OneOdio A30 Review: Best ANC Headphones

By Erika Lentz

*OneOdio did send us a model to review.

A feature that is sweeping the gaming world is active noise cancellation, or ANC. Headsets with this feature are able to block out external sound, allowing you to put all of your focus on your game or music.

There are plenty of good ANC headphones out there, so you may not know in which direction you want to go. We’ve checked out many different ANC headphones and can honestly say that the OneOdio A30 headset is the best option in the ANC world.

Besides ANC, these headphones have a ton of awesome features that we’ll outline for you here. Read on to find out more.

OneOdio A30 Review: Best ANC Headphones

Package and Contents

Most people like to know what accessories they get when they buy a product. OneOdio sets you up with a few different accessories when you buy the A30 headphones. Within the package you’ll find a few types of cables. These are a 3.5 mm auxiliary, Type-C to USB charger, and dual 3.5 mm jack Airline Adapter.

You also get a nifty carrying bag for all of your A30 supplies, which is nice because not all headphones come with a bag. You’ll need to buy that separately a lot of times. There should also be a user manual for you to look over if you have any questions about these headphones and any accessories they come with.

How Do They Sound?

There are a ton of characteristics to look for when searching for a pair of good headphones. But all of them are pretty pointless if the sound sucks. You need to be able to hear your game with clarity, so you always know your surroundings. So, what does the OneOdio A30 sound like?

Well, not to worry, because these hi-fi headphones were designed with you audiophiles in mind. Let’s start with the bass. These headphones give emphasis to the bass, but still maintain a pretty balanced sound overall. You could describe the bass as sounding warm, yet punchy. You’ll get the lows without it being bothersome or overwhelming. The clarity of the balanced sound is also wonderful.

OneOdio A30 headphones utilize ANC to give you your own little world while gaming. They use real-time audio calibration to actively block external noise in your environment. When using the feature, you’ll notice that the sound is much clearer. It also takes emphasis from the bass and gives more emphasis to the midrange and treble.

These headphones also feature acoustic noise cancellation, which comes from the actual build of the headphones. The ear-cups are designed in a way with external ports that maximizes the acoustic space. What this means is that music and sound will have excellent depth and detail. You’ll never miss a beat with these, literally. You’ll also hear enemies coming from a mile way. No one is sneaking up on you with the OneOdio A30.

Regarding the technical specs, these headphones have a noise cancellation depth of up to 29 decibels (dB). In reality, external sound would have to be pretty intense to break through. It has a sensitivity of 100 +/- 3 dB. The driver diameter is 40 mm. While this isn’t the largest available driver diameter, it is an average size and lends toward decent sound. It has a frequency response range of 20-20,000 hertz (Hz), which is a good range.

These headphones also have a built-in microphone. So, not only will you get great sound, but you will also be heard with clarity as well. There are control buttons over the ears to easily change volume. These are useful when using the headset for phone calls as well.

Battery Life and Bluetooth Connection

There is an auxiliary cable for the OneOdio A30 headphones, but they also work on Bluetooth connection as well. Regardless of how you’re using these headphones, they have a great battery life. Using ANC only, you’ll get 50 hours. Using Bluetooth only, you’ll get 30 hours. Using the two together gives you 20 hours of battery life. It takes 2.5 hours for a full charge.

One thing to note with wireless headsets such as this is that, even if you’ve drained all of the battery life, you can continue to use it by simply connecting the auxiliary cord. While playing, there are both audio and visual indicators that you’re losing battery life. You will see a red light flashing and there is also a voice prompt for low battery.

These headphones have a Bluetooth version 5.0. It is one of the latest versions and it has excellent connection and sound transmission. These headphones have a connection range up to 33 feet, or 10 meters. In practice, this means that you’ll have great connection regardless of your gaming setup.


OneOdio A30 headphones are a decently comfortable set of headphones. They are lightweight, so you are less likely to experience headaches or muscle pain than if you had a heavier set of headphones. On that note, the clamp force around your ears and head is also not bad. These are good headphones for people who are sensitive to the pressure of bulkier headphones.

These headphones have an adjustable headband. They also flex to fit snugly around your head. This is nice because, as we gamers know, nothing is more bothersome than when your headset decides to shift around on you while you’re playing. Everyone’s head shape and size are different. Headphones that take this into account and can adjust to you are key to an optimal gaming experience.

The ear-cups, themselves, fit nicely as well. Memory cushions in the ear-cups allow the headset to mold perfectly to your head. In addition, the ear-cups are rotatable. Just like head shape and size varying, every gamer’s ears are also unique and these headphones are designed to provide comfort to all.

These headphones have a closed-back, over-ear design. This means that the ear-cups fit around your ears rather than just sitting over top of them. So, you won’t find yourself having to constantly adjust while you’re playing. This type of design helps with sound quality as well.

That said, one downside to over-ear designs is that they can get a little toasty. You won’t notice it right away, but you will find your ears getting hot after extended use.

Build Quality

The build quality of OneOdio A30 headphones is decent. They are plastic, so they won’t have as sturdy of a frame as those built with metal. But the construction is still solid. You won’t have to worry about easy damage. These headphones are sure to be with you for a long time.

These headphones are built for travel as well. The ear-cups fold in, allowing the headset to be easily fit into its carrying bag.


As you can see, although the OneOdio A30 headphones are not without their faults, they are an exceptional headset. They aren’t the cheapest pair you’ll find, but they are far from being the most expensive. These headphones are well worth the cost considering all of the wonderful features they come with.

Amazing sound, comfort, and quality build coupled with the ease of Bluetooth sound mean an optimal gaming experience for you. Check these out for yourself and watch your gaming transform. If you are interested in buying the OneOdio A30, please see the links below!


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