Best Endgame Greataxe in Elden Ring

By Everett Zarnick

Elden ring’s weapon variety features one of the longest lists in any of FromSoftware’s games. The level of sheer variability for PvE and PvP content is outstanding, and although the choices for paladins and sorcerers is large enough to write a book about, sometimes all you really need to a good old fashioned greataxe to hack, chop, and slice your opponents into oblivion with.  

For fans of these kinds of weapons, the Executioners Greataxe serves as the perfect high damage / high poise dealing killing machine. As a bonus, its moveset makes it particularly interesting for PvP play, where the axe’s mobility serves as an incredible surprise gap closer.

Executioners Greataxe – Best Endgame Greataxe in Elden Ring

Best Endgame Greataxe in Elden Ring
Elden Ring (©FromSoftware Inc)

The Executioner’s Greataxe functions as a typical slow, high damage dealing weapon that has great standard strength scaling (maxed at B levels) with a nice side of dexterity scaling (maxed at e) for standard smithing. The first tip we’re going to hand out is the change that standard scaling to quality scaling as soon as possible, as this greataxe ends up with B / B scaling for strength and dexterity under that archetype, giving you less base damage, but much higher damage once your character is leveled properly. 

For underpowered characters, stick to the standard archetype until later in the leveling process. The greataxe, as mentioned, has a fairly tame moveset with its normal hacks and slashes, but features a strong attack that moves the player forward at great speed, giving enemy mobs, bosses, and even players something to think about when trying to stay at (three) arms’ length apart. 

Heavy weapons such as these are usually tossed aside for PvP, but given this moveset, it’s no wonder some players are finding great success with invasions and duels despite the slow attack speed.

How to get Executioner’s Greataxe

To get this weapon, follow the path north-west of the Church of Irileth (just outside of Stormveil castle!). If you haven’t managed to kill Godrick the Grafted just yet, you can access this area by moving to the right of the castle along a hidden path. Just follow the right highway on the side of the castle, and once you’re near the finger reader, the path will become apparent! 

Along this northwestern path is a tallish mob among some gravestones who wields the greataxe. Slap him up, and he’ll drop the weapon. 

Best Build for Executioners Greataxe

This greataxe has some great strengths, but make no mistake, it also has some weaknesses! For the best build at low levels, you’re going to want to keep this weapon on the standard archetype and pump some levels into health and possibly endurance, if you absolutely want to keep a low weight value with decent armor. 

At higher levels, the only real option, aside from niche PvP builds, is to keep the weapon on the quality archetype. Since your character would likely have high dexterity and strength at this point, the B / B scaling is absolutely going to come in clutch for those high damage hits that spring out at players by surprise. Make sure to use that R2 attack generously, while sprinkling in some R1’s and parries to keep your opponents guessing. 


The Executioner’s Greataxe is a mighty weapon that follows a straightforward mantra of “Hit big, hit slow”, but with a little seasoning in its gap closing ability. Players new to the game who want something that can tear down bosses with ease will find it more than worthy at high levels, and PvP players who want some variety in builds can find success with its sheer mobility and damage. 

Good luck and praise the sun.