The Best Aftermarket Gaming Controller

By Erika Lentz

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When it comes to the best aftermarket gaming controllers, there really are no competitors for AimControllers. Though these do have their pros and cons, there are a ton of reasons why AimControllers is the go-to supplier for the best custom controllers. Read below to find out more about them.

What is an Aftermarket Controller?

Here at GamingTopTens, we appreciate a competitive edge, so why not apply that edge to your controller? That is exactly what an aftermarket controller does for you. These are controllers that are customized with various features, such as paddles and smart triggers.

There are a ton of reasons why AimControllers offer the best aftermarket gaming controllers. Below you’ll see our top reasons for why they are the best, but this isn’t even a complete list. They have controllers available for PS4, PS5, and Xbox. They also have some computer accessories available.

As many gamers know, it’s pretty easy to beat up your controller in the heat of battle. Luckily, AimControllers offers a lifetime warranty to ease the minds of many intense gamers. This lifetime warranty includes all elements of the controller. AimControllers will replace any malfunctioning parts at absolutely zero cost for you. This includes individual buttons or electronic parts as well as the controller as a whole.

On that note, despite having a lifetime warranty, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to use it. AimControllers offer products with incredible quality. In our experience, these are the most durable aftermarket controllers available.

These controllers feel totally solid and sturdy in your hands. Paint and details don’t wear down. And the buttons don’t lose their perfect tension no matter how much you play. Companies generally don’t include a lifetime warranty unless they are absolutely confident in the quality of their product.

The customization options for AimControllers are no joke. They offer 21 customization options for PS5 controllers, 21 for PS4 controllers, and 15 for Xbox controllers. These options include various colors for different sections of the controllers, logos, vibration, lightbar, and several different attachments, such as grips, triggers, bumpers, and paddles.

You will also notice that AimControllers doesn’t hold back when it comes to the shear number of patterns and colors available for various parts of the controller. For instance, the shell alone for PS5 controllers has 41 color options, and some of those even come in a different texture. PS4 controllers have a whopping 72 shell design options and Xbox controllers have 52 shell design options. Although it sounds unbelievable, the number of customization selections among AimControllers, given the number of features that you can customize, is in the millions.

Much like we frequently talk about customizing your character to really own a match, being able to customize your equipment gives you so much more of a personal attachment to it. When you’re that invested, there’s no way you won’t be number one.

Modded controllers such as these would be pretty useless if the paddle placement sucked. Have no fear about AimControllers, though. The paddle placement on these is perfect. They are located on the back of the controller.

This placement serves two purposes: comfort and efficiency. No need to worry about hand strain and cramping in an attempt to use these paddles. They are super comfortable and easy to use. The paddles can be assigned to any of the buttons on your controller.

No one likes to wait for new gaming equipment to arrive. Luckily, with AimControllers, the wait is short lived. In fact, we received these controllers in about two weeks after ordering. There are also options to fast track the shipping when you order.

Admittedly, one downside to AimControllers is the price. With all of these amazing options available to you, it can be expected that you’ll be paying more than you would with a standard controller. That being said, AimControllers does offer a way to save money. By sending your own controller in to be customized, rather than ordering a brand new one to be made from scratch, you can knock off some of the price. For PS5 controllers, this reduces the price by $35 at base cost. It reduces the base cost of PS4 controllers by $55. Lastly, it reduces the base cost of Xbox controllers by $40.


As you can see, the features offered by AimControllers are simply unmatched by competitors. AimControllers offers top quality custom controllers for PS5, PS4, and Xbox. The features we mentioned here are just a few that make them the best aftermarket controller available. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about some of their other benefits, such as smart triggers, smart bumpers, aim sticks, and aim grips. If your interested in buying an AimController click our link below, and don’t forget to use code GTT to get $50 off an order over $199!