Top 10 Best AIO CPU Coolers for Overclocking

By Jim Jones

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If you want to overclock your computer, while also not dealing with too much maintenance or fiddling with the cooler, then you might want to take a look at an AIO (all in one) cooler. These coolers allow for self-sufficient overclocking, and if you want to make sure that your AIO cooler is the best one for you, you will need to make sure that it fits in your machine first.

Once you’ve found the right size, then you need to make sure that it is the best cooler that can give you everything you need. Here are ten of the best, and let’s see what can work!

This is one of the AIO coolers that can stand out over the large group of coolers in the world. To be honest, there’s not a lot of innovation with the cooler world, but this one has some innovation that catches our eyes. The first major change it makes is to use a pump in radiator design to separate it from the primarily CPU block mounted coolers out there.

It also comes with an MSI dragon logo that can be rotated 270 degrees so you will always see it. No matter how you place the cooler in its socket, the dragon will always be staring at you. You can also control the RGB lighting through your motherboard or your RGB hub.

Aside from all the customization options, it also has a three-phase motor and a very quiet noise level. Being both powerful and quiet isn’t something we always see, so it’s nice to see that combination in this cooler.


  • – Three-phase motor.
  • – Excellent customization options.
  • – 4200 PRM pump speed.


  • – Doesn’t include an RGB hub with the packaging.
  • – Might not work out of the box with older computers.

This is another brand that really puts a lot of effort into being innovative and refusing to allow themselves to stagnate. This liquid cooler contains a 240mm and a 360mm cooling option for you to look at and supports full ARGB syncing. It also is very compact and quite light, unlike some of the bulkier coolers that you can find in today’s market.

Despite being quite small it can more than hold its own against its bigger competitors, and it works well for a very reasonable price. There aren’t too many cons unless you want a bigger cooler for your rig or one that supports 120mm.


  • – Very well designed.
  • – Supports 240 and 360mm coolers.


  • – The smaller size can be off-putting to some.

This AIO cooler looks just like most of the other EVAGA products, and instead of using motherboard firmware to connect to the computer, the fan speed is controlled by connecting it to a mini-USB. Once you manage to connect it to your case, then the lights turn on and illuminate the nameplate.

Unlike some other AIO coolers, the flow control software keeps an eye on your temperature and will adjust the fan speed for you. Rather than you having to constantly change it yourself. Despite this, the machine can be a bit loud whenever it is running at full speed, but it is a very efficient cooler.


  • – Very efficient.
  • – USB mounted install.
  • – Automated cooling with the flow software.


  • – Can be a bit noisy.
  • – Pricey when compared to other options.

This AIO Cooler looks pretty awesome, with a very sleek design and some amazing lighting to go with it. Plus, it was made to be very compatible with the different computers from the AMDs to the Intel’s of the world. No matter what you have, then this cooler can work with it.

It contains three fans to help stop heat from gathering, and there’s even an NZXT CAM user interface. This allows you to see your entire PC system at a glance, and from it, you can even choose the color of the machine.

In terms of technical stuff, it cools quite well even on the 50% fan speeds, so it gives you a ton of cooling for a reasonable price. Although it isn’t very budget-friendly if you do need to keep an eye on your wallet.


  • – Low noise.
  • – Extreme customizability.
  • – Very strong cooling capabilities.


  • – Expensive.

Corsair has done a lot for PC gaming over the years, and it’s coolers are no different. This cooler comes with a 240mm radiator, and two 120mm fans, and it is also compatible with every socket. It is a very powerful AIO cooler, and because it is so powerful, that means that you will barely hear it working.

Even at its highest speeds, the sounds don’t matter too much, and it provides some great cooling. All for a pretty nice price!


  • – Low noise.
  • – Fits in every PC socket.


  • – Nothing too special in terms of cooling when compared to others.

While this cooler is very pricey, it does also give some strong performance to back everything up. It has a 7th generation pump and three large fans to support its 360mm model. You can also customize the top to show off your personal logo, system information, or temperatures, allowing for you to put whatever you want on the LCD display.

It also cools quite well and can connect to your motherboard through a USB cable. The only major problem is that the larger fans are quite loud, and also the cooler itself is very expensive. This means that you will be paying a price for extreme efficiency.


  • – Beautiful design.
  • – A customizable LCD display.


  • – Expensive.
  • – Can be audible if you turn the fan up to full power.

This cooler has a VRM fan on the housing of the cold plate, helping to further keep everything cool, and it does have several variants available to fit all of your needs.  The 40 VRM fan is up there and it works, but it is not as useful as some of the other ways you can keep your computer cool.

Still, it does keep your computer cool and can stand up to some of the bigger coolers on the market while coming at a very low price. If you can save money on the cooler, then perhaps you can use the rest of the money on a new mouse.


  • – Extra VRM fan on the top.
  • – Very budget-friendly.
  • – Keeps up with the more expensive options.


  • – The VRM fan isn’t as practical as it could be.

This is a cooler that is pretty good at offering a solid bang for its buck. This is a light cooler, which means that everything is dialed back in order to provide a lighter cooler with a better price. The cooler is upfront with what it can do, and it is very easy to install. What they are the most upfront with is that the cooler isn’t the best out there.

The company shares that while the cooler does work and keeps your system from overheating when you overclock it, they share that it is far from the best out there. However, it does work and can be used either as a budget-friendly option, or as a stopgap between larger purchases for your PC.


  • – Cheap to purchase.
  • – Works very well.
  • – Has a silent mode that is silent.


  • – Not the best option if you want the best of the best.

Yet another great option from Corsair and this is one of their largest options. It not only has a large 360mm radiator but also allows you to program the RGB lights. It is compatible with Intel and AMD brackets, but it doesn’t support the SP3r2 socket. For that, you will need more accessories.

The larger fans are pretty middle of the road when it comes to cooling, but they just don’t rotate fast enough to complete with smaller coolers. However, the noise level is very quiet and almost inaudible. So, if you like peace and quiet then you can find some enjoyment with that.


  • – Silent, even at max speed.
  • – Compatible with most brackets.
  • – Customizable Lighting.


  • – Can be outperformed by smaller coolers.

The third NZXT product on this list, this product is very nice looking and pleasing to the eye, and the two 140 mm fans are very high quality for the price that we are getting them for. The Z63 isn’t as powerful as the other NZXT options on the market today, but it does have a much quieter noise level.

It’s a good fan if you want something cheap and quiet for overclocking, but also won’t compare to the more modern fans that the company has to offer.


  • – Low noise level.
  • – Cheap.
  • – Has 140 mm fans.


  • – Not powerful enough when compared to newer models.


No matter what type of AIO cooler you are looking for, you should have an idea of what you want. Whether that is something with a low volume, efficient cooling temperatures, or something budget-friendly. Then, you can narrow your options down and pick the perfect cooler for your overclocking needs!