Best Endgame Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

By Everett Zarnick

A little FromSoftware history for you: their Dark Souls trilogy (and Bloodeborne, to some extent) is largely influenced by Kentaro Miura’s manga “Berserk”. The manga features down to earth depictions of calmness that brings relatability to it while also showcasing over the top, otherworldly, and downright ingenious creations that are unlike anything in the medium. Not too unlike Dark Souls in the video game sphere. 

With that tidbit of knowledge out of the way, we’ll be over the best Endgame Colossal Sword in Elden Ring, which is a weapon inspired by Berserk’s main character’s armament: The Greatsword. That’s right, “The Greatsword” is a colossal sword, and it belonged to Guts himself. Don’t question it. 

The Greatsword (GUTS) – Best Endgame Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

Best Endgame Colossal Sword in Elden Ring
Elden Ring (©FromSoftware Inc)

The Greatsword has an initial scaling rating of C / E to STR and DEX, respectively. With no upgrades it will be smacking foes for 164 physical damage with a 31 STR / 12 DEX prerequisite. To top it off, it features a ton (and undisclosed amount) of poise damage to stagger foes constantly

You can upgrade this weapon with standard smithing stones, and upon upgrading it to +25 can expect this beastly armament to smack foes for 401 physical damage at standard upgrading with a B / E STR / DEX rating. Not bad! Additionally, you can swap this archetype (among the others) to a quality build for a B / B rating, which will suit end game characters much better, generally speaking. 

How to get the Greatsword

Elden Ring (©FromSoftware Inc)

To get the Greatsword, you must travel to the dragon burrow and ambush a caravan guarded by enemies. The caravan can, specifically, be found north west of the Calem Ruins site of grace. Once you halt the giants towing the armament, you can open the chest found on the backside of the coach to find the loot. Congrats! 

Word of warning, Dragon Burrow is a mid-leveled area, and you’ll probably find yourself underleveled if you plan on grabbing this weapon early. “A run, don’t fight” strategy will probably suit you fine, unless you’re someone who has “gotten gud”. 

Best Build for The Greatsword

The best build for the Greatsword is going to vary based on your playstyle, obviously. But if you want to really achieve full Guts glory with this weapon as it was designed for, you need to pump iron and hit the strength level softcap. To find the softcap, simply pump points into strength until it no longer gives you 1-2 points of damage per level. Remember: hold the weapon with two hands to get the proper calculation of damage before leveling, unless you plan on one handing the weapon!

A quality build, although lower flat damage, will scale much better for an endgame character, but will demand more points into dexterity where you might have otherwise preferred to go with points into endurance (the sword is heavy!) or vitality. The vitality, in particular, is going to be an important asset to rely on as you learn this weapon’s attack patterns. It might stagger enemies very well, but since you’ll be swinging slower than with other weaponry, you’ll probably find yourself getting smacked a bit more in between swings than you’d otherwise prefer!

If you’re a faith, intellect, or arcane based build, there are options to change the scaling of the weapon, and it’s all going to be up to your personal preference. Cheers!


The Greatsword is a flavorful, heavy, and classic piece of armament that holds a special place in the heart of FromSoft / Berserk fans. Luckily, it isn’t just eye candy, as this thing can swing heavy blows with the best of ‘em! If you manage to obtain this weapon (and if you’ve got the strength for it,) you’ll be staggering and smashing enemies in no time, be it in PvP or PvE.