Best Keyboard for Escape from Tarkov

By Everett Zarnick

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Escape from Tarkov (EFT) players are some of the most tactically proficient gamers in the FPS scene right now. In addition to the usage of high recoil weapons, utility grenades, and complex inventory management many other FPS titles feature, EFT also has the addition of deadly AI and randomized spawns that create an environment where each player has to be exceptional in improvisation. 

Where milliseconds can be the difference between extraction and death, EFT players have to have complete control over their bindings. Additionally, the unforgiving nature of recoil in EFT means that lower sensitivities and room to slide a mouse left and right over a large area is the preferred method of control over the traditional high sensitivity setups one might see in a C.O.D player’s custom settings. Because of this, the best keyboard for an EFT is a custom 60% keyboard. 

A 60% keyboard is a keyboard that lacks F keys, the number pad, and navigation arrows. These removal make a traditional keyboard work perfectly for an FPS title where smaller form factors mean quicker keypresses and more room to slide a mouse around. 

The reason one must go for a keyboard with at least some customization options is simple: you don’t want to be left with a keyboard that doesn’t have the right actuation pressure, point, or sound that you prefer. If you think playing with a keyboard you don’t like will make you a better play, think again: you’ll just spend your playing hours tilting, day after day. 

As mentioned, EFT is a game that prefers lower mouse sensitivity and more mouse movement. This means that, obviously, the smaller the keyboard, the better. But, of course, you can’t get rid of too many keys for EFT, as the game is bind-heavy, and requires the use of many different keys from a board to function properly. This is why a 60% keyboard is the best middle ground money can buy. 

A 60% keyboard, apart from being small, will also make perfect use of the necessary keys for EFT without being over bloated with useless numberpad and F keys. For the odd F binding that exists by default in EFT, you can simply use layering to rebind certain keys, such as your 1-9 keys, to your F keys and make their niche uses available. Every key in a 60% keyboard will be one you need for EFT, and this is a huge advantage in a game of efficiency where, as stated, milliseconds matter. Of course, you can play with any keyboard you’d like and do fine, but if you’re trying to go for the peripherals that are most commonly chosen for FPS titles by professionals and amateurs alike, you’ve gotta go with the 60%, and for that, we recommended trying out a Matrix Keyboard

Earlier we said that having a keyboard with at least some customizability is best for an FPS player, and its this same reasoning that brings us to encourage our readers to use Matrix Keyboards. Their site allows for surface level preferences between color choices, as well as size variation and alternate key switches. For our readers who play EFT, we recommended going with a 60% keyboard that’s made from either Blue or Brown switches. Blue switches will give you the “clacky” mechanical keyboard noise that has become an industry standard in gaming, while Brown switches will provide a softer clack and satisfying ‘bump’ during actuation, while not having such a low actuation point that simply resting your hand on the keyboard initiates a button press (this is an issue many users have with silver switches). 


A 60% keyboard will give you everything you do need to compete with the best in EFT, while getting rid of all of the extra bloat you don’t. And Matrix Keyboards will provide a well constructed, reliable, and high quality 60% that boasts a wide selection of colors and switches, which means you’ll be raiding with a piece of equipment you actually enjoy using, instead of a clucky keyboard that gets in your way.