Best PPSH-41 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific

By Jim Jones

The PPSh-41 is an excellent close to medium range SMG with an incredibly fast rate of fire, decent power, and excellent mobility. Its high bullet velocity and low recoil stats make it the perfect weapon of choice for close-quarters engagements. It might not be a popular choice when compared to other SMGs, but it still features one of the fastest fire rates in the entire category.

Although extremely tricky to control at longer distances, it is still more than capable of dealing with nearby targets in the blink of an eye. The PPSH is a solid choice with the right combination of attachments equipped.

Weapon variants offer lots of twists that can allow a player to modify as they wish, with a variety of cosmetic differences and pre-existing attachments like increased rounds of ammunition, custom skin bundles, muzzles and the likes.

The following are PPSh-41 Blueprints In Warzone Pacific, their features, and what makes each one unique:


Best PPSH-41 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Hipfire
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Hipfire is a Legendary weapon Blueprint of the PPSH-41 that was released in Season 1 (Vanguard). Equipped with a monocular reflector for its Optic attachment, this PPSH-41 blueprint has an F8 stabilizer muzzle attachment that effectively increases accuracy and damage range but might likely sacrifice a little hip-fire accuracy.

With an M1915 steady underbarrel, hatched grip on the rear, hollow point ammo that can increase bullet damage by 20%, and steady proficiency. This weapon attachment features a 35 round mag and can help you maneuver any melee with great speed.

Vintage Soviet

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Another Legendary blueprint variant. This weapon is synonymously called Pindown and it features a G16 2.5X optic attachment and frangible ammo with 71 MAGS of 7.62MM GORENKO that will inflict severe wounds and delay healing with its bullet fragments.

Released in Season 1, the Vintage Soviet has a Smle pistol grip underbarrel and grooved rear grip. Like most SMGs, you can easily use this as a primary weapon as it fits perfectly as an on-hand kit like all Diesel age bundles.  This PPSH-41 blueprint has White and Yellow Tracer Rounds for special effects.

Frosted Glass

Best PPSH-41 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Frosted Glass
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Another Legendary blueprint variant. An Empress S12P stock, tight grip, fully loaded kit, molecular reflector, and a rubber grip are some of the features on the rear part of the Frosted Glass. The front end of the frosted glass is Equipped with an Empress 140mm rapid barrel, caver foregrip underbarrel, 8mm Nambu 71 rounds mags, recoil booster muzzle attachment with hollow point ammo that can efficiently increase headshot lethality.

Completing the Frosted Glass overall outlook is the Bone Chiller custom bundle. This weapon was released in Season 1 (Vanguard).

Assassins Manifesto

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Assassin’s Manifesto is as lethal as they come. With a tight grip proficiency, an empress custom stock, and rubber grip on its rear. There’s also a MK 3 Sunfilter optic attachment for zooming without any negative impacts. This PPSH-41 blueprint is equipped with the Kovalevskaya 230MM BO3P barrel, M1941 Hand Stop underbarrel, and a Mercury silencer muzzle attachment.

The Assassin Manifesto has a very huge magazine capacity and high rate of fire with its 8mm Nambu 71 Rounds Magazine. The Legendary blueprint like all the others on this list was also released in Season 1.


Blueprint weapons are an improved version of their base weapons. The equipped attachments have a way of masking the weapons deficiencies thereby making them more efficient.  The PPSH-41 blueprints can be accessible across all Multiplayer modes and can be earned through different methods.

Each of the PPSh-41 blueprints has its own advantage depending on your mission and what you plan to achieve. However, the most notable on the list can be either the Assassin Manifesto or Frosted Glass because they are both sleek and lethal compared to the others.

Make sure you check the in-game Store frequently to see the Blueprints that are available. There are also various Challenges that offer free Blueprints and most of them are pretty much easy to complete even though they tend to take up so much time.

The PPSh-41 can hold its own in tight spaces in Warzone but its blueprints will offer you an edge that will bring out a much-desired aggressiveness when needed. High-capacity capabilities with rapid-fire to lead the charge in any mode are what you will get by picking up this SMGs Blueprint.

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