Top 10 Best Spears in New World

By Paul Elebute

Like you might be aware, like swords, a spear relies on character skills such as strength, constitution, and dexterity.  In any combat against enemies, spears provide chances for several attacks, coupled with burring opponents out with continuous attacks. It does look easy and effective, but, you do not go into a fight just like that huh…so, knowing about spears is pretty much the best bet.

As it were, spears create a huge challenge in the world of gaming offering different bright lines such as having long-ranged or short-ranged hits. You can aim your spears directly at enemies and in so many other ways; in just any way of dealing damaging effects to opponents. If you’ve been wondering what weapon would suit your character, this could be your long-awaited read – just carry on!

10. Starmetal Spear

Top 10 Best Spears in New World - Starmetal Spear
New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

The Starmetal spear is a high-grade two-handed weapon that has a base damage 45 and its base armor penetration of 7.65%. The durability rating comes at 1820 and a base weight – 3.72kg – coupled with cripple effects. Two-handed weapons with great reach, the Starmetal spear shows itself off as a true work of a craftsman with the head made of legendary star metal. These spears are magically powerful, created and forged from ore that hailed from the heavens.

9. Deepwatcher Spear

Top 10 Best Spears in New World - Deepwatcher Spear
New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

The Deepwatcher Spear arrives as a 9.6kg weight of combat-specific war tool. With 2500 durability, you can rest assured that your Deepwatcher is highly repairable as it is salvageable. The spear ranges between 500-600 Gear Score with 70 Damage and a 5% Critical Hit Chance. Its critical damage multiplier comes at 1.3 while its blocking stab arrives at only 23%.

A Tier IV spear that’s got scales with Dexterity 90% and Strength 65%. Definitely, the Deepwatcher is capable of dealing 70 damage and a critical hit chance of 5%, it possesses great features and is one to keep in an arsenal of weaponry. Want to be clear about one thing? The Deepwatcher Spear is one of the top ten in New World.

8. Shipyard Sentinel Spear

Top 10 Best Spears in New World - Shipyard Sentinel Spear
New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

A spear found while exploring the dynasty shipyard’’, the Shipyard Sentinel Spear does not take the backseat among its mates. With ranging between a 500-600 Gear Score, and having 70 Damage alongside a 5% Critical Hit Chance, this Tier IV spear is built to blow exquisite damage with good blocking stability while boasting a 9.6 Weight and a 2500 Durability. Your shipyard is pretty much akin to the base stats of a Deepwatcher spear and satisfies the standards of a decent spear for combat.

7. Bloodright

Top 10 Best Spears in New World - Bloodright
New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

Bloodright makes use of the Spear Mastery which is divided into dual diverse trees. For one, the Zoner tree majorly concentrates on controlling the crowd. The Impaler Tree, on the other hand, helps players to provoke greater damage and status impacts like Bleed. To craft Bloodright, you’ll need to bank on the following materials. To begin with, you need twenty pieces of the Starmetal Ingot and fifteen pieces of Wyrdwood Planks. Again, you need to have five-layered leather as well as two shifthide. As for Platinum Ingot and Blessed Crucible, you’ll need four of these each. 

Here’s a quick one on the certain base stats you need to note for Bloodright. These are 485 Gear Score; 70 Damage and a 9.6 weight. You also have a 5% chance of making a Critical Hit. The block stamina damage comes at 46 while the durability extends around 2500. Bear in mind that your Bloodright is as well salvageable. Also, the Tier IV spear arrives in scales with 90% dexterity as well as 65% strength.

6. Irreverent Edge

Top 10 Best Spears in New World - Irreverent Edge
New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

Are you trying to lay hands on one of the best epic spears in New World? Irreverent Edge is here to bail you out. As one of the best spears players are fond of in New World, Irreverent Edge comes with a damage scale with 90% dexterity and 65% strength. The formation of the spear which is branded with glass shards makes it an ideal tool for taking on several opponents. The Irreverent Edge’s got a 495 Gear Score with 70 Damage as well as a 5% Critical Hit Chance. As with Bloodright, Irreverent Edge has a 1.3 multiplier for critical damage having 168 thrust damage and 46 Block Stamina Damage.

It is also relieving to know that the spear has a 23% Blocking Stability. The Tier IV spear turns over a refreshing outlook in that it reduces the maximum cooldown by at least 2.4%. Trying to know if the Irreverent Edge is salvageable? The answer is yes. To design your Irreverent Edge, you need twenty Starmetal Ingot and fifteen Wyrdwood Planks. It is also important you have four each of the Platinum Ingot and Azurite Chunk, five-layered leather and two bright scale hide.

