Top 10 Pros and Cons of AimControllers Dualsense (Review)

By Everett Zarnick

* AimControllers did send us a controller for free to review and we do make a commission if anyone buys a controller from our affiliate links below.

It’s no secret that AimControllers provide the best customer experience and production quality of any customer controller manufacturer in the game. But what are the exact reasons for this, and what are some downsides a customer should look out for when browsing AimControllers’ services?

The following list is the Top Ten Pros and Cons a customer should be wary of with this company. 

10. Pro- Lifetime Warranty

This is probably the biggest reason we retain our confidence in AimControllers no matter what: They retain confidence in themselves and their product. A lifetime warranty is key to providing customers with the peace of mind that, no matter what shipping mishaps or production failures occur, the investment a customer makes with AimControllers is always going to give a return. That kind of guarantee can only be made by a company that has a consistent track record that speaks for itself.

9. Pro - Custom Text

If personalization is what you’re going after with a custom controller, having your IGN on the side or back of it is probably a must. AimControllers pulls through on this and allows you to add custom text on your controller for an extra fee. 

When an era comes and goes in the gaming world, the easiest way to remember the broader picture than encompasses the good times is often by referring to the IGN you went by during that time. Having a custom controller that stands out while bearing the name that experienced a generation’s gaming experience isn’t just flashy, its a collector’s momento.

8. Pro – Customization Options

Here at GamingTopTens we have experience with AimControllers product, and have elected to get white face buttons, a soft touch faceplate, and a black grip on the back of our custom controller. All materials used in the production were of high quality and the soft touch is extremely comfortable in hands and makes long term gaming sessions far more comfortable. 

You can also elect to get alternate thumbstick variants such as xbox thumbsticks, or custom thumbsticks with various heights to achieve a unique feel that’s comfortable for your own hands, which is invaluable for some customers who just can’t enjoy the feel of the default PS5 controller. 

7. Pro – Ease of Customization

Having a lot of customization is great, but if the process of creating such a custom controller is difficult and tedious, the experience is a difficult one to get started. Luckily, AimControllers’ website has little to no advanced jargon and some of the cleanest UI we’ve ever seen for a manufacturer. 

This point cannot be overstated: trying to customize a product on a website that looks like it was made by the U.S. government is some of the worst shopping experiences any customer can have. AimControllers overperforms in this category wonderfully. 

6. Pro – Paddles

Gaming with a controller has its benefits over mouse n’ keyboard setups, namely comfortability. What players find dismaying about controllers tends to be their difficult nature for competitive environments. FPS shooters and Dark Souls players agree, claw grip is sometimes required to make the most of a controller’s binds. 

AimControllers services feature paddle installation. Four (or two, depending on your preferences) paddles are stuck to the back of the controller which can be bound to any ‘key’ on the controller, whether that’s a D-pad key, action button, or trigger. This makes playing with those “annoying to reach” buttons a lot easier in the heat of a match. For competitive players, these paddles are invaluable.   

5. Pro - Paddle Placement

Not to harp on the paddles too much, but its worth mentioning that AimControllers’ paddles are placed on the back of their controllers with a four pronged mechanism that can easily detach and reattach paddles as needed. There’s no complicated installation, no difficult to understand remapping system, no hassle whatsoever. Getting started with the paddles is as easy as using them in game.

With their convenient placing, activating a paddle is as easy as using your ring and middle fingers for actions while keeping your thumbs where they should be: on the thumb-sticks. Convenience and customization at your discretion with no hassle. That’s the name of the game!

4. Pro – Smart Bumpers/Triggers

Similar to tactile keys of a mechanical keyboard, the option to include smart bumpers / triggers in your custom PS5 controller takes the travel time of a PS5 controller’s bumper and trigger (the point at which both bottom out) and halts it at its actuation point. 

In short, this makes pulling the bumper / triggers snappier and a tad quicker, with a satisfying bump to show when you’ve hit the actuation point. It may seem like a small addition, but his option is a hard one to turn away from once you’re used to tactile feedback. 

3. Con – Cost

AimControllers offers reliable service, good warranty, and products with huge customization, but if your budget is small, it might not be the manufacturer for you. If you’re opting for smart bumpers, triggers, alternate color schemes, and custom text, the costs add up pretty quick. 

There are methods to lower costs for their product, though. One of which being to send in your own DualSense controller for them to manufacture with. The other is to use our code “GTT” at checkout for any orders over $225, you get $75 off. Don’t say we don’t have your back!

2. Con – Build Time

If your order doesn’t include the $60 speedy aim charge it may take up to 35 days to build your controller. If you spend an extra $60 you get the controller built in 5 days guaranteed. Depending on your budget this could be considered a con. We really wish AimControllers could shorten the wait time for these controllers for people who don’t want to pay the $60 speedy aim charge. As of right now it feels like you HAVE to get speedy aim, because who really wants to wait 35 days for a controller? 

1. Pro - Build Quality

Our experience with AimControllers backs this claim and so does their lifetime warranty. Their build quality is made to last, with custom color schemes, triggers, bumpers, and aim pads expertly designed and manufactured with no corners cut

The build quality is an absolute win for anyone who’s got the means to purchase their services, and is the kind of asset you can rely on for years down the line. When you’re shelling out a decent amount of cash for something you really care about, having the end result meet or beat expectations is a necessity. The build quality, at the very least, speaks volumes about AimControllers’ work.


Despite AimControllers amazing repertoire of customization options and additional features their PS5 controllers come with, the pricier listings mean that their services should be reserved for those who want a premium piece of hardware to game with instead of those looking for a cheap piece of decour. That said, the pro’s this company throws out largely outweigh their cost related cons, and the extra costs associated with their services add up to more reliable product and customer service as a whole.