Top 10 Best Weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 Warzone

By Everett Zarnick

Iron Trials ‘84 is a limited time mode in Warzone that takes the fundamentals of the Battle Royal and tweaks them into a more competition-friendly contest. Of all the changes made in Iron ‘84, the most notable are the alterations to health and regeneration, loadout price changes, and circle closing speed.

With a highly increased time to kill (TTK) and smaller amounts of time to collect greater amounts of cash, the game is fast paced, aggressive, and hugely punishing to those who stay out of the fray for too long. For competitive players, Iron 84’ is a wonderland. It’s also been taken out of the game for a temporary amount of time, much to the dismay of almost every Warzone player out there.

If you want to be ready for the competition the next time the game mode drops, take a look at the list of the best weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 and practice up. Keep in mind that loadouts are going to be wildly expensive in ‘84, so relying on them isn’t always an option. These weapons don’t need to be optimized via loadout customization, so if you can find any ground-loot variants, take them. The TTK changes means that these weapons, unlike a bolt action sniper or pump-action shotgun, are far more reliable at lasering down opponents over an extended gun fight and are borderline necessary by the mid-game.

10. Streetsweeper

Best Weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 Warzone - Streetsweeper
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Streetsweeper (striker) is a shotgun of class in ‘84 thanks to its high round count and consistent fire rate. Since the optimal setup in Iron Trials ‘84 is to run a medium-ranged assault rifle as your primary weapon, having a Streetsweeper as a backup weapon provides much needed close-range support for CQC and end-game gun fighting on the run.

For optimization, run the Streetsweeper with an Agency Choke, Reinforced Heavy Barrel, Tiger Team Spotlight, an 18 Rnd Mag to eliminate the need for reloading (the Streetsweeper has the longest reload animation of any weapon in COD history), and no stock. Pair with any mid-ranged assault rifle and you’re as solid as a rock.

9. M4A1

Best Weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 Warzone - M4A1
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The M4A1 is about as steady a weapon as they come, and in ‘84, the name of the game is consistency. Since the TTK is much higher, spraying bullets with even partial inaccuracy is a death sentence. Shots need to land home, and they need to do it at a high rate at multiple ranges.

The M4A1 has a controllable spray, decent damage, and high fire rate that just oozes reliability. If customized correctly, this assault rifle can act as a jack of all trades to lean on for any player. The best part is that a quick reload time and large magazine make this weapon incredibly forgiving for players who are still learning the ropes of ‘84.

For optimization, run the M4A1 with a VLK 3.0x optic for increased range, a commando foregrip for spray control, an M16 Grenadier Stock, and a 60 Round Mag for those extended fights (something you’re going to be seeing a lot of here).

8. Stoner 63

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

For players who prefer gunfighting at distance with sniper rifles in regular Warzone, the Stoner 63 presents itself as an attractive interim weapon before the long-range meta is solved in ‘84.

The Stoner 63 is an LMG that boasts a high fire rate, medium damage up to long range, and, most importantly, a spray pattern that’s just about as straight as a laser. Whipping this weapon out when engaged in a long-range fight not only means you can spray large amounts of health down quickly and with great accuracy, but you’re also prepared for a close range fight if it’s brought to you. Of course, the Stoner is still best used at medium to long range where its recoil and damage really shines.

For optimization, run the Stoner 63 with an Axial 3x optic for ranged fights, an Agency Suppressor for vertical recoil control, the 21.8” Task Force Barrel, a Field Agent Grip, and a Serpent Wrap for an increased ADS speed to snap onto and laser down opponents before they get the first shot off.

7. XM4

Best Weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 Warzone - XM4
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

For more experienced players with a solid foundation on their spray control, the XM4 is an assault rifle that acts as a far more unwieldy M4A1, but with harder hits and lower bullet velocity. In short, the XM4 is a strong weapon in experienced hands, but a weak weapon in a newbie’s, pun intended.

For optimization, throw on an Axial 3x optic for range, an Agency Suppressor, the 13.5” Task Force Barrel, a Field Agent Grip to get that wild spray pattern as controlled as possible, and a 60 Round Mag, of course.

6. Bullfrog

Best Weapons in Iron Trials ‘84 Warzone - Bullfrog
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Where Assault rifles fail in becoming CQC monsters, SMG’s rush in to fill the void. The Bullfrog is a weapon that has everything an ‘84 player needs; High fire rate, decent damage, and a large magazine. At close range, this SMG will absolutely melt opponents, even with the TTK changes.

