Is PUBG Mobile Worth Playing in 2022?

By Everett Zarnick

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is a game rich with history. First being devised as an ARMA 2 mod for another mod called DayZ, PUBG was moved to ARMA 3 where it met its first actual iteration, where it lasted fairly popularly before being created as an independent title. 

The game’s history after that point is fairly well known by now: It sold over 75 million copies across PC and consoles, and even has a mobile application. The game has had some ups and downs with design choices, performance issues, and cheaters, but ultimately has been able to weather the storms fairly well. One question that remains is: is the mobile version any good in 2022?

PUBG Mobile is the mobile port of PUBG. Pretty obvious, right? The port is crossplay compatible with any IOS, android, or console device, but not with PC, for one reason or another. This means that, despite being altered to run smoother and play nicer with lighter hardware, you can still enjoy the game with the rest of the gaming community that isn’t playing strictly on PC while on Mobile. 

The game has helped PUBG reach a larger player base and is noted for having a huge number of players. As it stands, all versions of PUBG, across all platforms, bring the PUBG monthly player base to over 500 million. 

Since the move to free to play from PUBG, the game has seen an influx of players that have increased its PC player count, which has, in turn, increased the overall user base of the game, with millions of active players across the mobile and console versions of the game. Even without the PC player base, PUBG mobile has a monstrously large player base that makes it a worthwhile (and free) game to play. 

In short, yes. PUBG Mobile is absolutely worth playing in 2022. The game was revolutionary in bringing the world a new genre, and still represents a realistic take on the Battle Royal gameplay archetype (likely thanks to its roots in ARMA 2 / 3). 

The short answer to this is to play the way that gives you the best experience possible. Most mobile games feature efficiency-minded design choices that, while decent for mobile gamers in some cases, leave a lot to be desired in terms of gameplay. These design choices range from locked FPS, simple control schemes, and limited UI / graphics options. Because of this, there are plenty of options to improve your gaming experience when dropping in for a competitive match, so long as you use the right software to accomplish it. We’d like to give you our best recommendation to do so. 

For a better mobile gaming experience, we recommend using Bluestacks’ softwareBluestacks is a PC-enabled mobile app player that combines intuitive design with high functionality. . With this software, any mobile game becomes playable on your PC. And thanks to their control schemes, you can play PUBG Mobile (and other games) using a mouse and keyboard while also enjoying options for unlocked framerate, improved performance, and macro bindings for repetitive tasks (auto run keys, hello?). 

Assuming you’re using an Intel or AMD CPU, and have access to Windows 7 (or any other more recent version), you can access Bluestacks’ services with no hardware issues whatsoever. The best part is that the application is supported via ads, so it’s completely free, unless you want to unlock an ad-free version. 

While there may be other applications that try to emulate what Bluestacks accomplishes, none have been able to garner the same quality in terms of UI, community, or functionality all into one localized place. This is precisely why we recommend Bluestacks over other competitors, and implore anyone who plans on playing PUBG Mobile into making use of the software to improve their gameplay experience.


Playing PUBG Mobile is a good gaming experience that can be made infinitely better by using Bluestacks software. The game itself had to take away a lot of the magic that made it the legendary title it once was to accommodate mobile devices, but these changes are mostly optional, and you can still enjoy the game with a classic Mouse and Keyboard with your own macros and personalized framerate. 

For the best gaming experience with PUBG Mobile, you gotta go with Bluestacks, it’s just that simple.