Top 10 Tips to Get Onyx in Halo Infinite

By Dequon Miller

It’s been two weeks since the long-anticipated multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite was released (As a gift to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise), and I’ve been having a blast so far. It’s hard to go wrong with Halo Multiplayer, but the competitive scene is already getting pretty fierce. Unless you want to get left behind, you’re going to want to master the basics before the sweating intensifies. Ask any Call of Duty rookie who walks into a lobby of seasoned CoD athletes; it’s not fun.

Luckily for our readers, we’re here to help. We’ve got ten tips that will help you take your Halo Infinite game to the next level. Let’s get started!

Halo: Infinite (© 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios)

10. Know Every Weapon

Long gone are the days of Halo: Combat Evolved, where you could effortlessly destroy everything with the M6D Pistol (One of the greatest pistols in FPS history). There are currently 22 weapons in Halo Infinite, and you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with all of them. Even if you have played with some of these weapons in previous Halo titles, don’t make the mistake of thinking their performance will be the same.

Firing rate, recoil, accuracy, all of these are things that you’ll want to fully grasp if you want to optimize your preferred weapon loadout. Some weapons, like the Battle Rifle, are easy enough to master. But other weapons, like the Cindershot or the Mick Rory (That’s Heatwave, for those who aren’t DC Comics fans), are a lot trickier. 

Practice makes perfect, as they say, so make sure to practice with all of the weapons Halo Infinite has to offer (For now). Even some of the lower-tiered weapons have situational usage that you don’t want to ignore. After all, this isn’t a solo shooter. Taking one for the team might be the difference between your team winning or losing.

9. Learn Map Flow

A good or bad map can be the difference between loving or hating every match you have there. Either way, you’re going to be playing on them, so you better learn the map flow.

Mastering map flow is crucial in any multiplayer game, as this will help you understand things like best vantage points, power-up spawn points, jump points, chokepoints, etc. You can tell who’s a seasoned player and who’s a newbie by how effectively they traverse the map. You don’t want to be the latter, or you’re going to be torn apart. You’re also going to be a liability to your teammates.

Behemoth, for example, has a lot of open space with campers just waiting for easy pickings to expose themselves. Behemoth makes for a good map for snipers and those wanting to play Twisted Metal, Halo style, but not for run and gunners. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more like a classic arena shooter map, great for fast-paced action.

Halo has had a lot of fantastic maps over the years, and we’re all clamoring to know which fan-favorites will make a return. However, for now, stick to mastering the ten we already have.

8. Know Your Call Outs

Think of call outs as being similar to audibles in a game of football. Neither you nor any of your teammates are going to have the time to give a full spiel as to your location or the current situation. Map calls are the abridged way of relaying important information to your teammates in order to keep everyone up to speed and focused on the current objective.

Map call outs are like fighter combos in fighting games, only a lot harder. After all, you can use one character in Mortal Kombat, but in Halo Infinite, you’re going to need to learn call outs for every map. 

Symmetrical maps, like Aquarius, will be easier to master call outs on. Others, like Live fire, might be tricky since players use several different names for the same call out. If you need a hand on learning the callouts for each map, we recommend checking out Benningtons channel on YouTube!

One last thing to keep in mind; Halo Infinite is continuing the trend of wonky chat censorship. If you don’t have a mic, be prepared to possibly face the issue of the game censoring some of your text call outs.

7. Use Equipment to Your Advantage

One of the most important reasons for learning map flow is to know the spawn points for equipment and power-ups. Naturally, what comes after this, is knowing what equipment and power-ups can do for you, and how to effectively use them.

Classic equipment makes a return in Halo Infinite, like the Overshield, which provides an additional layer of protection. Active Camo also returns, allowing you to go Elite stealth mode for a brief period of time. Some new equipment on the scene is the Threat Sensor (Usage should go without saying) and the Repulsor (Which can send players, objects, and certain weapon projectiles away from you).

Arguably the most controversial, and potentially game-changing piece of equipment, is the Grappleshot. The utility that the Grappleshot provides should not be underestimated. 

You can use it to do your best Scorpion impression and bring an enemy to you. You can also use it to make a hasty escape or bring yourself closer to another equipment or power-up spawn. Dying Light veterans are going to appreciate this thing.

The Grappleshot has a steep learning curve, but mastering it, like all other equipment in the game, will only improve your gameplay experience. 

6. Take Advantage of Firing Range

Nothing is going to improve your abilities more than live combat, but practice does make perfect. And what better place to practice than the firing range?

