Top 10 Best Audiophile Headphones for FPS Gaming 2020

UPDATED 11/20/2020

By Nicholas Poe

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If you are trying to improve your gaming ability in almost any game, no matter what genre, you cannot underestimate the power of awareness. Nowhere is that truer than in the first-person shooter genre of games. Knowing where the enemy is or where that shot came from is, many times, the difference between life and death. Having that extra bit of awareness over your enemies can increase your K/D and make you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. That little bit of extra knowledge could turn out to be a serious advantage in the clutch moments. Whether that be seeing into darker areas more clearly or having almost no input lag between your keyboard and monitor, top gear can greatly improve your performance.

When it comes to awareness, being able to hear clearly and accurately is one of the most important things to give you that extra edge. Just ask any of the top streamers in the current biggest FPS game and they will tell you the importance of a great headset. But we all have different tastes and some people might want to invest in a headset that is a bit more technically profound. Audiophiles, people who are super enthusiastic about high tech audio equipment, might look for something a bit different than an average FPS player. So here are the top ten headsets that are perfect for FPS gamers whether you’re an audiophile yourself or looking for the perfect gift for the audio equipment lover in your life. If you find headsets too bulky, check out HotRate’s gaming earbuds guide instead.

This headset from AKG looks simplistic but packs a large punch. It is lightweight with plenty of cushion meaning they can provide ample comfort for endurance gaming sessions. You don’t have to worry about these growing more uncomfortable the longer you use them. But more than looking the part and feeling great, audiophiles are concerned about the sound quality. This headset has a fantastic treble response and really dipped the low end so you can experience more of the bass in explosions. The open-air technology provides a more spacious and clean sound.

Unfortunately, this headset is a bit one dimensional. It is amazing for FPS gaming, but it isn’t the best for exercise, office work, or other daily tasks. If you want a more universal headset, maybe look at another option on this list.

Any true audiophile will be familiar with the Sennheiser brand. They are known for making high-quality equipment at incredibly affordable prices for what you get. And this headset is no different. The quality is excellent, so this is a very durable headset. It has a more pronounced bass than other headsets, making it perfect for FPS gaming. The sound quality is incredibly warm and smooth.

The most common complaint with these otherwise excellent headphones is that they are a bit too warm. This means that some of the highs can be a bit more compressed to make sure that warm, airy sound stays in place. Really, that isn’t a huge deal for FPS gaming, but if you plan to use these for other things it may become an issue. Sennheiser has produced excellent gaming gadgets and some of them were also included in the headphonesaholic’s $50 gaming headsets guide.

Audio-Technica is another name that is fairly common to audiophiles (for good reason) and this will not be the only Audio-Technica on this list. But the ATHPDG1 headset, though not the best they offer, really challenges for that top spot. This headset is extremely lightweight, meaning that it is super comfortable and portable, however it might not be as durable as some of the others on the list.

The bass on this headset is not quite as pronounced as some of the competitors, especially considering some of the top notch headsets on this list, so if that is a major draw for you, you may want to consider a different entry, especially a different Audio-Technica headset.

This headset from Phillips is packed to the brim with highly comfortable foam, meaning you’ll never want to take them off. The cable is incredibly long, so you’ll never have to take them off. Delivered by a large 50mm driver, the sound quality is crisp and clear. At only $75, this headset is a massive bargain and somewhat of a giant killer from a well-known electronics brand.

Although this headset is a fantastic bargain for the price, the sound quality is not amazing, especially in the bass regions. You will get a large, full sound, but some competitor products will give you more punch in the bass. Still, at $75, it’s hard to beat.

Audio-Technica gives us yet another fantastic headset to choose from with the ATH-AD700X. This headset feels custom designed to give you the most comfortable listening experience possible. The audio focuses on the mid-range, so nothing is left out, but that also means it isn’t as high-powered on the extreme highs or lows. The sound reproduction is incredibly close, and the open-back design makes for a very breathable listening experience.

This headset is fantastic for neutral listening, including FPS gameplay, but as it focuses heavily on the treble and midrange, certain bass frequencies could be a bit muddled or lost. The average listener won’t pick up on that and will find this headset to be far superior to their current set up, but audiophiles might notice the drop off.

A more traditional style gaming headset, Sennheiser focused on bringing their exceptional quality sound equipment to gaming with this Game One headset. Focusing on accuracy, this headset is perfect for FPS gameplay since it accurately reproduces the sound as if you were really in the game being shot at. Plus, this headset looks really cool and is bound to make your friends jealous.

The main issue with this headset is that it isn’t the most comfortable, especially when compared to a few others on this list. For shorter gaming sessions, it really can’t be beat, but if you plan to marathon your favorite FPS, then this headset could start to get a bit uncomfortable.

Yet another Audio-Technica product on the list, the ATH-M50x headset is sure to please even the pickiest audiophile. The bass response on this headset is phenomenal, but it has clear, accurate sound across all of the frequencies. Audio engineers and technicians across the board praise this headset for its audio quality. As we’ve come to expect from Audio-Technica, the build quality is excellent, and the headset is durable.

One of the very few issues with this headset is the design which some people might find somewhat bulky. It is large and rather blocky, so it doesn’t look as sleek and modern as some other headsets, but also it could make mobility something of an issue if you regularly game while you travel.

A company that we haven’t talked about yet but that is no stranger to people obsessed with the best sounding audio gear is Beyerdynamic. The German company has offered a fantastic headset that is hard to beat for serious FPS gamers. The DT 990 Pro headset is one of the best mid-range headsets on the market and it is fantastically comfortable. The sounds across the spectrum are crisp, clear, and full.

The only issue with this headset is on the bass end. Since it focuses on making all of the sound as clear as possible, especially in the midrange (which is the most frequent heard in games), the bass can suffer a bit of a drop off. But the vast majority of your gaming experience will be enhanced by that instead of suffering.

The final Sennheiser product on our list is definitely the best product they have available for FPS gamers who take a serious interest in their sound quality. The bass frequency is much more pronounced than others on this list (including other Sennheiser’s) and the open back design makes the sound spacious and warm. It focuses on a low-mid range, which makes the FPS explosions really pop and deliver a punch.

Some people might not enjoy the emphasis on bass, especially if you intend to use this headset for something other than FPS gaming, but for FPS gaming, the quality of the bass in this headset that can really punch you in the gut is hard to beat.

It should be no surprise that our number one pick for the best FPS gaming headset for audiophiles comes from Audio-Technica. The ADG1X headset is the cream of the crop when it comes to gaming headsets. It hits all the marks: it is highly comfortable with an amazing range of crisp, clear sound, made with the typical high-quality material, and built to last. What more could you want in a top-notch gaming headset? It also comes with a fantastic built in microphone. Everything about this headset as the audiophile gamer in mind and it shows. Audio-Technica really knocked it out of the park with this one.


This list offers some really great options for you if you are someone who loves FPS games but also are deeply passionate about audio equipment. There is really no reason or excuse for your gaming experience to lack that high-quality audio that you invest in with every other aspect of your life.

Especially with FPS games, advantage is everything. Who knows how powerful and useful great quality headsets can be more than audiophiles? You can’t go wrong with any headset on this list. Be sure to read about each one, find the one that best fits your style and set up, and have fun with the best soundstages available for gamers!