Best PS5 Custom Controller- 10 Reasons Why Its AimControllers

By Everett Zarnick

* AimControllers did send us a controller for free to review and we do make a commission if anyone buys a controller from our affiliate links below

If there’s one constant in the gaming world, it’s the ability for users to alter existing products to make them more efficient, better looking, or more convenient. Whether its mods for video games or modifications to controllers, the principle rings true. 

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the latter, and why AimControllers manages to produce the best PS5 Custom Controllers out of any of their peers. The following are the top ten reasons for their success, and what we love most about their products.

There isn’t much better a way to instill confidence in a buyer than offering them a lifetime warranty deal. AimControllers is so bent on providing good service and product that they actually bet a lifetime’s deal on it. 

Don’t like what you receive? Malfunctions or damages created through shipping? Send it back with a lifetime warranty. Customer service doesn’t get much better than that. And, honestly, that kind of service can only be promised from a company that can bet on its own word. Our experience with AimControllers proves this confidence does match its quality.

Much like amazon prime’s option for two day shipping, AimControllers offers customers the ability to pay extra for a speedy delivery process. Considering how essential a controller is to the gaming experience via console, it’s nice to have the option to not wait around unnecessarily for your custom controller to ship. When time is of the essence, the best PS5 custom controllers can work around your time, not the other way around.

AimControllers’ speedy delivery option expedited their services to a guaranteed five day deliver from time of order. It’s actually quite impressive seeing as their main service revolves around manufacturing and not delivery. Clearly, someone over there is investing hard into customer satisfaction on multiple fronts.

Alternate color schemes for action buttons, D-pad, trims, joystick base, and options for alternate vibration motors. AimControllers has a wide array of customization options thrown at players as opposed to just pre-made patterns and designs that are shipped with no room for personality. 

For players who want something unique to remember a consoles’ lifespan of gaming (or more), going for a product that doesn’t give you much room to customize is a bit unintuitive. AimControllers seems to have perfected streamlining the manufacturing process while also giving creative power to the customer in question.

Oftentimes, those who go out of their way to buy personalized controllers are in for the long haul. That is to say, they want products that they are going to keep for the rest of their lives to either play with or to look back on as momentos. With that, they often want to go the whole nine yards. 

For those kinds of customers, the ‘essentials’ are… well, essential. That means smart triggers, remappable aim paddles, vibration motors, and speedy deliveries are all must haves. And the price point for these features, alongside all of the other customization items included, are extremely low, especially when considering the high price point of a default PS5 controller to begin with. Does a custom controller cost more than the default? Of course. Does it need to break the bank? Absolutely not.

If you’ve already got a DualSense controller of your own, you can cut production costs down even further by sending it into AimControllers. This takes the best PS5 custom controller ‘quality’ you’d expect at this point and adds an extra layer of convenience and cost effectiveness to it. 

If it isn’t obvious enough, we can’t put a value too high on convenience and cost for this list. As valuable as having a memento for your gaming habit is, sometimes there just isn’t enough time or money to put into such a hobby. Luckily, AimControllers, at the very least, have options to ease the cost on players who would like to be efficient with their time and cash.

The options for personalization are great, but AimControllers doesn’t skip out on producing their own professional quick pick options that offer customers popular pre-made designs if all you want is a slick looking controller without any of the personalized details. These quick pick options offer alternate color schemes of all varieties, with much of coloring differences extending to the location of the controller and not just the shades and hues. Minimalists rejoice!

That kind of thing might not be for everyone, but the option is there for those who want it.

Prefer Xbox thumbsticks over PS5? Like a different shape to your thumbstick? Or maybe you just want a height that’s in between the two? Aim Controllers has all of these options and more so you can game comfortably with no room for adapting to something new. 

The thumbstick options don’t just stop at shape. Much like curtailing a keyboards profile to your liking, the thumbsticks at hand can vary by height by an astonishing degree which can add a lot of comfort for gamers with larger, or smaller, hands. With the amount of customization this opens up on top of the addictive nature of trying out different kinds of controller builds, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to AimControllers’ services and the custom keyboard community.

For competitive players of any kind, whether the Dark Souls try hards or an FPS prodigy, finding the right layout for a controller has always been a difficult task. It’s no secret that claw grip, for all of its uncomfortable flaws, exists only because the contemporary controller design doesn’t allow for easy access of action buttons without using your thumbs. Enter paddles. 

Paddles stick on the back of your controllers for easy access and can be remapped so that common buttons that usually require one action to be left alone can now be made without any actions being sacrificed. This can make gaming casually much more convenient and can be the edge in competitive matches. For PC gamers coming to consoles, paddles are a must, and AimControllers provides. 

If you’ve tried to get custom controller work done before, you probably know that the quality of custom parts, such as the trigs and bumps, can be an iffy aspect to put your money on. But AimControllers oftentimes just makes the PS5 controller better outright with their custom smart bumpers and triggers. 

When given the extra tactility and shorter actuation point of a smart bumper and trigger, a PS5 controller can turn into a tool that provides its own unique experience by itself. Not to mention the gaming advantages it can lend in niche scenarios where each millisecond can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The most important aspect of any custom controller, even before getting the designs right, is making sure the build quality is equal to or better than the default controller’s. We can attest to this quality for AimControllers, is the biggest reason why they are our best custom PS5 controllers manufacturers.

We’ve been using aimcontrollers for a little under a year and have not had any issues with their controllers, aside from getting hooked on their designs. It’s a bit like a custom keyboard addiction at this point. And the quality doesn’t stop at the latest hardware at all, check out our review of their DS4 controller for more info on their customization options for older specs. And if, for some reason, something does go wrong, be it in production or shipping, you’re backed by a lifetime warranty.


Where customization is life, quality and customer support is life insurance. And AimControllers provides both. If you’re in the market for adding a little life to your PS5 controller, we can’t recommend their services enough.