The Top 10 Things We’re Most Excited to See in Halo Infinite

By Jim Jones

1. Slipspace Engine

The TOP 10 Things We're MOST Excited to See in Halo Infinite- slipspace engine
Slipspace Engine – Credit: 343 Industries

Many have described this alone as the “biggest investment” 343 Industries could’ve ventured to take, thus far, and such words alone truly speak for themselves. A previous 3 – year development cycle was completely cut, in addition to other efforts that had to be made. That said, the unique Slipspace engine will be “only the best it can”, offering more power for all. It was about time, anyways, since the last engine used is now nearly 20 years old! It’s time for “newer and better” indeed…

What’s up, fellow gamers and game – lovers alike. It’s your friendly neighborhood game source insider here, as always, this time ready to give you a good scoop on what’s good in the next Halo game, Halo Infinite. We’re going to talk about the upcoming game from several angles, mainly in terms of what we know are coming and how we hope they can play out. Let’s dive right in, then, shall we?

2. Split-Screen is Back

The TOP 10 Things We're MOST Excited to See in Halo Infinite- split-screen in halo 2
Halo 2 – Credit: 343 Industries

Scarlett, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (PC) will feature this new game, all in all. So choose how you wish to play it, and on which type of controller / screen and settings (yes ; split-screen playing, on numerous modes, is actually expected to return as a feature of choice, which many have loved from the beginning). Though the arrival date is still set for late 2020, you can at least start planning for an exceptional gaming experience well ahead of time, can you not? We think so.

3. PC Release

The TOP 10 Things We're MOST Excited to See in Halo Infinite- halo infinite
Halo: Infinite – Credit: 343 Industries

Slipspace was also uniquely designed with PC play in mind. So take a deep breath. All this has been accounted for. And the PC release will be in your hands around the Holidays next year. An exact date of release still awaits confirmation, but hopefully not for too much longer….

4. ‘Spiritual’ Reboot / Bigger, Bolder Vision of Halo Moving Forward

The TOP 10 Things We're MOST Excited to See in Halo Infinite- master chief helmet in halo infinite
Halo: Infinite – Credit: 343 Industries

And even though we’re all trying to forget Halo 5, guess what? The events and storyline from this new game will supposedly be kicking right up from where Halo 5 left off. Many have also said the game is supposed to be some form of “Spiritual Halo”, a reboot, I suppose, with strong Spiritual, human undertones, all in all. We have yet to see this play out….

In the game’s very brief footage trailer from last year, of which multiple different break – downs and interpretations have been made, we see what seems to be our main hero getting rescued from space. Then, the clip shows it to be over no less than a shattered, completely broken – apart Halo ring, the background of it all. We then see him ask for an update, or sort of status report, from his team — to which he gets a communication reply, stating, “We lost.”

Following his reply, you see him jump out of the ship he’s in. He likes to do that, as we know. And that’s where the trailer leaves it at. Time will tell the rest, but for now, it’s up to us to put our imaginations together, so to speak. Another thing we can do, of course, for now, is to sign up for newsletters and email updates as they become available from Microsoft and 343. One can do so online by checking out the game’s main page and subscribing to the feed there.

5. Reach Style Armor Customization

The TOP 10 Things We're MOST Excited to See in Halo Infinite- halo reach armor customization
Halo: Reach – Credit: 343 Industries

Developers have hinted that Halo reach style armor customization will be returning in multi – player, as opposed to the basic armor customization we had in Halo 5. To add, the design of the armor itself may look somewhat different. And there are varying fan theories on this, as not much at all has been leaked. The armor customization is supposedly going to be “expanded” overall, in more ways than one. Some have hinted you may be able to customize more individual pieces of armor. As to how it’s earned, we are exploring a new and deeper progression system that retains the feel of the old.

6. Classic Art Style Returning

master chief halo infinite
Halo: Infinite – Credit: 343 Industries

The art style and story will be some of the best there have ever been, and that’s a promise by the game’s creative team. The artstyle, of course, is of crucial importance to all of this. It plays a pivotal role, a few execs have briefly stated. With the return of the classic art style, halo fans will be getting something they’ve been asking for since halo 4…. BLACK UNDERSUITS!

