Best Volk Blueprints in Warzone Pacific

By Jim Jones

One standout weapon of all the assault rifles in Warzone Pacific is the Volkssturmgewehr, a quick, fully automatic AR that’s ideal for pushing enemy positions at short-medium range. Also referred to as the Volk, this weapon processes identical qualities to both the Cooper Carbine and Automaton.

The Volk has a fast fire rate, little recoil and a decent damage range. However, to conveniently stay to consistently stay on target than other rifles, the recoil control and gun mobility has to be increased. Blueprints are perfect for taking a base weapon and adding qualities that’ll make the weapon much more formidable.

With such a fast fire rate, the Volk’s blueprints will even offer you more. If the volk is your go to Assault rifle, checkout its blueprints and what each one has to offer.


Best Volk Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Homeland
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Homeland is a Legendary blueprint weapon of the Volk featuring an 8mm Kurz 60 Round drum that’s ready to boost your ammo capacity at any instance. Covered in lines of light blue stripes with a giant star on its belt feeder, it is probably no surprise that it is under the United We Stand bundle.

This blueprint features the SA Converted stock like its base weapon but with a Hatched Grip for increased mobility. For optics, there’s the Mk 18 Sunfilter for precise and balanced sight pictures. The Reisdorf 407mm Custom barrel is attached with an SMLE Pistol Grip underbarrel and an F8 Stabilizer muzzle attachment.

Noticeable in the homeland is the Gung-Ho weapon proficiency, which conveniently offsets the volks sprint-to-fire delay and allows a player to fire while sprinting upon pressing the trigger. This volk variant was released in Season 1.

Tranquil Rage

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Tranquil Rage is a very vibrant blueprint of the Volk. It’s equipped with a Krausnick S12V PS stock and the kit is Fast Melee. There’s the Steady proficiency to help with increased movement speed while aiming down the sights and firing rounds of Frangible ammo. The Fabric Grip does a great job of improving sprint out time and even hipfire accuracy.

This weapon also features an Mk. 3 Reflector optic, VDD 287mm barrel, Bayonet underbarrel, and 8mm Kurz 30 Round Fast Mags. Tranquil rage balances look with capability with the Chord Muzzle Brake being a testament to its accuracy.

This Tranquil rage was released in Season 1 and can be unlocked in Tier 85 of the Season One Battle Pass.

Crimson Chalice

Best Volk Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Crimson Chalice
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Covered in silver and crimson with an unmissable flowery pattern on its belt feeder is the Crimson Chalice. This Volk blueprint features Pressure Proficiency for faster reload speed when a player is injured. a Fully Loaded Kit, Krausnick S12V PS Stock, and Pine Tar Grip for its rear.

The G16 2.5x is slapped on the top for optics and a Lengthened ammo equipped with Krausnick 428mm 05V barrel and 8mm Kurz 60 Round Drums Mag. Attached to the Crimson chalice is the F8 Stabilizer Muzzle.

This weapon was released in Season 1 and is in the Armored Maiden Bundle.


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Also coated in Silver with a dark green aesthetic on its handguard is the Candelabra, a Legendary blueprint weapon that has similar attachments as the Homeland. This Volk variant however has an Mk 18 Sunfilter for Optics, Reisdorf 407mm Custom Barrel, Carver Foregrip Underbarrel, .30 Russian Short 45 Round Drum Mag, and a G28 Compensator Muzzle attachment.

The Candelabra also features a Krausnick S12V PS Stock and Pine Tar Grip on its rear. Another addition is the Perfectionist Proficiency which reduces recoil.  This Volk blueprint was released in Season 1 and is under the Animalistic bundle.

Cover Charge

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Sleek, aristocratic, fatal, are the words that come to mind upon sighting the Cover Charge. The stylishness alone takes your confidence up a notch higher. You won’t want to mess up wielding something as exquisite as this. Leaving aestetic to one side, complementing its looks is the Subsonic ammo with 7.62 Gorenko 20 Rounds Fast Mag strapped underneath and a Grooved rear grip.

For optics, there’s the M38/Slate 2.5x Custom, MX Silencer Muzzle attachment, a covered barrel with Mark VI Skeletal under the barrel. Its proficiency is also Perfectionist and features the Broken Resolutions bundle.


When it comes to assault rifles, it should be quality over anything else. Quality in terms of the overall build from design to capabilities.

The Volk does its job excellently and is perfect for taking the fight to your foes and getting them dropped. The Cover Charge is a really good option for clean close-range kills especially when looking for something spicy.

If for some reason the Volk does not happen to resonate with you, not to worry. We’ve got lots of great options in our best Warzone blueprints. There are SMGs like the PPSH-41  MP40, or LMGs like the ever reliable MG42 and the Bren to checkout.