OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphone Review

By Erika Lentz

*OneOdio did send us a model to review. This does not impact our review in any way!

Gamers know that sound quality can really take your gaming to the next level. Sure, you could play using the speaker built into your monitor. But why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself fully into your game. That’s what a good pair of headphones can do for you.

One pair that we’ll be reviewing today is the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones. These headphones are mostly marketed toward studio musicians and music industry professionals. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that gamers can’t benefit from them as well. Read on to find out more about their features and how well they work for gaming.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphone Review

Package Contents

As many gamers know, it’s not just about the product, but the accessories that come with it as well. OneOdio provides an awesome PU leather bag to store your headphones and keep them safe during travel. This type of leather is a high-quality material that will keep your headphones safe and secure on the road. This is essential for the professional or serious gamer as we all know how important it is to have good equipment with you anywhere you go.

In addition, the package also comes with three auxiliary cables that you can use to pair these headphones with various devices. The coiled cable can be used for monitoring. The straight cable can be used for TV connection. Lastly, the straight cable with microphone is great for general daily use. This is a nice feature since many headphones only come with one auxiliary cable. It’s a nice change to see companies recognizing the importance of specialized cables. Not only that, but the cables are adapter-free, so they are ready to go right out of the box.

You’ll also get a user manual that will be able to answer any questions you may have about this product. This way, you don’t have to spend hours Googling tutorials. It’s all right there at your disposal.


There are a few key parts of a good pair of headphones. Though they are small, they have a mighty impact. And, depending on the specific parts used, this can make or break your audio experience.

One of these key parts is the audio driver, which is what facilitates good quality sound. When it comes to headphones, a 40 mm driver is more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest of audiophile. The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones does even better than this. These headphones are built with a 50 mm neodymium driver. Neodymium is an elements that helps to provide better base and overall sound quality.

Another factor in good sound quality is the impedance that headphones produce. Audio impedance is the resistance to electrical current. In simple terms, the higher the impedance, the better the sound quality. This is measured in ohms. Ideally, the impedance should be a minimum of 20-40 ohms. The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones have an impedance of 38 ohms.

Sound Quality

As you can imagine, the sound quality on a pair of headphones that has a 50 mm audio driver is impeccable. Along with a bigger driver than what is needed for great sound, the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones also have a much higher frequency response range than what is needed.

The frequency response range is the range of bass, mids, and treble that your headphones are able to pick up. The wider the range, the more diverse sounds you are able to hear. Typically, we recommend a minimum 20-20,000 Hz for a good pair of headphones. Monitor 60 headphones have a frequency response range of 20-40,000 Hz, giving you double the range than what is required.

You also want headphones that are going to be loud enough to hear all of the sounds that the frequency response can produce. You only really need a decibel range of about 60 to 85 to hear well. In fact, it isn’t recommended to expose yourself to higher decibels than that for very long. But, for those of you that are eager to burst your eardrums, OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones can go up to 110+3 decibels. This is pretty impressive considering a lot of devices max out around 100.

Another feature to note is single side monitoring. This is more geared toward music professionals that need to both hear sound and external sources as well. However, this can be helpful if you’re playing a game and also having a conversation, watching a show, listening to music, etc. at the same time.

These headphones have also been verified through Sony’s Hi-Res Audio verification, meaning the stamp of approval is official. Monitor 60 headphones are, without a doubt, some of the best headphones on the market. They are studio quality and loved by both amateurs and professionals alike.

Are They Good for Gaming?

Although marketed toward the music industry, gamers could also benefit from Monitor 60 headphones. Audiophiles and gamers of all skill levels understand how critical it is to have good sound quality. You need to be able to hear crystal clear sounds so that you can slaughter your opponents with ease. These headphones have all of the necessary stats to ensure that you are able to do just that.

Not only do they sound amazing, but they’re super comfortable as well. They have an ergonomic design, so you won’t experience headaches or neck strain from hours of intense gaming. The ear cups are a leather material and are large enough to cover your ears. Leather is usually preferred by gamers since it keeps your ears cooler for longer periods of time. The over-ear design allows you to fully immerse yourself in your game as well.

So, overall, while these headphones are not marketed to gamers, they are super helpful to us. They have all the specs you need. Think about it, the “worst” spec that we’ve discussed is the impedance. And even that is on the higher end of the recommended range (38 ohms). These headphones have amazing sound quality. And they’re comfortable. What more could you ask for?

Build Quality

Well, in fact, there is a little bit more that you could ask for and that’s build quality. There’s no sense in good sound quality if the headphones aren’t going to last. So, how does the build quality of OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones stand up?

Like the sound quality, the build quality of these headphones is professional grade, meaning you don’t have to worry about them breaking down on you after short periods of time. The ear cups are made of high protein leather, meaning the durability is wonderful.

Not only that, but the materials used to create the structure as a whole are also high quality. You can tell just by looking at them that the materials and build are sturdy. These headphones are sure to last you a long time. They will be safe in travel and can handle even the most intense of gaming sessions.


As you can tell, OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones have everything a gamer could want. They come with helpful accessories, they sound fantastic, they’re incredibly comfortable, and they’re built to last. So, go ahead and try them out for yourself. These are sure to revamp your gaming experience and completely change your outlook on sound quality of gaming.



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