Best “Wallhack” Gaming Headset

By Everett Zarnick

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“If you want to make a CS:GO player useless, don’t cover his eyes, cover his ears.” It’s an adage to live by as a competitive gamer, and can apply to pretty much any game that uses audio queues to feed players information. It doesn’t just apply to CS:GO, and it doesn’t just apply to FPS games in general. 

The question, then, is how to maximize your efficiency with obtaining those audio queues. Most gamers think any headset that plays a sound when asked is “good enough”, and for some casual gamers who are just getting started, it may very well be! But for anyone trying to compete at a high level, having access to a high quality headset that’s achieved “Wallhack” status is paramount if you want to help yourself. 

A “wallhack” gaming headset is a headset that’s so crystal clear in its delivery of audio sources that you can essentially map the exact locations and actions of your opponents just by listening in on the queues fed to you. There are many headsets that can give approximate information to players, but few are good enough to actually be wallhack levels of quality. 

One such headset on the market comes in the form of the LCD-GX by Audeze. The LCD-GX is very much and unapologetically an “audiophile” headset. This means that it’s been made for discerning ears who want for nothing but the best audio quality available. That audio quality is true for music recordings, movie and show watching and, especially in the case of the LCD-GX, gaming. In fact, the LCD-GX was made specifically with gaming in mind.

This audiophile headset, which far and away has strong enough quality to be considered “wallhack” level, features Audeze’s patented Fluxor magnets and ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms that display high levels of control where flux density is concerned. Additionally, the drivers features in the LCD-GX are, in Audeze’s own words, “at least twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones, providing better bass, superior soundstage, and outstanding resolution suitable not just for gaming, but for monitoring, mixing, and editing audio.”

The larger driver size is especially important on the topic of gaming. Since many games are making more and more complicated sound design around their games, you need not only clearer quality, but a wider margin of range. The larger drivers in the LCD-GX provide this by opening up the opportunity for increased bass clarity. Things like distant vehicles, opponents reloading, footsteps, and hampered opponent movement in general are all things that can benefit from clearer bass output, and the LCD-GX has all of that and more. 

In addition to the clearer bass, the treble output of this headset is incredible (it wouldn’t be an audiophile headset without that benefit, would it?) The snap of shots up close pop out at the user, and distant clacks and clangs of weaponry and movement are not only easier to hear, but are more accurate to their source, allowing the player to get a proper fix on enemy locations and equipment, as well as actions. This point applies to verticality as well as distance measuring. 

As stated, normal gaming headsets are made with the intention of giving the user this information, but at a much broader definition. That is to say, normal headset’s audio will tell you the cardinal direction of an opponent, but will struggle in providing a clear enough output to designate the exact position said opponent is in. The LCD-GX does not struggle with such a problem, and will provide users with the best audio clarity one can get from gaming and other mediums.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gaming headset without the mic! The LCD-GX does feature one, and will provide just the same quality of input as it does output: no corners have been cut in this regard. With crystal clear inputs as well as outputs, strategizing with your team has never been so clear, nor has gaining audible info on your opponents. 


Audeze’s LCD-GX is a rarity in that it’s an audiophile headphones that’s been made specifically for gaming. As a wallhack level headset, its quality, both for casual users and competitive gamers, is unmatched on the market, and finding something to replace it with once you try it out will be next to impossible. For clarity, range, and long lasting quality far above the rest, you have to go with the LCD-GX.