Top 10 Best Alternatives to Scuf Controllers

By Erika Lentz

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Scuf controllers are great for providing ergonomic comfort and gaming experiences. That said, these are not the only brand of controllers out there. In fact, you actually have a lot of choices when it comes to gaming equipment. While gamers often focus on audio and visual gaming equipment, having a controller that you can use with ease is essential.

Every gamer has been there where your hand and thumbs start to cramp up, making gaming quite difficult. You will want the right equipment to make sure your hobby continues to be fun. The right controller can help with gaming speed and comfort to prevent cramping, carpal tunnel, and other issues that gamers often experience. You have a few options for getting a better controller. You can either get a new controller entirely or you can get mod packs to add buttons and/or paddles to the controller you already have. You will find that there are pros and cons with both.

This mod pack from Collective Minds is an add-on for Xbox controllers. One nice thing is that this lets you transform a controller you already have instead of needing a new one. This paddle attachment lets you remap already existing buttons for your comfort. In addition, this mod pack comes with 17 mods to elevate your gaming experience.

The main two issues that buyers note with this mod pack are durability and the wired connection. Regarding durability, the paddles work well but users have had them snap or break while playing. In addition, other users have experienced failed connection between the controller and the paddle attachment. This means that the additional mapping would not work correctly.

This mapping kit from eXtremeRate is the same idea as the mod pack and comes in 10 different designs. It is an attachment for PS4 controllers that allows you to remap your controls with 4 additional ergonomic back buttons added. Up to 15 controls can be mapped to these back buttons at a time. These buttons can also be remapped easily and on the go with touch control and button combinations.

Some issues that people have with this mapping kit are installation and connection. Users have said that installation can be confusing and difficult. They also say that, though the device comes with a manual, the instructions are not very clear. Like with the previous device, this mapping kit has connection issues on occasion. When this happens, the remapped buttons may not perform as they should.

This mod pack from Collective Minds is similar to the previously listed mod pack though it is a bit higher quality and has additional buttons. This mod pack gives you the ability to remap up to 16 controller functions to the 4 hyper response buttons it attaches to the back. These are at an optimal height to allow you to keep your fingers comfortably on the sticks. It also has customizable digital mods and a great grip.

Users have said that the connection on this mod pack is not the greatest. Buttons may need to be remapped multiple times or may disconnect during your game. In addition, users have also said that the buttons might be too small for people with larger fingers.

This incredibly popular mod pack from Collective Minds provides you with two detachable magnetic paddles that you can use to remap your controller on the fly. You can get these paddles in various sizes to customize your controller for comfort. It also comes with a 10 foot length wired connection to ensure that you will not experience lag while gaming due to the controller. This mod pack is compatible with 3.5 mm headphones as well.

Some users have noted an issue with this mod pack in that the paddles may not fit correctly or may become disconnected during play. This could cause the paddles to be unresponsive. Like with other paddle attachments, you run the risk of the paddles breaking. These can snap off, unlike button attachments.

This controller from Microsoft is the most expensive controller on this list but there are many reasons why it is worth the investment. This is a pro grade wireless controller that is customizable and comfortable to use. It comes with interchangeable thumb stick and paddle shapes as well as numerous customization options through the Xbox Accessories app. This controller has hair trigger locks and a grip handle to make gameplay easier on you. It also comes with a protective case and an incredible 40 hour battery life.

This is not the best choice for casual gamers since it is the most expensive one on this list. Some users have stated that they had issues with the buttons being unresponsive. Others have also experienced drift with the thumb stick.

This controller from PowerA is customizable and highly immersive. It has 4 paddles that you can remap on the fly to buttons on your Xbox controller. It has an audio jack and dual rumble motors to let you fully immerse yourself into your game. This officially licensed controller also comes with a protective case for your controller, cable, and other accessories. It is also decently priced for its quality.

Customers have noted that the cable port on this controller does not offer the best connection. People have also mentioned general durability problems such as the paddles coming off and the buttons becoming less responsive over time.

This additional button attachment from Playstation gives you two fully programmable buttons that attach to the back of the controller. You can remap these on the fly. One unique feature about this button pack is that it has a digital screen on it to show you the status of button mapping. You can also save these remapped buttons as presets. This button attachment is compatible with 3.5 mm headsets.

Users of this attachment have said that the positioning of the buttons sometimes makes them difficult to use properly. They noted that you can click these accidentally during gameplay. In addition, this attachment can sometimes cause the Dual Shock controller to disconnect or turn off.

This Xbox controller is a great choice for serious gamers. It has 4 multi-function buttons that you can remap. It also has the Hair Trigger Switch. These mechanical switches can reduce the travel distance between triggers, giving you an extra competitive edge. This controller also has an ergonomic design and customizable Razer Chroma lighting.

This controller is a little on the pricy side so it is probably not the best choice for more casual gamers. Users have also noted that the 4 multi-function buttons cannot be fully remapped. Rather, you can select from a list of pre-programmed key bindings.

This pro controller from NACON has a very unique design. It supports both wired and wireless connections as well as audio and chat in both connection types. It has dual customizable sticks (30/38/46 amplitude) and interchangeable stick heads. This controller is designed for comfort with grip handles, tactile stick heads, and strategically placed sticks. It has shortcut buttons on the back as well.

This controller is one of the more expensive ones on this list so casual gamers may want to look at other options. Players have said that the buttons may become less responsive over time. In addition, setup and software updates can be confusing and difficult.

Photography by Kodi Rene

If you like your controllers to be representative of yourself, the controllers from AimControllers are going to be a dream come true for you. Not only can you get them for Xbox One and PS4, but they are able to customize the newest controllers for next-gen consoles as well.

They start with an official Sony or Microsoft controller, and mod from there. Custom paint colors, designs, themes, and combinations are available. Customize the look of all of the buttons and the colors and heights of control sticks. The 2 or 4 paddle mod on the back utilizes revolutionary and mappable micro-buttons.

While these rigs are a little bit spendy, they are still far cheaper than some close competitors, and they have a lifetime warranty on just about every component of the controller. Another bonus is that you can send them your own controller to customize and save a few more bucks.


As you can see, you have many different options when looking for a good controller to use for gaming. You can find high quality gaming controllers or even just get a controller attachment, such as these customizable button attachments. The above list contains a variety of controllers and attachments that can help to seriously lift your gaming experience.

Many gamers know that gaming can be quite strenuous, both mentally and physically. In addition to upgrading your auditory and visual experience, you need to be able to play the game easily and comfortably. The best controllers and controller attachments provide you with comfort and addition mapping options. You can use these products to immerse yourself in your games and climb the ranks.