Best MP40 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific

By Everett Zarnick

It’s a strange time to be seeing the fire rate of SMGs become more important than their damage output, but alas, here we are. The MP40 is a classic german submachine gun that represents a pretty dark era in history. Its playstyle is usually that of a high damage / medium fire rate weapon with good close quarters performance and decent mid-ranged skirmishes. 

With the Caldera update, players have begun running the MP40 (and other weapons) with higher rates of fire over damage to turn them into absolute lasers. Whether or not this shift in the meta manages to stick over time remains to be seen, but to give the star of the moment some love, we’ll be going over the MP40’s best blueprints in Warzone Pacific


Best MP40 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Scarab
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Warzone’s devs have the talent (and the habit) to turn one weapon into something completely different using nothing but attachments and some paint work, and that tradition is shown in the Scarab blueprint. 

The Scarab is an MP40 that looks more akin to a Thompson machine gun that crossed into an alien’s hands for experimentation. The black wooden base of the weapon is contrasted by the gold-plated outlining on the stock, base, and mercury silencer. A weapon of many looks for the not-so-modest gamer.

Space Issue

Best MP40 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - Space issue
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

With the space issue blueprint, you’ll be able to say “I’m doing my part!” with a minimalist smirk that annoys just about everyone around you. Honestly, this weapon is something Ender would have been trained to use before pulling a first place over an entire species. 

Jokes aside, this MP40 variant is essentially the answer to the question “What would the smallest MP40 in the world look like?” A #3 rifle break muzzle works in tandem with a 32 round magazine to make this weapon a snubbed, miniature version of itself, and it looks amazing all the while with an asteroid grey and white colored frame. Space issue opts for a gritty, cold space look and it accomplishes it well. For those who read our blueprint articles often, you’ll know how far thematic consistency takes these blueprints, and this one is as consistent as they come.


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

Bioluminescence, by far, is one of the prettiest blueprints in the entire game. It almost goes without saying to anyone who’s glanced at this thing’s photo but its star-struck light blue colored base mixed with its deep-ocean dark blue stock sparks the same feelings one gets when looking at a sky that’s got no light-pollution: Absolute wonder. This MP40 blueprint can box with the best in terms of looks, and doesn’t overdue itself by keeping the business end of its M1929 silencer completely black. If you want something pretty to look at, this is your best bet (and not just when it comes to the MP40).


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

The Shredder is a blueprint reminiscent of Scarab’s miniature design, but with a more Rambo-like color pattern for those kinds of players who like to keep things simple with the camo. We can’t say it’s the greatest looking weapon we’ve ever seen in terms of paint work, but it’s nice to have options for personalization when it comes to solid attachment options. 

Shredder comes complete with the ever-present No.3 muzzle break for that interesting snubbed look and a classic VDM padded stock. Of course, this weapon wouldn’t be complete without the 34 RND magazine that ties the whole “tiny” look together wonderfully.


The MP40 is a weapon that really needs no introduction. Anyone who’s played a COD game for more than a couple hours has very, very likely run into it at some point, and once it’s in your head, it’s hard to forget. 

Likewise, its best blueprints in COD Warzone offer some of the most unique color patterns in the game, and as aforementioned, can actually be one of the prettiest weapons in the game for those who like eye candy when running and gunning. You’ll likely be seeing this weapon more often in loadouts (complete with ungodly rates of fire), so if you happen to pick it up for yourself while joining the meta, be sure to return to this list and see which blueprints you might be interested in throwing on the weapon .