Is Apex Legends Better on PC?

By Jim Jones

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game with over 50 million players worldwide. Players constantly venture into Kings Canyon on PCs and consoles across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

As regards Apex Legends, the debate between PC and console lovers continues. The debate as to the superior platform between PC and consoles to play Apex Legends has been ongoing for a while now. Luckily, the discussions have been jokes, but it’s time to know which is better.

Is Apex Legends Better on PC?
Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

What's the Difference Between Apex on Consoles and PC?

Frankly, First-person shooter games have always been easier and very comfortable to play on PC. The game generally feels much smoother and with proper flow.

As regards Apex Legends, the primary difference between Apex on PC and Consoles can be streamlined to two features;

  1. Movement
  2. Frame rate


The absence of a controller, which is the biggest advantage and difference between PC and console, is what PC players enjoy. This is due to with the movement input disconnected from aim input on PCs, PC players can evade shots easily while shooting back with ease.

The ability to evade shots and move during gunfight creates some highlight scenes from high-level PC players such as NRG’s Coby ‘Dizzy’ Meadows. But, that’s not all, PC players are also at an advantage when looting as they can freely move around within a small radius. This gives them flexibility and an edge that makes it difficult for enemies to hit them while looting. 

However, that’s not the case with consoles. Console players have much difficulty moving around, evading bullets, and essentially becoming sitting ducks when trying to loot. In addition, looting is essentially more difficult on consoles since only the left-sticks control both checking through the lists of loot and movement.

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)


With PC, players are not bound to only use 60fps like console players. Instead, PC players can use up to 240fps on their monitors, depending on the strength of a setup. As a result, switching from 60 fps to 144fps feels like shifting to a new game entirely.

144fps generally comes out more detailed in rapid encounters, which can completely influence battle outcomes. Honestly, a switch from 60fps to 144fps is something every Apex legend player should try to experience the game fully. Sadly, that’s not possible on consoles.

Why Playing on a PC is better?

As mentioned earlier, gaming on PCs has always been generally easier and more comfortable. This can be attributed to the high FPS available on most PCs. Basically, high FPS translates to smooth gameplay, improved reaction time, better movement, and quick enemy hits.

That’s not all, we believe that the combination of mouse and keyboard are superior and more effective than the controller. Come to think of it, why would games help players on the controller with aim assists if not because they are lacking. Take away this perk, and consoles will have very poor aim. But with a keyboard and mouse, PC players have better control and aiming during gameplay.

Apex Legend on PC also has a wide range of game-setting customization options that allow players to precisely customize game settings to suit their playing style and technique, offering a better competitive advantage.

Lastly, the developer of Apex Legend, Respawn Entertainment, also introduced Crossplay to Apex’s PC version. Crossplay allows players to be paired against other players from the same platforms and other platforms.

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)


It’s evident that Apex Legend on PC is better than on console, given its high FPS, better movement, and smooth gameplay. Even if you still prefer to play with a controller, you can always choose to use it on a PC to enjoy Apex Legend at its best.