Best STG Blueprints in Warzone Pacific

By Jim Jones

The best STG blueprints are the ideal starter weapon in Warzone Pacific. The STG44 is one of the most common assault rifles in the COD series. Apart from Call of Duty: Finest Hour, the STG44 has featured in every Call of Duty title set in World War II. For no other reason than when it comes to assault rifles, the STG44 has it all; consistent recoil control level, long-range, and high damage output.

Blueprints are like the spices of a base weapon, and with lots of decisive attachment to choose from, the best STG blueprints will have you firing on all cylinders in no time.

Let’s look at the best STG44 blueprints and what each of them has in stock.


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Covered in camouflage skin with a touch of gold on its VDD 27 precision stock. This STG44 variant is a legendary assault rifle with a stern, short look, probably due to the Krausnick 220mm rapid barrel.

The Breacher has Tracer rounds for special effect and is equipped with the M38/Slate 2.5x custom optic, hatched grip on the rear, 7.62 Gorenko 30 round mags, and a lengthened ammo. You can obtain this STG44 blueprint when purchasing the Ultimate Edition of Call of Duty Vanguard.

Under Fire

Best STG Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Under Fire
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Also known as the Heat Sink, the Under Fire is a legendary STG44 blueprint that looks very much like an angry dragon ready to spit out bouts of fire. Some might think its red-hot-looking muzzle overly flashy, and others might find it remarkable. The Under Fire is equipped with the Krausnick 220mm rapid barrel, 8mm Kurz 45 round drums mag, and incendiary ammo to complement all the firepower. This assault rifle is by far one of the best STG44 blueprints.

Also equipped with the VDD 34s weighted stock, rubber rear grip, Nydar model 47 optic, and the Carver Foregrip underbarrel. This blueprint features the Nerves of Steel proficiency and a fully loaded kit.

Last Vestige

Best STG Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Last Vestige
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Last Vestige is coated in hues of grey, which can be a great asset in the dark. This STG44 blueprint has many features that will make springing up on your enemies out of nowhere so much fun. It looks like something straight out of a stealth guide.

Featuring the Konstanz tactical stock, pine tar rear grip, and an Mk. 12 Night Vision optic, the Last Vestige is equipped with 7.62mm Gorenko 50 round mags magazine with a lengthened ammo, VDD 320mm 02B barrel, a Mark VI skeletal underbarrel, and a mercury silencer for reduced sound and recoil.

The last vestige was released in season one, and it features the Pressure Proficiency and On-Hand kit.

Warning Track

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Warning Track is arguably the best STG44 blueprint. Another legendary weapon on the list, this long sleek assault rifle, was released in season 6, and it has a laser beam attachment that will actively increase your Hipfire accuracy. Also included are two different perks; Vital and full-loaded perk.

This beast is perfect for long-range battles, and the Vital Proficiency might seem strange, but it makes eliminating an opponent using a minimal amount of ammunition incredibly easy. Furthermore, since the chances of you using the Warning Track in a congested area is high, the Fully Loaded Kit will guarantee you never run short of ammo.

The base of the Warning Track has the VDD 34S Weighted stock attached, 1913 Variable 4-8x optic, and Pine Tar Grip directly underneath. Using the Warning track guarantees you a 50% increase in magazine capacity, which is particularly useful for players that might want to do a lot of spraying. 

Then there’s the MX silencer for sound suppression and reduced muzzle flash at the same time extending barrel length. The Warning Track can be unlocked in tier 64 of the season 6 battle pass.


If you want a flexible weapon that can comfortably handle virtually any in-game scenario, the Warning Track is the answer to your problems. Therefore, we highly recommend doing all you can to lay your hands on this STG blueprint.

If you have already reached tier 64 in Season 6 of battle pass, then the Warning Track is sitting patiently for you immediately you boot up the game.

For players that wish to come out on top in Warzone, it is important to always be a step ahead of your enemies by looking the part and using the best weapons. You can check out the best operator skins in warzone for the best look while on a battlefield.