Best MG42 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific

By Everett Zarnick

The MG42 is one of the most iconic Light Machine Guns of the WWII era, and for good reason: the reliability, straightforward function, and sleek design of the weapon makes it something that was seen often appraised highly during the second world war. Subsequently, it was seen often in the games depicting the war’s events. 

Today, we’ll be paying homage to the gorgeous LMG by going over its three best blueprints in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. The game itself might not be a ton of fun to look at in its current state, but this weapon most certainly is. 

Diesel Scavenger

Best MG42 Blueprints in Warzone Pacific - MG42
Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

A blueprint that’s more likely a Star Wars weapon than something you’d find in Warzone, Diesel Scavenger makes a surprise entrance on our list. Despite being something that’s definitely found in the junkyards of Tatooine, this MG42 blueprint strikes a strong balance between flavor and aesthetics. And as our consistent readers know, flavor in a blueprint is sometimes more important than achieving a gorgeous aesthetic. In this case, it’s certainly more important. 

Also, it’s fair to point out that we here at GamingTopTens are suckers for the Mad Max aesthetic, and aren’t keen on turning away from a scrapyard look. The MG42, in this case, boasts a rusted brown and blue tint, with its long barrel being replaced by a 355mm rapid barrel for a snubbed, bullpup rifle look. Essentially, half of the weapon has shown up for work a little hungover and the other half has refused to get out of bed. Great stuff.


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

We love a Disco Elysium reference as much as the next RPG enjoyer, but I’m afraid, for this blueprint, we’re going to have to keep things in the first person (sorry.) Elysium is a blueprint that aims to accentuate the cleaner aesthetic design choices that Raven Software is capable of producing. 

A sleek blue tink is painted along the body of this blueprint, with a bright orange belt feeder on the side to add accent to the most recognizable part of the weapon. The muzzle, an Iscove flash hider, is used to lengthen the look of this weapon to give it a large-canvas like quality for the colors to dance around on. This is only strengthened by the blue 450mm barrel. 

This weapon also features a padded stock and rubber grip for a more contemporary look, alongside a “HAM” imprint on the side for good measure. On the Pacific map, where mid to long ranged skirmishes are more likely than ever, Elysium acts as a blueprint that’s both functional and pretty to look at. Good and good for you, as it were.


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific (©Activision)

There’s a line that swirls around a graph that represents aesthetics on a blueprint, there’s a line that swirls around on a graph that represents flavor on a blueprint, and then there’s a point where these two lines meet, and that point is Bloodcrow. 

Bloodcrow is an MG42 decorated with a rusted blood color that’s complimented by hues of frosted white along its base. This blood rust dances around the entire canvas of the weapon, interrupted only by an occasional dark grip or stock, which are dirt and muck covered for extra effect. The bullets that hang out of the belt feed are a nice touch, and add extra horror elements as they, too, are covered in this blood accent that this blueprint is going for. 

One might expect something called “Bloodcrow” to be designed this way, but its sheer quality is surprising even to those who knew exactly what aesthetic they were in for. The 680mm barrel works in tandem with this aesthetic to provide something that looks more like a gas powered scrap machine of death than an actual german firearm (assuming these two things are actually mutually exclusive.)

This incredible blueprint was released in season 1 of Vanguard and can be purchased through the Splatter Machine bundle.   


The MG42 is an iconic weapon with blueprints that more or less play around with its sheer size and ability to hold multiple looks. Whether you’re a star wars fan looking to roleplay as a stormtrooper or a blood thirsty try-hard looking to decorate his or her wins with blood stained suppressive fire, this LMG has what you need (assuming you have the skills it needs to thrive.)