The 10 Best Add-Ons for WoW Classic Burning Crusade

By Jim Jones

Looking for helpful WoW Burning Crusade add-ons? Then look no further. 

Just because WoW Classic Burning Crusade aims to give the WoW Classic experience doesn’t mean you have to have it hard the old-fashioned way. For that, here are a few mods that you can use. With them, you can have the best of both worlds: convenient WoW TBC gold farming and an authentic old-school play style.

10. Questie

Quests play a huge role in the WoW Classic metagame. Unfortunately, questing isn’t as easy then as it is in the retail now, which means it’s not easy in Classic now. Thankfully, there’s Questie, which helps players find all quest-giving NPCs in the map they’re in. The add-on also indicates their requirements are. 

Apart from its benefits, it also eats low disk space and is customizable.

9. Bartender

WoW’s UI isn’t bad, nor is it near-perfect. However, since Blizzard has no plans of redesigning it, you’ll have to resort to add-ons. For that, there is Bartender, which modifies the action bars, something the original’s UI needs an improvement on.

8. pfUI

The pfUI is similar to the Bartender because it also modifies the UI. Between the two, however, this one is more advanced, as it lets players overhaul all of it, while the Bartender only modifies the action. It goes without saying that it’s more complex to use, but it’s only fair since it modifies more things anyway.

7. IceHUD

Players that want a larger health bar for themselves and their enemies should use IceHUD. This add-on displays a large health bar of the player and the target beside the avatar. It can then be customized according to the rest of the UI. A very helpful add-on while TBC Power Leveling

6. Cartographer

There are two problems with WoW Classic’s map. First, it has no minimap and takes up the entire screen. Opening it every time you get lost after taking note of the directions is definitely not convenient, especially during TBC Classic gold farming. Second, it doesn’t apply to the entire account, so a new character means you’ll have to explore the same areas again. 

For all these things, there’s Cartographer. It enables switching between full-screen mini-map, and allows players to see all of the Azeroth maps, including dungeons and raids. With the latter, raids with statics can be planned ahead. 

5. Deadly Boss Mods

Speaking of planning in advance, another add-on for that is the Deadly Boss Mods, which does exactly as its name suggests. This add-on displayers certain timers for boss abilities, allowing teams to know what to do seconds to a few minutes ahead. With Burning Crusade Classic featuring harder bosses, it’s only wise for players to have this in their system. 

4. Recount

DPS players active in endgame raids and dungeons should use Recount. This add-on displays the total amount of damage being done, allowing those of this role to know where they stand. It can be set to auto-reset after a fight, and has records of previous fights. 

For even more number-crunching goodness, it has graphs and charts so players can better see their performance. Lastly, for convenience, the add-on can anywhere on the screen.

3. Better Vendor Price

A simple name for a really simple yet very helpful add-on that displays the prices of items while they’re still in the inventory. Despite its simplicity, it’s really helpful. Aside from the obvious, which is knowing how much the TBC items are when sold, it also helps players decide what low-priced item to throw when their inventory is full.

2. Classic Castbars

In retail WoW, players can see when mobs are casting a spell. In WoW Classic they cannot. For that, there is the Classic Castbars. Its only drawback is it doesn’t indicate spell level, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. 

1. Omen

Last but not least would be a threat meter, and for that there’s only one name to remember: Omen. It allows players to see the threat the entire party is getting. This is a must-have for the tank and the one calling the shots, or better yet, for the tank who’s also the de-facto leader. As for the other roles, it also helps to have the add-on either way. 


Don’t think that playing WoW Classic while wanting convenience is a bad thing. It’s perfect and ideal to boot. So, go ahead and install these add-ons. Make your adventuring life easier.