Best Endgame Headphones for Gaming

By Everett Zarnick

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Browse any headphone related subreddit or forum on the internet and you’ll find ample interest in the “endgame headphones”: A pair of headphones that can last you, with some exceptions, a lifetime. In theory, the idea behind the endgame headphones is that there should be a pair that so perfectly suits the user’s needs, that’s so closely designed with the user’s musical taste / hobbies in mind, that there are no other headphones that exist, or could exist, that would make them need to try out another pair. 

Technically speaking, the qualifications for an endgame headphone will vary from person to person. Effectively speaking, the common factors around the endgame headphone is that it should last the user a long time, it should be built around the user’s needs, and, it should, of course, feature high audio quality to take full advantage of the media the user will be accessing. 

Since we’re on the topic, it’s also worth mentioning that the endgame headphone doesn’t truly exist. The best headphones for gaming in the year 2000 would soon be outclassed by the best headphones for gaming in the year 2005, and so on and so forth. There is no real use in trying to settle in with just a single pair for the rest of your life when the technology that governs headphone quality is constantly being improved. 

All that said, there is something to be said for using the best pair of headphones gaming has to offer right now, since it will save users money in the long run and provide a better gaming experience as a whole, both competitively and casually. 

The Audeze LCD-GXis unapologetically an audiophile headphone: a headphone designed for the discerning customer who wants nothing but the best audio quality and a crisp, crystal clear gaming experience. Most headphone experts generally associate audiophile headphones with high quality, high costs, and professional durability that’s made to last: the LCD-GX checks all three of these. In short, it is the quintessential endgame headphone of 2022 for gamers. 

The LCD-GX features Audeze’s very own Fluxor magnets and ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms in its construction. To speak plainly: this technology is already well known for having some of the best performance in relation to flux density in the headphone market. But on top of that, the LCD-GX has LCD Planar Magnetic drivers that are, in Audeze’s words, “twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones.” 

The quality of the drivers isn’t solely dictated by the size, of course, but since Audeze’s quality isn’t in question, it’s worth mentioning that a bigger driver is going to be able to provide gamers with more accuracy on a wider range in-game. That is to say, the treble is going to output more accurately than your average gaming headset, and thanks to the driver size, all the bass in a game (the thumping of guns, stomping of footsteps on soil, the clanging on gears on a vehicle) will be transmitted not only to a deeper tone, but also more accurately. 

What does this mean for a gamer? Firstly, a better gaming experience: you can set yourself in the world of the developers in a much closer manner through quality audio, just as you can see the vision of a musician more accurately with a live performance over a studio recording as heard through your car speakers. Secondly, a tactical advantage: it’s no secret that games like CS:GO, Apex Legends, and even League of Legends give massive benefit to the player who can take full advantage of audio queues. As the saying goes: If you want to take a great CS:GO player and make him useless: don’t cover his eyes, cover his ears!

Of course, a gaming headset wouldn’t be a gaming headset without a proper microphone, which the LCD-GX does have, complimentary with the Audeze clarity one should expect from such a high end pair of headphones. That said, microphone quality can only carry a conversation so far before the servers of whatever service you’re using drags the overall sound to a base level of clarity. In short, don’t expect too much from the mic, it’s only a small part of the vocal equation.


This Audeze headset is quality. Plain and simple, its quality. Quality enough, in fact, to be marked as the absolute best endgame headset for gamers in 2022 (and probably 2023, unless Audeze tops themselves soon.) If you want a pair of headphones that you can call top quality and that don’t need to be replaced for the next 5 years, minimum, grab yourself a pair of the LCD-GX headphones and get crackin’. Those games aren’t going to play themselves.