The Firing Range is a fantastic way for skilled and neophyte gamers alike to get comfortable with all of the weapons available in Halo Infinite. Take the time to familiarize yourself with things like recoil, reload speed, and bloom.

The Firing Range offers weapons drills for all available weapons, and these are great exercises to help you get started. They’ll help you master leading your shots with the Needler, and the arc trajectory of the Ravager. They will also help you get better with trickier to use weapons like the Cindershot and Heatwave.

I always find practice modes like the Firing Range to be a great way to keep my skills from getting rusty, even when I don’t have the time to play competitively. Life happens; we get that. But even spending 10-15 minutes on the Firing Range will help you stay sharp.

Halo: Infinite (© 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios)

5. Play as a Team

Do not come into Halo Infinite thinking you are John Wick. You are not a one-man army, and even if you were, that’s not how you should be playing this game.

Halo Infinite is a team game. You wouldn’t need to learn map call outs if you were going to lone-wolf it all the time. Teams with members that synergize well with one another are the ones that perform best, so get in the habit of being a team player. You’re not playing with AI-controlled bots that you have to hard carry through a match. You’re playing with other people who have their own advantages and disadvantages regarding playstyle and ability. You should get to know them so you can all best coordinate your efforts.

Given how crucial team play is to Halo Infinite, it would definitely be best to find yourself a team that you can stick with. I know my fellow MOBA players out there know that the enjoyability of ranked matches with random teammates and your go-to teammates is night and day.

4. Know Your Role

In the immortal words of The Rock, know your role and shut…….actually we’ll leave the last part out.

I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed when your top lane randomly comes down and starts stealing jungle (MOBA speak, don’t mind me). When people don’t stick to their roles, it can quickly snowball out of control, and you can do nothing but watch the better-organized team roll right over you. 

One of the most annoying occurrences in multiplayer games is when you’re paired with someone who just goes for kills and pays zero attention to objectives. Don’t be this person.

Because Halo Infinite does not have clearly defined roles, it is crucial that you form a team to stick with and designate roles amongst yourselves.

There are a lot of weapons and equipment in Halo Infinite, with some being more useful in the hands of certain role players than others. The player acting as the main pusher probably won’t carry a Threat Sensor around, but the support player would. Similarly, a support player who mostly calls out plays and provides covering fire probably won’t need a Grappleshot as much as the one engaging the enemy the most.

Know. Your. Role.

3. Strafe

One of the most basic but crucial skills you need to master in Halo Infinite is strafing. 

Strafing is critical for improving both your offensive and defensive capabilities. On the defensive side, an enemy that is a sitting duck is a lot easier to kill than an enemy that’s moving around.

Similarly, when you are engaged in a firefight, strafing will allow you to better keep your enemy in your sights. If firing on an opponent while standing still, you are going to have to constantly readjust your aim. Firing on an opponent while strafing, and you’ll be as close to snap-on targeting as you can get.

2. Power Ups/Power Weapons

You’re not the only one who knows where the best power ups and weapons are on the map. Other players know it too and will take advantage of it.

Sometimes, instead of immediately picking up a weapon or power up, an enemy will leave it be and use it as bait to rack up some easy kills. Then, they’ll take the power up/weapon for themselves and have an even bigger advantage. Keep this tactic in mind, as you may find yourself needing to flush out an enemy camper.

Another thing to keep in mind is to remember that this is a team game. You don’t need every weapon or power up you come across. Depending on their role, someone else on your team will benefit more from a particular weapon or power up than you. Always do what’s best for your team.


1. Don't Be Toxic

If I haven’t driven home the point of finding and sticking to a team enough, let me add one more reason to the list; toxicity.

Toxic players come with the territory of online gaming, and the chances of running into toxic players intensify significantly when you play with random people. That’s just how it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it (Besides finding a permanent team, of course). 

What you can do, however, is avoid being toxic yourself. Don’t get me wrong; I can understand being frustrated. After all, we’ve all been there. But being toxic isn’t going to change the fact that you lost, improve your gameplay, or that of your teammates. Instead of acting toxic because something went wrong, try to use it as a learning experience and a means to improve. 

Halo: Infinite (© 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios)


With less than two weeks to go before the full release of Halo Infinite, I am going to be taking this time to get as adept as I can in the multiplayer part of the game. I hope that you’ll be doing the same and that these ten tips have helped you. The newest generation of gaming is just getting started, and I can’t wait to see where Halo Infinite goes from here.

Happy gaming!