Top 10 Best Mice to Use for CSGO and Valorant

By Jim Jones

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As a gamer, we all know how a good mouse can improve our scores. If you have a good mouse, you can shoot faster, aim better, and play for longer without hand cramps. However, there are several different types of mice that all proclaim to be the best, and how do you know which one is the best for your gaming?

There are a few basics to look for in a good gaming mouse. First, it needs to fit in the hand. It also needs to have responsive controls, and it needs to have more than the three buttons a typical mouse has.

All the mice on this list have those features and more, so any one of them would be perfect for you. Now you can compare all these mice on the merits that make them unique.

One of the best features that a gaming mouse needs to have is to be lightweight. If it glides effortlessly over your mousepad, then your avatar in the game can react quicker. A lighter mouse can help your reaction times while also preventing injury to your hand or wrist.

There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting with your mouse to land that perfect shot, and with this mouse, you will not be doing that. Additionally, the Cooler Master isn’t just a name; the mouse’s design gives good airflow, so no more sweaty palms after extended sessions.

This mouse is a fully equipped gaming mouse, wholly designed for eSports, and filled with several benefits. The first thing most people notice about the mouse is the six buttons on the sides. The extra buttons allow you to rapidly perform complex actions without taking the time to press hotkeys, keeping your focus on the game.

Additionally, it comes with a custom S3059-SS sensor that gives gamers the best tracking abilities. You won’t lose your aim or miss a crucial shot because of a faulty sensor. When you combine this accuracy and speed with some excellent keyboards, you’ll be ready.

No matter how you hold your mouse, the ergonomic design has you covered. This mouse perfectly fits the claw, fingertip, and palm styles of holding your mouse. So, no matter what, you’ll be able to keep a good grip on the mouse during your gaming sessions.

The Razer Deathadder also has an optical mouse switch, preventing both unintended clicks and misses. The switch activates using infrared light, making it so you will never have to worry about misclicks slowing down your gameplay. Plus, the Razer Deathadder is around two times faster than a traditional mouse in terms of click speed.

If speed is what you need with your devices, then you’ll also need a fast keyboard to go with it. It’ll give you an edge over your competitors, which provides you with more wins.

This mouse is designed for a right-handed gamer. Unlike some mice that have buttons on their right side, this mouse doesn’t. While the right-handed gamer can enjoy a mouse with buttons, they can get in the way and cause problems for certain grips if you rest your hand on it.

The Zowie stops this problem, and it also prevents another issue that many gamers have. The attachment point for the mouse is raised at an angle. Rather than having the mouse cable get caught on the mousepad and messing up your game, it is safely out of the way. This is the mouse that some of the best Valorant streamers use, and you can use it too.

Whenever you game for an extended period, your hand can develop some problems. Cramps and the need to remove your hand from the mouse can cause problems for your gaming. However, the Logitech isn’t just made with speed and good game design, but also with your comfort in mind.

The mouse is made with rubber grips on each side, which allows it to fit in your hand with a very comfortable grip. However, the comfort doesn’t let you sacrifice your gaming skills as this mouse communicates at 1,000 reports per second. Once you click or move your mouse, then the same action happens on the screen.

This is the perfect mouse for a beginner to Valorant, as you’ll be able to learn the controls without any mouse lag.

Razer named this mouse the Viper due to its speed and striking power. With the Viper, you’ll be getting high precision, speed, and the Razer optical mouse switch, which gives you complete control over your clicking speed. This mouse will be an extension of your hand with 99.4% tracking accuracy and a 5G sensor.

You can easily pair the speed of this mouse with some of the best Valorant weapons in the game. Then you’ll be an unstoppable force for your team and the bane of your enemies.

The Zowie EC2 mouse is one of the best mice for CSGO (or any other game.) For players looking to get the right mouse that will support your gaming, this mouse is it. Unlike some other EC mice, it has two larger mouse feet and a different structural coating.

The Zowie brand is made for competitive gamers, and every part of the mouse is designed to improve your gaming experience. The mouse is heavier than the other gaming mice on this list, coming in at 83 pounds, but it still works and gives you a good speed whenever you are gaming.

You’ll be able to have a comfortable handhold on the mouse for your long gaming sessions while also having the same speed as mice used by competitive gamers.

This mouse moves across your mousepad smoothly on PTFE skates, and you’ll be able to have precise aiming and control as you game. If you can use that control alongside a keyboard, then your gaming skills will be even better. Additionally, the mouse has a matte UV coating that prevents heat from collecting under your hand.

No more slipping and fighting to get a grip as your hand starts to sweat after a long gaming session. Instead, your hand and your gaming nerves will remain cool. Despite the lower weight, the mouse is still very durable and will withstand some rough movements and clicks when the gaming session gets heated.

Not only do we rate this mouse for eSports professionals, but it also is created with input from various eSports professionals. It comes equipped with a hero 25K sensor and 1 MS wireless lightspeed. The sensor is designed for speed, accuracy, and it will give all the benefits to the ordinary gamer that a professional gamer uses every single game.

The wireless mouse also lets you cut the cord and allows for even greater command and control. Without wires to get in the way and snag on the computer, your speed and accuracy will be unimpaired. Battery life holds a charge for hours and will allow you to play without dealing with troubles from your mouse.

Your gameplay will only get better with this mouse installed on your computer, so make sure to pair it with some quality headphones. That way, you will get the full effect of your enhanced aim as you listen to your enemies getting blown away.

This mouse is only 67 grams, but packs everything you could ever need into it. You’ll have a lightweight honeycomb frame that will keep your hands safe from sweating, and you won’t feel the holes during gameplay. Additionally, the cord that comes with the mouse is as flexible and durable as the mouse is.

You’ll be able to use it without any trouble, and you won’t have to worry about the cable fraying or breaking. Even after hours of use, it will still keep your mouse connected. The mouse also glides on the mousepad for easy control on 4 G-Skate feet.

Finally, the mouse will easily last you for over 20 million clicks, helping you gain that coveted rank and become a better gamer. Who wouldn’t like that level of durability? Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual gamer, this mouse will be able to last.


If you need the right mouse, then there are several things that you need to keep in mind. All of the mice on this list will get you where you need to go as a gamer, especially if you pair them with a keyboard to improve your entire gaming setup.

Whatever mouse you end up picking, it will help you play both Valorant and CSGO even better. Whether you want to play better with your friends or start working on improving your skills in a tournament, these mice will help you out. Even if your skills don’t improve, you’ll at least get to use a new mouse. Who doesn’t love that?