Top 10 Best Bass-Heavy Gaming Headsets

By Erika Lentz

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Gamers need the best equipment to have a great game. You need to be comfortable and have the right pieces to back up the quick play and awesome graphics you’re after. As many gamers know, audio is another very important part of gaming. Audiophiles seek out only the best headphones to play with. You have your choice of fantastic surround sound headsets, headsets designed for certain games, and even earbuds for mobile gaming.

Another great option you have is getting a bass-heavy gaming headsets. These headsets bring you premium audio quality to experience the lowest lows in all their glory. Bass sounds great and many people enjoy the feeling of the vibrations as well. You have a lot of options but there are several that stand out as the best bass-heavy gaming headsets.

This headset from Logitech is easily one of the cheapest options you can find. It has a 50 mm audio driver and 7.1 surround sound. It also has a large diameter mic with a flip to mute feature and a volume wheel. You also get fully customizable audio settings. The earcups on this headset are a leatherette material and can swivel to fit with your head shape. This headset weighs 1.25 pounds.

This headset gets some criticism for not having the best audio quality when compared to other gaming headsets. It is corded which, again, is personal preference. It is bass-heavy but the volume may seem low. Other users have also noted a static noise while playing.

This headset from HyperX is another very well-priced option. It has a 50 mm audio driver and a swivel to mute noise cancellation mic with volume control. The earcups are made of memory foam and this headset features an adjustable steel slider for comfort and durability. This headset is also super lightweight at just about 0.6 pounds.

The main issue that users have with this headset is that the audio jack seems to be a low quality build. Though the audio quality is great, users have experienced the audio jack or other connections breaking with use. This headset is corded.

This headset from EPOS is a fairly priced option that is a good choice for all gamers. It has a noise cancelling, flip to mute mic that can be positioned to best fit your needs. It also has an easy volume control and comfortable memory foam leatherette ear pads. This headset has an ergonomic design which allows it to easily adjust to all head shapes and sizes.

The biggest complaint users of this headset have is that the mic is not the best quality compared to others. This includes the mic cutting out or picking up on noise input when it shouldn’t be. In addition, users also note that the construction of this headset may be flimsy and parts could break. This headset is also corded.

This headset from Corsair is available in two different versions; Premium and Special Edition. The Special Edition is a little more costly than the Premium. This headset has a 50 mm sound driver. It has a frequency range which is double that of a typical gaming headset at 20-40,000 Hz. It has leatherette memory foam earcups and a padded headband. This headset also has an omni-directional, detachable mic. It is durable, lightweight (0.82 pounds), and wireless (20 hour battery life).

This headset, being a more premium pick, is pretty expensive. So, this may not be the best choice for more casual gamers. Users have noted the presence of static noise and muffled audio on occasion. Users also say that the fit is very tight so this may not be the most comfortable choice.

This headset from Razer is a great quality, highly affordable headset that is a good choice for any gamer. It comes in bright green and classic black. This headset has a 50 mm audio driver an in-line audio controls (volume and mic mute switch). This mic is also retractable and provides noise cancellation. This headset also has THX Spatial Audio technology to provide ultra-high quality surround sound. The leatherette earcups are made of memory foam and a cool gel padding to give you hours of comfort. The headband padding also ensures pressure relief, though the whole piece does only weigh 0.71 pounds.

The biggest issue that users have with this headset is the mic. The sound may cut out, making it difficult to communicate with your team. People also note that the construction of this headset isn’t the best. This headset has a cord.

This headset from Turtle Beach is a favorite among serious gamers. It has 50 mm Nanoclear speakers and a pro-grade gaming mic with TruSpeak Technology. This gives it super clear audio and great noise cancellation. In addition, this headset is incredibly comfortable. It has AeroFit Ear Cushions made with memory foam and covered in smooth athletic fabric, as well as leather side walls. The ProSpecs Glasses Relief System feature makes this a great choice for people who wear glasses.

This headset is a bit pricy so it may not be the best choice for more casual gamers. It is also a bit heavier than others on this list at 2.16 pounds. Players do note that various parts of this headset are not the most durable. You may experience breakage or sound cutting out. Players also say that the volume is pretty low. There is a cord on this headset.

This headset from SteelSeries gives you fantastic audio quality through hi res speakers (10-40,000 Hz). It has a chat mix dial so you can adjust the game/chat audio balance. This headset has a noise cancelling mic and gives you access to the SteelSeries Engine software, which lets you customize audio and RGB light settings. These lights can also be customized to react to in-game events. This headset has a self-adjusting headband and AirWeave ear cushions made with soft, cool fabric for hours of comfortable gaming. It is 0.94 pounds.

This headset is expensive so it is more so designed for serious gamers. It is corded so you may prefer something wireless. Users of this headset state that the sound adjustment is pretty sensitive so you need to be careful.

Another great choice from HyperX, this headset has directional 50 mm audio drivers and a detachable noise cancelling mic. This mic has been certified by TeamSpeak and Discord. This headset has a wide headband and memory foam earcups to ensure comfort for all head shapes and sizes. It is durable thanks to a solid steel frame. This headset also has surround sound and a clippable audio control box which lets you mute the mic and control volume on the go. It weighs 0.79 pounds.

This headset is an expensive one so more casual gamers might want to look at cheaper options. It is also another corded option which may bother some people. The mic on this headset is stationary and may produce static on occasion.

This is another fantastic headset from Logitech. This headset comes in both wired and wireless options, though the wireless is a little more costly. You also get your choice of leatherette or velour covered memory foam earcups. This headset has surround sound and a 50 mm PRO G audio driver. Logitech G Hub software lets you customize audio settings and save them to multiple different profiles. This headset has a detachable mic and an in-line mic on the mobile cable. Blue Voice technology gives it clear audio with noise reduction. The wireless version has about 20 hours of battery life.

This headset is pretty pricey, especially the wireless model. The main complaint that users have with this headset is the mic not working properly. It may produce static or not pick up your voice at all on occasion.

The Audeze LCD-GX is a rather eye-catching headset for the experienced musician or audio technician with a high level of headset experience. Built entirely for gaming, the LCD-GX is a self-declared, user confirmed audiophile headset. This means that the audio quality is as high as the price point it sits at, and that statement is true for both treble and bass frequencies.

The LCD-GX has a number of technological feats to boast about that other gaming headsets couldn’t dream of having. Namely, Audeze’s in-house technology, such as their own fluxor magnets and “Uniforce” diaphragms, are present in the LCD-GX, which means right from the get-go, this headset’s quality is going to be far and away much stronger than even the second-best bass-heavy gaming headset. Secondly, the LCD-GX features drivers that “are at least twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones”. This means that, although the treble clarity and accuracy is unmatched, the bass frequencies put out by this Audeze product can reach lows other gaming headsets can’t hope to match.

Thumps of heavy caliber weaponry, musical scores that bring life to a game’s ambience, the rumbling of vehicles, the list of audio that benefits from the LCD-GX’s high end, professional bass capabilities goes on, and provides not only a greater casual experience, but offers professional players a distinct advantage with audio that functions with greater clarity and accuracy, which is key for recognizing opponent’s weapons, actions, and exact locations.


Every type of gamer can benefit from a good headset; you just need to know what to look for. The above list shows you some fantastic options for the best bass-heavy headsets along the pricing spectrum. These headsets provide clear, immersive audio quality as well as great input for when you need to talk to your team. Take a look through these options and check out their features to see which would work best for you. Then, kick back and let yourself melt into the game world.