close calls as they narrowly miss you, but you want a reasonable bass response. There are plenty of explosions and low-end sound that you want to hear booming. For skull pounding bass, take a look at our rundown of the top bass-heavy headsets. We also have deep dives into the best surround sound headsets and the best audiophile headsets for you bitrate beasts.

On top of that, you want chat fidelity and mic clarity so that you and your teammates can be more effective as a unit. You want all this, but you probably want to try to stay under a hundred bucks or so. This will be the list for you. We are going to take a look at the top 10 best budget headsets to use with Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. With one of these headsets, you will be able to hear your opponents and your squadmates clearer than ever before. No more missed callouts, and no more clearance rack sound quality, not with these leaders.

The BENGOO G9000 is a great multi-platform headset with a nice clear sound that comes in well under the $50 dollar mark. It is compatible with the PS4, Updated Xbox One, PC and Mac, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, tablets, iPads, and even mobile phones. Though if it is used in conjunction with an older Xbox One controller it will need a separate Microsoft adapter.

The clear surround stereo sound includes a subwoofer for strong bass notes and amazing ambient noise isolation. The 40mm neodymium speaker drivers improve the sensitivity and response of the speaker unit, providing clear, powerful sound. This is ideal for FPS games like Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, Battlefield, and so on.

The BENGOO G9000 also has an omnidirectional mic that has a great noise-canceling feature. It has superb voice pick up and allows you to seamlessly communicate with your team, while the flexible boom provides quick repositioning of the mic for ease of use and clarity. The 49 inch USB cable is designed with a rotary volume controller to prevent twisting and twining of the cord. Keep your private conversations private with the one-button mute.

You should never have to repeat yourself with the SteelSeries Arctis 1. The clearcast detachable mic delivers professional-grade voice pickup and noise cancelation. The fold-flat ear cups even provide flexibility for non-gaming applications and increase portability.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 has universal connectivity and can connect using a standard 3.5mm jack. The perfectly balanced audio and crystal clear voice transmission of this headset are hard to beat.

Created by the NPD Group, the leader in gaming peripherals, the Razer Kraken X Ultralight is easily worth twice its price. Designed to be worn for extended periods, the Razer Kraken X Ultralight is one of the lightest headsets on the market, and at only 250g, it is nearly half the weight of nearby competitors. This helps to reduce head and neck strain while wearing the headset for marathon gaming sessions, enabling you to play harder, longer.

Lose yourself in the immersive 7.1 surround sound with positional audio. Hear your opponent’s footsteps clearly, and get the edge by knowing where they are going based on the audio cues, and hear that last-minute reload that tells you he knows you’re coming! The custom-tuned 40mm speaker drivers work within a PC environment to provide full surround sound.

Ensure your squad hears your orders loud and clear with the noise-canceling cardioid mic with a flexible boom. The cardioid microphone helps cut out background noise and other ambient noise interference for the clearest communication possible.

For a budget headset with a little more punch, take a look at the Logitech G432. The larger than average 50mm speaker drivers create great sound with an immersive quality to pull you deeper into the action. Able to be used with multiple platforms, the Logitech G432 connects to your PC, mobile devices, and consoles with either a simple 3.5mm jack or a USB DAT cable.

The Advanced DTS X 2.0 surround sound creates a precise 3D sound profile allowing you to discern where audio is coming from in the game, giving you the positional edge. The flip to mute 6mm mic relays your orders and callouts clearly, and the on-ear volume control lets you make split-second adjustments for the best performance.

If you are looking for a durable headset that will not break the bank, you might be a great fit for the Astro A10. The durable anodized aluminum headband will not crack like plastic bands will when stretched open repeatedly, or when taken off a bit rough. The Astro A10 will keep the sound playing through wins and losses, even bad ones. Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC & Mac.

When you need to put more than just a couple of hours of trigger time on the clock, the extended comfort memory foam ear cups won’t leave your ears pressed painfully flat against your head, nor will it leave them sweaty and sore. Play as long as you want, the Astro A10 is built for it.

Turtle Beach is a well-loved name in gaming headsets, and for good reason. The Turtle Beach Recon 70 is fully optimized for Windows Sonic, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs with Dolby Atmos. The high-quality 40mm drivers push out the impressive sound with crystal clarity. With multi-platform compatibility, there really isn’t anything to not love about this headset.

The synthetic leather-wrapped premium ear cushions keep your ears comfy no matter how long you wear them, and with the improved bass response and upgraded noise isolation, you will probably be wearing them for a long time. The signature high sensitivity mic reads you loud and clear, and simply flips up to mute.

For a straightforward high-performance headset, the Cooler Master MH630 has you covered. The ear cushions are form-fitting and breathable, so your marathon gaming sessions can continue indefinitely, without worrying about sore or sweaty ears.

The universal compatibility lets you use the Cooler Master MH630 with and device that has a 3.5mm jack, from Xbox One to PS4 to your PC or Mac, even your mobile devices. The chunky 50mm drivers keep the sound flowing in a torrent, while the omnidirectional mic filters out background noise so you come through super clear.

The legendary quality of Corsair headsets shines through in the Corsair HS60. The metal construction promises long term durability for robust gaming. The plush memory foam and separately adjustable ear cups provide ultimate comfort that will last as long as your gaming session will. The precision 50mm drivers bring superior quality, range, and accuracy.

Connect via USB for complete virtual surround sound on PC, bringing you an immersive experience that is hard to beat. The unidirectional and removable mic pays attention to you and reduces the ambient noise for clearer communications.

The ultra-sleek Hyper X Cloud Stinger is another great budget entry from the NPD Group. This lightweight headset has swiveling ear cups fitted with memory foam to provide an amazing fit and unmatched comfort. The unique swivel to mute noise-canceling mic will make sure your team can always hear you.

The 50mm directional drivers paint a full audioscape of your game, with some of the most precise and accurate speakers in a budget headset. The headband has a sturdy steel band slider for increased strength and longevity.

For another quality multi-platform headset, check out the SteelSeries Arctis 3. It is designed to go with you anywhere you game, to give you ultimate sound and comfort no matter what you are playing or who you are playing with. Use the SteelSeries Arctis 3 with your PC, PS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile devices with the detachable 3.5mm headphone jack.

Often seen as one of the best microphones in gaming, the Discord-certified clear cast mic gives you studio-quality voice clarity and professional noise cancelation abilities. The fabric air weave of the ear covers allow you to play all day and into the night for marathon gaming sessions that won’t leave your ears sweaty or painfully flat. The cushions will keep your ears cool, dry, and comfortable.

The convenient on-ear controls give you one-button control over your volume and mic mute. Unique share jack allows you to connect two headsets by simply plugging them into the SteelSeries Arctis 3. The ultra-lightweight and super strong headband materials mean maximum comfort and durability.


If you plan on playing Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War or any other online multiplayer game, a headset is more or less an essential piece of equipment. Unfortunately, there are a ton of options on the market so deciding on the best one can certainly be overwhelming, especially when you have a budget to work with. How do you find a headset that combines audio quality, microphone quality, and affordability?

Call of Duty is known for its soundtrack and effects, so you want to be sure your headset will allow you to hear everything, from bullets flying nearby, the ping of ricochet, and deep bass tones. When there is an explosion, you want that bass response so you get that satisfying boom.