The plot remains highly confidential, still, for the most part, but may be slightly revealed more and more as the art style is shown ; little hints ‘here and there’ are what true fans are counting on, and 343 Industries knows it. All that anyone can say for certain is that this will, in fact, be the direct sequel to Halo 5. There are also countless unconfirmed rumors, which only remain as speculation, as to the Infinity Ship and its role in this game. 

7. Only Playing as Master Chief

master chief halo infinite
Halo: Infinite – Credit: 343 Industries

But guess what else? The amazing Master Chief will come back to reprise his role in this one….

This game will also make every possible effort to right any wrongs created by the last game, Halo 5, which left so many dozens of players disappointed. One way they plan to do this is by “doubling down on”, as many have stated, the amount of time in which Master Chief will appear in the game — so as to make up for his lack in Halo 5. This time, the screen, and all eyes on it, will be on him. This will also promise to be a much more human story, showing plenty of humanity (this time, instead of so much alien life and destruction — good to have for a change, right?). Halo Infinite, do not let us down!

8. Xbox Scarlett

Project Scarlett
Project Scarlett – Credit: Microsoft

What we did see at E3 this year was that Microsoft confirmed the game, its title once more, its main billboard ad, and the console – project it’s going to be released as a part of. So definitely, without any doubt, Microsoft is working on something big, and it’s taking up quite a bit of their time — they seem to be in a crunch to deliver something awesome, and very soon. Anyways, the project is going to be known as Scarlett, and it’s supposed to be the next big Microsoft product that’ll blow players out of the water, even more so than the very first Xbox was.

As briefly mentioned, the Scarlett will be one of the platforms hosting the new game — Halo Infinite is expected to be one of its very first ‘launch games’, so to speak. And the thought alone excites many. Remember how Halo : Combat Evolved (the first Halo game ever, the one that started it all) served as the top game / the ‘launch game’ for the original Xbox back in the day? Same thing here….

9. Games as a Service

xbox logo
Xbox – Credit: Microsoft

Similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), Games as a Service (GaaS) involves engaging a continual revenue model when video games and their content are offered. Live games, which continually change with ongoing updates, both keep the player engaged and the gaming company profitable (since they can further monetize by different mediums, all throughout). This results in a ‘win – win’ situation for both parties, respectively, and everyone is satisfied with the final outcome — at least, that’s the goal behind it all, and GaaS is definitely something the Halo Infinite team has been working hard to properly implement as well.

10. Seemingly Emphasizing on Discovery / Exploration

halo ring
Halo: Infinite – Credit: 343 Industries

The brief trailer for the game came out in June of last year, 2018. And since then, the hype and the expectations have both been quite high. The creators are certain, either way, that they’ll deliver something that will far surpass — and even make up for — the partial disaster that was Halo 5, even in terms of open – discovery and exploration. This game is supposedly going to be, and I quote, Master Chief’s “greatest adventure yet to save humanity”. And this alone should say it all ; there should be plenty to explore, and even a few unexpected surprises in doing so….


Halo Infinite, come soon! We await you with open arms. Your time is coming…oh, so quickly.   

Yet I have some very bad news, in case you are not already aware — bad news, but very true news. It seems that E3 2019, in terms of this upcoming Halo game, was a severe disappointment as no play footage of the game, or any real presence of it, much, was actually shown to the fans. Many were hoping to see some, especially after having had it rumored for so many months prior that there would be coverage on it. But perhaps, this is a move by the game’s development team, once more, to save the very best for last. Yet some fans would’ve even opted for raw footage, over no footage at all.

But either way, we can always count on the Halo creative team being up to something great. With the slight exception of some aspects of Halo 5, why should things be any different here? Hope is good to have.

So, in a nutshell, that’s been our brief ‘two cents’ on the matter, and we, of course, welcome your valuable opinion as well. That being said, do feel free to leave any questions, comments, or other types of relevant feedback — we sincerely appreciate it, and wish you all the best as we all continue to look forward to this great new title to come. Halo rules! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for all the latest updates…..