One thing that most new players don’t think about when preparing for an ‘84 game is that the nature of one’s positioning changes due to the circle speed and price increases. People are moving around all the time in ‘84, whether for cash or to escape the closing of the circle. This means that mobility is not only more of an asset than normal, but also that you need to change your routes to account for your strengths and weaknesses, since the assumption should be that if you’re in an open area, someone who is on the move will take notice. This makes city travel extremely powerful, due to the architecture blocking a lot of movement from prying eyes. As a byproduct, SMG’s and close quarter weapons are also increased in power.

This is why the bullfrog, with all of its assets, is a much stronger weapon in ‘84 than it is in regular Warzone. For optimization, throw a Gru Suppressor on the Bullfrog, along with a Bruiser Grip, Tiger Team Spotlight, and KGB Skeletal Stock.

5. C58

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The C58 offers a niche strategy in ‘84 that isn’t as prevalent in regular Warzone, and that strategy is making use of a slow fire-rate, high damage weapon to pour on the hurt in a slow fashion.

The reasoning behind the C58’s usage in ‘84 is that, despite the aforementioned fire rate being sub-par to its assault rifle counterparts, the damage it can produce is on the heavier side. Some might even say tonnes. If you have a steady hand and can produce a headshot or two reliably, the C58 is a good tool to employ for deleting enemies rapidly. Ultimately, the weapon’s abilities fall on the user’s skill.

For optimization, throw an Axial 3x scope for range, an 18.5” Task Force Barrel, Field Agent Grip, Agency Suppressor, and a 55 Round Mag, because more ammo === better always.

4. MAC-10

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Earlier I mentioned the need for mobility in ‘84 as a necessity for most firefights. Given how long it takes to take someone out of the fight, you can’t always rely on being a slow, high damage dealer who forgoes the ability to sprint around terrain and buildings.

Because of this, the MAC-10 presents itself as a strong contender for a secondary weapon. A high rate of fire combined with extremely powerful mobility means that you’ll be able to spray your opponent’s down to size before rotating and repeating. When caught out by one or more enemies, making an escape isn’t a bad option, either. And the MAC-10 enables both of these options better than any other weapon in Warzone.

For optimization, throw on an Agency Suppressor, 5.9” Task Force barrel, Tiger Team Spotlight, 53 Round Mag, and a Raider Stock.

3. CW AK-47

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

“Down and to the right!”

The CW AK-47 is just one of the picks that doesn’t require much explanation. It’s an assault rifle with fabulous mid-range performance that can be used at long range and close quarters in a pinch. It features high damage, decent fire rate, with the only drawback being a difficult to handle recoil pattern. Just remember, down and to the right and you’ll be fine. You can even opt to tap shots at distance if needed, thanks to the reliable damage demonstrated by this weapon.

For optimization, throw on an Axial 3x, Gru Suppressor, 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel, Spetsnaz Grip, and 60 Round Mag to basically make this thing a medium to long range LMG with high mobility.

2. OTs 9

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you took the MAC-10 and gave it some more range and reliable mid-range fighting patterns, you’d come out with the OTs 9. With the right attachments and playstyle, he or she who runs the OTs 9, and I mean ‘runs’, will come out on top.

This SMG is everything an ‘84 player requires, with a little cherry on top in the form of mobility. Your mid-range fights are manageable, close-range fights are strong, and mobility is unparalleled.

The OTs 9 is best paired with a long-range option such as the Stoner, C58, or the upcoming weapon to cover up its weaknesses. For optimization, attach a 8.1” Task Force barrel, Gru Suppressor, Serpent Wrap for the ADS improvements, VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag for the fast reloads and high bullet count, and KGB Skeletal Stock.

1. MG 82

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The MG 82 is the Stoner 63 with less mobility, but more gunfighting reliability. It does just about the same job, but better. And since you’ll likely be running something like a Streetcleaner or an OTs 9 as a secondary weapon, forgoing the Stoner’s mobility for that extra punishing fire rate, damage, and recoil-less behavior of the MG 82 is just the most optimal strategy.

For optimization, run the MG 82 with an Axial 3x optic for ranged firefights, a 16.4” Task Force barrel, a Field Agent Grip to obtain the most laser-like recoil pattern, an Agency Suppressor, and a Serpent Wrap for when you’re crossing those corners after weapon swapping.

Remember, if you’re not lining up a shot with the MG 82 or actively shooting, you should be wielding your secondary for more mobility and rotations before getting into a new position to make use of the MG 82. Those who are slow make it to the Gulag fast.


The varied gameplay Iron Trials ‘84 brings to the table is a fan favorite for a reason. But one of the biggest changes to the meta the game mode has brought lies in the weapon tiers. These weapon’s might not pack the biggest punch in regular Verdansk, but when ‘84 rears its gorgeous head once again, they’ll be the top dogs to run with. Practice up.