5. Orichalcum Spear

New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

Heads up! Orichalcum is definitely your regular Jo when it comes to ranking spears in New World. Players use it in crafting new items. The spear is used during crafting to supplement unique capabilities to the item designed be it a Perk or a bonus to certain Core Attributes. Orichalcum Spear Charm is a rare item within Perk Resources in New World. Any of these Perk Resources can be Attribute Items, Conditional Items, Defensive Items, or Offensive Items.

Your Orichalcum spear can be gotten from Tier 1 – Tier 3 Supply Caches and Crates, Ancient Urns and Coffers. You’ll normally find these supply chests in deserted mines and villages, while ancient chests can be found in ruins. You’ll discover Tier 1 Chests on Everfall, Windsward, FirstLight as well as Monarch’s Bluffs. Talking of Tier 3 chests, you’ll find commonly find them in every northern region but can as well find them in Ebonscale Reach and Restless Shore.

4. Lazaruz Watcher Spear

New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

The spear comes within a 500-600 Gear Score and 70 Damage. The chance of achieving a critical hit is only 5% with a 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier. With a 48 Block Stamina Damage and 23% Blocking Stability, the Tier V spear arrives in a 0.8 Weight alongside 3000 Durability.

Lazaruz Watcher Spear is a spear found in the Lazaruz weaponry, and is one of the most common weapons in New World extremely ideal for engaging enemies. With values for dexterity and strength at 90% and 65% respectively, the Lazaruz Watcher Spear Uses the ‘Spear Mastery that allows players to deal more damage to enemies and opponents.

With a 5% chance of critical hits, the Lazaruz Watcher Spear provides an opportunity to deal great damage to enemies, coupled with a damage multiplier and 48 block stamina damage. This gives you a 23% blocking stability, interesting, isn’t it…? In the process, you can deal a lot of damage while ensuring safety. The Lazaruz watcher spear is one to keep in your weaponry. Lazarus Watcher’s one of the alpha bright spears in New World.

3. Garden Keeper Spear

New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

From the proverbial Garden of Genesis, the Garden Keeper Spear is a tier spear. The spear assures one of long usage, with a durability status of 3000 and overall impressive base ratings. With a 500 – 600 Gear Score and 70 Damage, the Garden Keeper Spear’s got a 5% Critical Hit Chance. A Tier V spear having scales with Dexterity 90% and Strength 65%, the item comes at in 10.8kg Weight icon while boasting of 3000 Durability.

2. Flawless Grandmaster Spear

New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

By far, the Flawless Grandmaster Spear remains one of the coolest spears and a perfect need for a great inventory. This spear stands out from the herd if you’re thinking of the top ten spears in New World. Becoming a grandmaster spearman requires years and years of training and commitment. The moment one attains such an unparalleled feat they get a spear manufactured by the best artisans of Aeternum. Makes it cooler, knowing these Spears are not the regular come-bys’ but sort of left for the OG’ classes.

Certain perks associated with this spear are its +24 strength also with Frozen IV coupled with 50% of the damages inflicted can be converted into ice. Coming to the fore about this spear is the critical hit chance of 11% that is higher than previous spears talked about. Flawless Grandmaster’s spears can be crafted using certain materials; these are twenty Asmodeum; fifteen Glittering ebonies; five runic pieces of leather; one embossed wrapping; four cinnabars and two scar hides.

1. Faedragon’s Claw

New World (©Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games)

A Tier 5 epic spear, gives all the dragon fire’. It seems Faedragon sits on top of the crate when it boils down to choosing the best. With an interesting story around it, it appeals to the mind, propping it as one of the best candidates for the inventory. With a base stat pretty similar to others, what stands it out is its durability. These are its 70 damage; the 590 Gear Score and a 23% blocking stability. The Tier V spear arrives with scales with Dexterity 90%, Strength 65%, 9.6 Weight and 3000 Durability.

With close to stand-out base stats, what makes it a tier above others are the perks which are +9 dexterity, +19 focus, Arcane IV. Like the flawless grandmaster spear, 50% of damage is converted into Arcane, also enchanted is a boost of 9.5% damage on whatever attacks; heavy or light. Finally, the beast bane, when facing beasts, the Faedragon’s spear gives a boost of 14% on each attack. To craft Faedragon’s claw, you need to have twenty Asmodeum, fifteen glittering Ebonies, five Runic pieces of leather, and Embossed Wrapping, alongside four Tolvium, and two Smolderhide.


Without needing to ruffle feathers, you’ve got a lot of spears available in New World. As you’ll expect – each has different features and potentials. You are free to use any of these spears as you like – and even differently – as they are each unique. This way you won’t rush in a battle with just any spear. No dillydallying, that’s a quick one on the best spears you would find around on New World. For the better part, they’re the cool ones, the pretty cool ones, the freaky, and the ”dragon-fire” hot kinds. They all come with their full-fledged features making your selections a really interesting one.

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