Top 10 Best Blue Gaming Chairs

By Jim Jones

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It’s not surprising that a lot of gamers place topmost priority on gaming PCs, processors, graphic cards, cases, and monitors that they often forget a very important component – the gaming chair. A quality gaming chair adds the needed aesthetic to your gaming setup while also protecting your spine.

With recent studies and research linking back problems to using prolonged or extensive time in a chair, now is the period for serious and full-time gamers to get a quality gaming chair that will protect their back while keeping them in the game for a long time. 

When spending the whole day at your gaming desk, a quality gaming chair makes the whole difference. You get to enjoy your gaming experience without having to worry about back strains. Therefore, if you’ve spent a lot of money on setting up your gaming arena, you should also consider getting a quality blue gaming chair. After all, you have only one spine.

There are several blue gaming chairs of different designs and make that are specially made for gamers to provide the needed comfort and convenience. So, in this guide, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best blue gaming chairs you can get in the market.

Looking for a decent blue gaming chair? The Vitesse Gaming Chair possesses all the qualities you need in a gaming chair. It has a wonderful design, provides amazing comfort, offers good support, and gives enough flexibility in terms of adjustments so you can always adjust according to your needs and preferences.

The blue Vitesse gaming chair offers easy adjustment of seat height and backrest angle which is between 90 and 180 degrees. You will also get to enjoy a swivelling of 360 degrees which allows you to enjoy your gaming experience. Because as we all know, when in the zone, gamers can’t seem to quietly sit in one position.

The OHAHO Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the market courtesy of its racing-style design. In general, OHAHO is a heavy-duty gaming chair that features a top-quality steel frame and PU leather upholstery.

This particular blue gaming chair consists of High-Density Thicker Sponge, PU Leather Upholstery, High-Density Thicker Sponge, Steel Metal Frame, Mute PU Wheel Casters, and Heavy-Duty Wheelbase.

The OHAHO gaming chair is highly adjustable having a backrest recline between 90 to 180 degrees and a swivel capability of 360-degree giving gamers dynamic movements all over the gaming desk.

The Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair is a beautifully designed, high-quality blue gaming chair offering a lumbar cushion, adjustable massage, high back ergonomic design, and respectable footrest. It allows you to play conveniently for hours long without having to adjust to another position.

With the Von Racer Massage blue gaming chair, you can adjust the back angle, arm height, and seat height to get a perfect position and control over your keyboard, mouse, or console. By having an in-built USB-powered electric massager, this chair is perfectly suited for gamers. The low lumbar cushion, padded headrest, and soft high-density foam seat give full support to the entire body ensuring gamers can play for a long time.

The Hbada Gaming Racing chair is designed and modeled to have a large seat area offering a high level of comfort to pro gamers. Sit on the Hbada blue gaming chair and experience an improved and comfortable gaming experience!

The Hbada gaming chair is made from prime sturdy leather-based PU and also has a prime backrest, a lumbar, and a detachable headrest. This guarantees the needed kind of adjustment and positioning that protects your spine.

The OFM ESS Collection features gears and materials that offer comfort and superior luxury even during extended gaming sessions. The OFM ESS Collection blue gaming chair is made up of a headrest for support and comfort. It also features a central-Tilt mechanism that spins or rotates the chair and also sets the chair into a comfy reclining position. The lumbar cushion gives the needed back support enabling gamers to enjoy their gaming experience for an extended duration.

The Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair appeals to a wide range of users. Its design is quite interesting as it combines the best part of a gaming chair (designed for prolonged use, decent back support) and the best part of a conventional office chair (comfort, ease of use). With these features, the Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair sits perfectly in the middle.

The blue gaming chair also features a combination of mesh upholstery and PU leather making it very comfortable to use for extended periods. The mesh enhances better airflow reducing perspiration during long gaming sessions while the PU leather is comfy and soft. Furmax comes in blue, red, or black so you can easily choose a color that suits your gaming setup

If what you’re looking for is a balance between comfort, price, and style, the Respawn gaming chair is an ideal choice. This blue gaming chair is quite popular among gamers due to its versatility. It fits perfectly well with any gaming setup you can think of. 

The Respawn 110 gaming chair also offers a high level of comfort as it offers a lot of flexibility in adjustment. It can be reclined backward from 90 degrees to 155 degrees with its height can be lowered or raised to meet your table height. It also has a retractable footrest and its upholstery is made up of high-density foam padding (standard PU leather), lumbar and neck cushions to guarantee your comfort.

If you are in the market for a comfortable, sporty chair for gaming, then GTRACING should catch your attention. The GTRACING blue gaming chair boasts a top-quality metal frame below the soft, plush padding that wraps the whole gaming chair.

Its seat height and armrest are highly adjustable, and the chair provides a backrest recline of up to 170-degrees without falling over. The base of the chair is locked with heavy-duty rolling casters. For maximum comfort, the headrest comes with a lumbar cushion and a removable pillow.

What’s else? This is a great blue gaming chair for individuals who spend lots of hour’s gaming. It is also ideal for working and studying on an office desk.  

The blue SecretLab Omega is one of the most versatile gaming chairs on the market. It’s super comfortable and does excellent work in maintaining posture and protecting your spine. It features 4D armrests which can be adjusted in several ways. The armrests are well padded but not as soft as they could be.

The seat is padded with a ‘cold-cure foam mix’ rolled in PU leather giving it a not too hard not too soft texture and feel which is adequate to keep you in a good and comfortable position. The overall versatility of the SecretLab Omega is a result of its recline level which makes it easy to send it all back or sit bolt-upright.

The SecretLab Omega blue gaming chair is ideal for office work, and leisure time where you sit back and play some games. With several ranges of styles and colors, the SecretLab Omega fits well into any setup. Although we would recommend going for the Royal blue as it symbolizes elegance and beauty.

Categorically, the SecretLab Titan is the most elegant and perfected blue gaming chair we’ve ever reviewed. All its features are of top quality. The footing consists of high tensile strength aluminium, bolstered with gussets and ribs. The gas lift is also made up of a class 4 heavy-duty KGS cylinder. On the armrests, the switches are made up of stainless steel ensuring that they don’t get loose with time. In fact, the PU leather upholstery is none plasticky and of premium quality. Evidently, in comparison to the regular PU leather, the SecretLab Titan leather upholstery is 4x more resistant to peeling.

One of the features you will find interesting is the massive 4D armrest with a rubber exterior offering better comfort than plastic armrests. However, we think what you’ll appreciate the most is the chair’s width adjustability and the capacity to move in all directions. This implies that whether you’re reclined back, have narrow shoulders, or typing, the armrests can always be adjusted to suit your arm position.

Another feature of the SecretLab Titan blue gaming chair you’re going to love is its seat tilt angle lock. What this does is to lock your seat angle as it points upwards allowing you to work on a heavily reclined position by angling not just your back but your whole body. In our opinion, this feature is game-changing (pun intended).

The SecretLab Titan is truly a premium gaming chair considering its sophistication, comfort, and build quality. It appeals not only to gamers but also to anyone looking to get an office chair with a strong reclining mechanism. The SecretLab Titan comes in different shades of blue, but the softweave blue is the perfect fit for your gaming setup.


There you have it! The top 10 blue gaming chairs you can buy in today’s market. These gaming chairs are assured to give you the needed comfort and convenience during your gaming hours. Obviously, we would recommend you go for the No 1 on this list because you can never go wrong with the softweave blue SecretLab Titan.