Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked)

By Justin Joy

I know what you are thinking, clearly the best arrow is the boxing glove arrow used by the Green Arrow. Sadly, that isn’t available in Valheim (yet!) but there are still some pretty great arrows that you can use in this Viking survival game. These range from your more basic arrows to more specialized elemental arrows. If ranged combat isn’t quite your thing don’t worry there are also plenty of weapons for you to get in close and stick them with the pointy end.

As for anybody who has been on the pointy end of arrows or melee weapons you will know that they hurt. So, you will also want to make sure that you are wearing your Sunday best before heading into combat. Just because you stand far away and are firing arrows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few precautions to preserve your life in the dangerous world of Valheim.

10. Wood Arrow

Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked) - Wood Arrow

Everybody has to start somewhere and in Valheim that somewhere takes the form of wood arrows. It is the first arrow available to the player once the workbench has been created. Wood arrows are capable of dealing 22 pierce damage and have a knockback of 10 to keep your enemies away while you pepper them with arrows. To craft wood arrows there is one ingredient that is very important and if you are thinking that it is wood, well then you would be correct. You will need 8 wood to craft wood arrows which will create a bundle of 20 arrows. Finally, wood arrows will decrease your movement speed by 5% but that is a negligible amount when compared to other items in the game.

9. Flinthead Arrow

Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked) - Flinthead Arrows

Moving on from the wood arrow will take you to the next tier of arrows which is the flinthead arrow. These babies will require a workbench of level 2 before you can notch them to your bow and require a few more components than the wood arrow. You will need 8 wood, 2 flint, and 2 feathers to craft it, and it also comes in a bundle of 20 with a single craft. Flinthead arrows have a pierce damage of 27 as well as a knockback of 10. You will be trading off a -5% movement speed to use these flinthead arrows.

8. Bronzehead Arrow

Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked) - Bronzehead Arrow

You may be sensing a theme here as we move down the list because like humanity advancing through the ages so too are our arrows. From the flinthead arrow, we move on to the bronzehead arrow which can only be described as an arrow tipped with bronze. In order to craft this type of arrow, you will need a forge as well as 8 wood, 2 feathers, and a piece of bronze. Crafting a single bronzehead arrow will create a bundle of 20 arrows like the wood arrow and flinthead arrow. The bronzehead arrow deals an upgraded 32 pierce damage but maintains a knockback of 10.

7. Fire Arrow

Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked) - Fire Arrows

This is where the fun begins because as fun as it is to pepper your enemies with arrows, nothing beats being able to set your enemies on fire from afar. In order to craft fire arrows, you will need a workbench and the ability not to set yourself on fire as you craft them. For materials, you will want to gather 8 wood, 8 resin, and 2 feathers and a single craft will make a bundle of 20 arrows. Fire arrows will deal a slightly disappointing 11 pierce damage but more than make up for that by dealing 22 fire damage. They still share the same 10 knockback and have a 5% decrease to movement speed.

6. Ironhead Arrow

Top 10 Arrows Types in Valheim (Ranked) - Ironhead Arrow

We are stepping away from elemental arrows and back to standard arrows with the ironhead arrow. These are crafted at a forge and require a total of 8 wood, 2 feathers, and 1 iron. Like the rest of our arrows, you will receive a bundle of 20 for a single craft. The ironhead arrow deals a total of 42 pierce damage and has a consistent knockback of 10. While these are certainly craftable there is an option for those who prefer to spend their days exploring instead of standing at a forge all day. By raiding Sunken Crypts in the swamp, you can actually find these arrows as loot!

5. Obsidian Arrow

Next on our list is the mysterious dragonglass – er I mean obsidian arrow. While these arrows aren’t exactly made for White Walkers they can definitely do some serious damage to Draugr. In order to craft these arrows, you will need a workbench level 3 as well as 8 wood, 4, obsidian, and 2 feathers. Crafting the obsidian arrows will give you a bundle of 20 like the rest of our arrows and these beautiful arrows deal 52 pierce damage and have a knockback of 10. Obsidian can be mined in the mountain biome, just make sure you pack an iron pickaxe in order to mine this material.

4. Needle Arrow

The needle arrow is the last basic arrow on our list and is a significant upgrade from the wood arrow. Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on these arrows you will have to deal with those pesky deathsquito as you will need their needles in order to craft these arrows. Specifically, you will need 4 needles as well as 2 feathers and a level 4 workbench in order to craft a bundle of 20. This is definitely worth it though as needle arrows deal 62 pierce damage and have a knockback of 10.

3. Silver Arrow

Whether it be the voices in your head or out there in the wilds of Valheim silver arrows are great to calm the spirits of the world. In order to craft these, you will need a level 3 forge as well as 8 wood, 1 silver, and 2 feathers. The main appeal to silver arrows is its 52 pierce damage in addition to the 20 spirit damage it does. Spirit damage is especially effective against undead enemies which are not exactly uncommon in Valheim so it’s a good idea to carry around a few silver arrows with you. A single craft of the silver arrow will give you a bundle of 20 and these babies have 10 knockback as well.

2. Frost Arrow

It’s time to cool off with the frost arrow and luckily for you, it will be your enemies that feel the cold pointy end of these arrows. You will have to put in a bit of work in order to craft these babies as they require freeze glands which are acquired by slaying drakes. In total, you will need 1 freeze gland, 8 wood, 4 obsidian, and 2 feathers as well as a level 4 workbench. Or you could work smarter not harder and find them as loot drops in chests found throughout the mountain biome. These arrows deal 26 pierce damage as well as 52 frost damage but the main appeal is the slowing effect it applies to enemies which means you can run away even better

1. Poison Arrow

The best arrow on our list is one that is just oozing great benefits as well as … well poison. They say that poison is a woman’s weapon and you would do well to use these babies regardless of your gender because let’s face it, women are obviously smarter. The poison arrow can either be found as loot in sunken crypts within the swamp biome or crafted with 8 wood, 4 obsidian, 2 ooze, and 2 feathers at a level 3 workbench. They deal 26 pierce damage as well as 52 poison and will apply a lingering poison effect that damages organic enemies over time. Unfortunately, you will still have to use a bow for these arrows because I highly doubt anybody would miss a floating poison arrow in their soup.


Hopefully, after reading this list you can see the merit of using a bow beyond the satisfaction of being able to say “pew pew” as you fire arrows from afar but there is also no shame if smacking baddies up close and personal is your thing. When it comes to ranged combat, what bow you use is extremely important, but it is merely the vessel which transfers the arrow to the enemy. For this reason, you want to make sure you are using the best arrow for each enemy as some will have resistances that others do not. Carrying a varied arsenal is often the best choice, but sometimes you will have to make a choice as to which you will carry.