Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5)

UPDATED – 8/21/2021

By Everett Zarnick

While choosing your own specific weapons and blueprints for a loadout is all fine and dandy, there’s no feeling quite like finding a weapon with a stunning blueprint as you naturally loot at the beginning of the game.

This top ten will go over the best weapons (and their respective blueprints) to find after the initial drop in Verdansk in season 5. Consistency is key, and these weapons will (hopefully) make up the bread and butter of your early game.

10. Nail Gun

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Nail Gun
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Nail Gun is already a contender for one of the coolest weapons introduced into the game, and even after its nerf in season 4, it still ranks as a powerful close range weapon with incredible TTK.

Looting it off the ground early on means that you’ll easily be able to rush into highly contested zones to clear corners and sweep up the early loot without risking a trip to the gulag, assuming you can steady your aim and hit those shots consistently.

At its core, the Nail Gun is a skill cannon that’s highly punishing when in the hands of an inaccurate user. Practice required!

9. Tech-9 – Legendary Variant

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

There’s a stark contrast between picking up the common version of the Tech-9 and finding the legendary version after the initial drop. For starters, the full auto repeater acts as a barrier between the Tech-9 being a terrible weapon to loot and one of the best.

Additionally, the 5.8 barrel and raider stock, along with the millstop reflex optics makes it a suitable weapon that fills any close-range SMG role. Perfect for the start of any match.

8. Anodyzed Shade – FARA 83

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Where eyes are sore and range is a necessity, the teal painted Anodyzed Shade is there to help. Finding this blueprint on the ground is going to give you access to a raider stock assault rifle that qualifies itself as more than just eye candy.

Decent performances at short and medium ranges, with a nice 4x scope to boot means that you’ll be a versatile performer with Anodyzed Shade, assuming you can find it, of course. Thanks to its shining glean and pretty looks, once you find it, everyone else will find you. So stand at the ready!

7. Gilded Cackle – PPSh-41

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Gilded Cackle
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Considering how iconic the PPSh is in the COD series, it’s entirely fitting for this weapon to get a blueprint that matches its place in legend.

Gilded Cackle takes what the PPSh originally was, a Russian SMG that was like a Tommy gun with a higher rate of fire, and gives it the king treatment. Gold plated metal outlines the body of the weapon, while bright red designs and paint color the rest of the weapon that isn’t decorated with a black carbon finish.

It’s reminiscent of Chinese New Year, as some of these blueprints tend to be. And when finding it on the ground, you become a player whose playstyle is better off aggressive and fast than reserved and slow. To boot, you’ll get a GRU suppressor to hide your intentions right off the bat.

It’s a PPSh with a 15.7” barrel and bright coloring. What else did you expect?

6. CDL Champs 2021 - XM4

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

To commemorate the Call of Duty League Championship of 2021, we have the CDL Champs blueprint for the XM4.

It’s a lot of acronyms, and even more possibilities in Verdansk. The XM4 was already a well-rounded weapon, with 30 damage and an RPM of 45. The effective damage range being 45 meters meant that in almost any situation, you were going to be suited for the task.

Finding the CDL Champs variant off the initial drop means that, along with this versatility, you get a close range microflex LED optic on top of a weapon that’s straight up gorgeous, thanks to its carbon fiber finish that compliments a golden design right across the body of the gun, vertically. 

5. Beat Drop – ZRG

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Beat Drop
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you ever have the luck of finding this blueprint on the ground, you essentially walk your way into becoming a bass cannon for free.

Playing into the 360 no scope meme COD is known for, the Beat Drop blueprint is basically the largest, most obnoxious 20-millimeter cannon known to humanity. Perfect for making classic montages with ear-bleeding music.

And if the audio isn’t bad enough, Beat Drop comes in neon purple and pink everywhere and candy bracelets decorated on the stock, complete with a large, purple, annoying suppressor that has to be the funniest joke we’ve seen in a while since it doesn’t matter how quietly this gun fires, everyone’s going to see you within a two-mile radius anyway.

4. Blitzing Knight – AK-47

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

They say that chivalry is dead, but in reality, chivalry is what kills! At least, so is the case with the Blitzing Knight blueprint for the AK-47.

A classic weapon with an even more classic design, the Blitzing Knight features red and black coloring in a design that reminds one’s self of a Germanic knight laying siege to some castle or another. In reality, this thing is more likely going to be used for clearing one one!

Aside from having another versatile weapon at your disposal, this blueprint comes with a spetsnaz grip that acts as a pollock’s base, a GRU suppressor, and an Axial arms 3x scope. In addition, it has some of the most original design you’ve ever seen in this game (aside from the incredible Beat Drop, of course.)

Claim those lord souls east of France and hope for the Blitzing Knight.

3. Undercover Agent – Ots 9

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Ots 9
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Considering how much the Ots 9 reminds us of a CZ-Auto with a little extra, it’s impressive how transformed this weapon is with the Undercover Agent blueprint. A 40 round fast mag, GRU suppressor, and wired stock take what is essentially a machine pistol and turn it into a straight up SMG.

We realize the Ots 9 is already classified as an SMG in warzone, but it isn’t for a lack of imagination that IW has managed to actually make it look the part, now.

If you enjoy running and gunning, and don’t mind a janky, gorgeous black and gold paint job on your weapon, Undercover Agent really is as good as it gets.

2. Red Torpedo – Krig 6

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Red Torpedo
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Those who read these top tens often know, due to high repetition, how much flavor means to these lists. Even when weighing how effective a weapon each blueprint is in combat, we take the blueprint’s aesthetic and flavor value into some account. And Red Torpedo is straight up value-town in this regard.

We probably don’t need to point this out, but this thing is literally a submarine. A soviet submarine that features arctic white both top and bottom, with soviet red running right through the middle. If you’re a fan of battleships and the like, this thing probably looks gorgeous, if not, it probably looks hilarious. Either way, you win.

The Krig 6 is already a weapon that can hold its own in most mid-range skirmishes, but with an agency suppressor and 45 round mag, you’ll be sinking enemies straight to the gulag in no time.

1. Queen’s Guard - Stoner 63

Top 10 Best Blueprint Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone (Cold War Season 5) - Queens Guard
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The most powerful weapon featured in the new ground loot is the Queen’s Guard blueprint of the Stoner 63. Complete with a vision tech 2x scope, field agent grip, and 20.7” barrel, this blueprint is an extremely sluggish, but rewarding weapon for those who find themselves engaging in sustained firefights at distance.

As we know, the Stoner 63 is an LMG that acts as a medium to long range laser capable of burning down targets with unrivaled sustained accuracy. This kind of performance can only be matched by the sheer beauty of this weapon, with a velvet red and gold-plated finish fit only for the queen (or her guards!)


And with that sending off, we’ve arrived at the end of this top ten. Keep your consistency high and your efficiency key, and you’ll run into these weapons sooner rather than later, and you can see for yourself just how they perform. As always, GLHF.