The Best Controller with Smart Triggers

By Everett Zarnick

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If you’re looking for a quality controller with Smart Triggers, you’ve clicked on a timely article. Let’s discuss where you can find the highest quality custom Smart Trigger modifications for a new (or used) controller. Our recommendations will also benefit those who want paddle mods, custom paintwork, or decals professionally sprayed onto their controller. 

If you aren’t sure what Smart Triggers are, or why you should want a set for yourself, we’ve got you covered, too. Below is a solid rundown of the basics of the modification, as well as where you can pickup a set of Smart Triggers for your own controller(s). 

If you really want to dig into the specifics of Smart Triggers, our article on the topic can be found here. If all you need is a quick rundown, here are the basics: Smart Triggers are a mechanical modification that turns the variable pressure trigger on the standard controller into a keypress, like on a keyboard.

This modification takes the time between pulling the trigger and receiving an in-game response and turns it to as close to zero as you can get. For competitive shooters and high actions-per-minute titles, this is an advantage highly sought after by talented players who need to squeeze every position for its maximum amount of advantage. 

For casual players, the reasons one might want Smart Triggers can vary, but usually comes down to a subjective satisfaction with the *click* functionality over the “spring-y” pull of a trigger.

If you’re extremely handy with hardware and have a solid understanding of the anatomy of your controller, you can absolutely try to install Smart Triggers yourself with varying chances of failure. Or, you can hire a Modification Crew to do the work for you. At GamingTopTens, we always recommended AimControllers for the job: it’s a company we’ve tested ourselves and have come away being more than impressed with the professionalism and care with which our controllers were produced. 

There are a lot of technical reasons for AimControllers being your go-to, but we’ll start with the consumer-friendly stuff first: AimControllers is a trusted company that offers a lifetime warranty policy for all of its customers. If your controller isn’t what you expected when you first ordered it online, send it back for a return no questions asked. AimControllers also offers optional speedy shipping options for an extra price, alongside a discount program when you send in your own controller for modification as opposed to ordering one brand new. This is especially useful for artists who have custom coloring schemes on their controllers and want modifications to be done on them without risk of ruining the controller itself. 

For those who don’t necessarily want modifications such as Smart Triggers or Paddle Placement, AimControllers also offers technically proficient paint jobs for custom color schemes and decals. Most people tend to go with both to get the most bang for their buck, but the options can all be selected together or individually thanks to their easy to navigate website!


If you’re looking for a controller with Smart Triggers (or any other modification, for that matter) there are a lot of places that will offer different modifications of questionable quality, but if you want all of the custom work you need available in one place that’s affordable, fast to deliver, and professionally handled, AimControllers is the one and only service we can honestly recommended. 

Their work with Smart Triggers, paddles, and custom paint jobs is second to none. And if you’re in the market for a controller with any of those mods, AimControllers will ensure that the job gets done with both technical prowess and customer assurance via lifetime warranties. If your interested in buying an AimController click our link below, and don’t forget to use code GTT to get $50 off an order over $199!