Best Gaming Chair for Adults

By Everett Zarnick

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If you’re looking to pick up a new gaming chair for 2022, finding the right place to start can be a major hassle. Not only is finding a chair that doesn’t overprice its product difficult in the gaming chair market, but finding one that also takes your dimensions and support needs into account makes gaming chair shopping particularly difficult for those who know they’re going to be spending a lot of time in their new purchase, whether for work or play. 

This article is going to be making a strong case for Secretlab, a gaming chair producer, and one of their products, the Titan Evo 2022. Such a chair, we feel, is not only top of the line for 2022, but also meets the average adult’s needs in both pricing and support.

Affordability, comfortability, and posture support. For a gaming chair, these are the big three considerations every professional and casual gamer alike will be asking. If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, you don’t want something that’s priced like a high-end luxury office chair, nor do you want something that’s going to cause back pain in a month’s time. This is why we here at absolutely implore you to consider Secretlab’s Titan Evo lineup. Specifically, their 2022 edition. 

This chair has a number of things going for it. Namely, it fits just inside the three big considerations; price, support, and comfort. That said, the Titan Evo 2022 has something else going for it that confirmed its position as the optimal chair for the average consumer this year: It retains a professional aesthetic while still being a gaming chair. 

Thanks to the recent events causing a cultural shift that has landed many employees in their homes while on the clock, retaining an aesthetic that’s both work-friendly and comfortable to relax in is an increasingly difficult task that can be difficult to overcome. With the Titan Evo 2022, this task makes itself much easier.

First, we’ll start with the big three. The Titan Evo 2022 has a starting price of $599. This option, which you can customize for yourself on their website, offers users the basic options and materials you’d expect from a gaming chair. For a little extra, you can further customize this option with color schemes that range from Harry Potter to League of Legends based. 

The price can go up from there if you opt for a large chair, or for better materials, of which include their NAPA leather and softweave fabric. Not everyone will blink at common materials for a gaming chair, but if you plan on spending 5 or more hours per day in your chair, the more extravagant materials could be worth the extra price. 

Secondly the chair offers users top of the line construction. That is to say, the chairs are designed with long-term bodily health in mind. No gimmicks, such as a headrest that’s tilted inwards on the side or a leg rest that you can back with without tipping the chair over. The Titan Evo lineup has always offered customers with adjustable back angles, height, and firm back support. Additionally, these chairs come with a high quality lumbar support pillow, complimentary with every chair and optional, for users who like to have a pillow-like feeling on their neck. 

Third, we have to talk about this chair’s comfortability. Most office or gaming chairs you’ll find on the market today either keep their prices low by relying on shoddy construction, cheap materials, and bare minimum comfort. The chairs that do manage to get these things right often cost upwards of $1000. The Titan Evo 2022 manages to accomplish both of these feats in flying colors. The price might be low, but the Evo feels like it costs 2 grand. When you factor in the fact that you can customize the size and materials of this chair, there’s really no surprises when it arrives at your doorstep: Comfortable design, material, and your wallet feels a ton better than it would with a contemporary office chair, which leads us to our last point: Professionalism.

The main reason people opt for the classic office chair over a “gaming” chair today is simple: professional aesthetic. Since people are working from home these days, getting into a zoom call with the boss while sitting in a bright pink gaming chair with Call of Duty tags sprayed all over it isn’t exactly ideal for most of us, and this is why we find the Evo 2022 to be the perfect solution to this issue. 

The Evo manages to retain a professional office chair look while offering users all of the gaming chair pros that we have come to expect over the years. Both the NAPA leather and Leatherette options make the chairs look sleek and stylish, while also being something you’d see on a professional gaming stage. That said, the Softweave fabric materials make the Evo look more akin to something you’d find in the CEO’s office: Professional. 


All together, these pros make an extremely strong case for the Evo 2022 as one of the best possible chairs to buy in 2022 (and possibly beyond). If you’re an adult who works from home, or just wants a chair to game in that is sleek, comfortable, and holds the quality that will make it last for years to come, the Evo 2022 is the best bang for your buck, hands down.