Is Newcastle Better Than Gibraltar in Apex Legends?

By Jim Jones

Apex Legends offers a pretty competitive gaming experience. For all its weapons, game modes, customization, and levels, the one thing that truly sets it apart from other battle royale-hero shooter games are the special characters called Legends.

Each legend offers a diverse and unique personality, making it hard for two Legends to feel the same. You have to understand what makes each Legend tick, as it will influence how you approach the game. 

Gibraltar is a master defender with unique abilities that make him popular among players. On the other hand, Newcastle also offers excellent skills and a great kit, making him a top-tier in many apex predator legends.

But the question is, how do they fare against each other? Can Newcastle challenge Gibby’s role in Apex Legends, or does no legend comes close to Gibby’s set of kits?

Who is Newcastle?

Is Newcastle Better Than Gibraltar in Apex Legends

Newcastle was introduced in Season 13 and is locked from the base game. You can unlock him with either 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. Newcastle handles one thing perfectly: creating a defensive countermeasure in any situation.

In a deep media dive, the Respawn Entertainment designer responsible for Newcastle’s kit, Devan McGuire, explained that Newcastle is meant to be a knight in Apex. Someone who will lead the team’s charge, shield their advance, and ensure no man gets left behind.

So, the defense Newcastle supplies are more about keeping his team safe than his protection.

Newcastle’s Profile

Real Name: Jackson Williams

Alias: Lamont Craig

Gender: Male

Age:  40

Homeworld: Gridiron

Legend Type:  Defensive

Tactical Ability: Mobile Shield

Passive Ability: Retrieve the Wounded

Ultimate Ability: Castle Wall

Passive Perk: Fortified

Legend skins: 43 (5 Legendary, 7 Epic, 15 Rare, and 16 Common).

Is Newcastle better than Gibraltar?

How about we compare their abilities and see how they fare against each other.

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded vs. Gun Shield

Newcastle uses his wrist-mounted Revive Shield to himself and a teammate from incoming fire while he revives them. This allows him to pick up the downed teammates while moving. You will need to loot the higher rarity of the shield for more strength as its ability hinges on Newcastle’s knockdown shield.

Gibraltar’s Gun Shield provides a block for incoming fire when shooting at enemies. You’ve got a 9-second cooldown before another regeneration if the Gun Shield gets infiltrated.

Gibby’s Gun shield has the most significant advantage, especially during sniper fights. However, deploying Gun shield while hiding may draw attention to you. On the other hand, retrieving the wounded isn’t as necessary as it seems because wounded teammates can crawl without the need for someone to carry them.

Tactical: Mobile Shield vs. Dome of Protection

Newcastle deploys a drone that projects a hovering energy shield for 20 seconds. The Mobile Shield can help you decide on your enemy’s precise location while creating a safe space to determine your following line of action.

For most of it, Newcastle’s shield is about pushing defensively. But, if opponents are close enough, they can walk through. If you pay enough attention, you’ll hear their footsteps and be prepared to take action.

The drone can also hit an enemy and deal 20 damage.

Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection blocks incoming and outgoing attacks by throwing a large disc forming a dome shape. Each protection block lasts for 12 seconds and has a radius of 6 meters. Gibraltar’s dome of protection can get hit by a Kraber head-on without sustaining a hit.

Both Legends have similar Tactical abilities but with different modes of application. The most significant difference is the retribution offered. While Newcastle’s Shield is built on pushing enemies, retreating, and helping a fallen teammate, Gibby’s Dome prevents hits and ensures your allies’ safety by locking down a 6-meter radius around you.

Maggie’s Drill can pierce Gibraltar’s dome even though it’s practically indestructible. Players can also rush inside and fight, but your team can easily handle that because of the shield’s size.

Newcastle’s shield will prove its usefulness in many situations but not as effective as the Dome, which cannot be broken.

Ultimate: Castle Wall vs. Defensive Bombardment

Both Newcastle and Gibraltar have completely different Ultimate’s.

Newcastle’s Castle Wall creates a fortified stronghold that he throws up after leaping to a maximum range of 35 meters. It’s one of the best defensive abilities a Legend can have, as the outward-facing side is electrified for 30 seconds. Any enemy who attempts to climb over it will be stunned and dealt 20 damage.

The Defensive Bombardment is good defensively and offers a lot of options offensively. When deployed, Gibraltar will throw a smoke grenade to mark a 24-meter radius and call in a concentrated mortar strike to take out enemies. Explosives will rain continuously for 6 seconds, shell-shocking players and dealing 40 damage per hit.

Gibraltar’s Ultimate comes down heavy and hits hard while Newcastle aims to save and defend.


Newcastle and Gibraltar have different niches even thorough they are both defensive legends. Gibby has a full stationary dome shield, and while Newcastle’s shield is front-facing, it’s movable. If you are being attacked from multiple sides, you’d rather be Gibby than Newcastle.

As long as Gibraltar’s dome shield is indestructible, he will always be one of Apex Legends’ best. All of Newcastle’s abilities can be broken. If Respawn ever decided to make Gibraltar’s dome breakable, Newcastle might stand a chance.

Whether you play Apex Legends on PlayStation, PC, or Xbox, you’re bound to enjoy both Newcastle and Gibraltar.