Best Controller for Esports

By Everett Zarnick

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If you’ve been competing, or trying to compete, at a high level in gaming, you’ve likely begun to think about the equipment you’re using and how it might be limiting your potential. Esports communities are understandably big on trying to pull every advantage they can legally get away with, and the controllers they use are subject to such study. 

The controller, for console and PC gamers alike, are the bread to a competitive gamer’s craft, where his or her skill is the butter. And as you should know, it doesn’t really matter how good the butter is if the bread is moldy. This is why having a controller that’s built for esports is key to playing at a high level. 

An esport ready controller is one that takes advantage of a few important aspects of controller design philosophy. First, the key mapping of the controller won’t just be limited to the stock form the controller comes with. By default, an Xbox controller will have two thumbsticks and four buttons on either side of it. This means that a player will have to take their thumb off of either thumbstick to press one of these buttons. This means, in FPS games for example, that they are at a strict disadvantage to those with remapped key binds. 

Digital triggers are another aspect of a controller that gives it an edge over stock controllers. While a normal trigger requires the user to apply enough pressure to reach an actuation point, digital triggers allow the player to give inputs instantaneously. That is, simply, a digital trigger is a click, while stock triggers are pulls. 

Those aspects, among other smaller customization options make an esports controller what it is, and is why we’d be remiss in sending a newbie to custom controller making anywhere but to Aimcontroller’s services.  

AimControllers is a company that has used and has experience with. Their custom controllers have the durability and quality you’d expect a strict upgrade to have. Alongside the professional quality they produce, AimControllers also offers customers a lifetime warranty for good measure. It isn’t often a company puts their profits on the line in the name of confidence in their services, rarer still to do that for a lifetime guarantee, but AimControllers is one of the few, which means newer customers don’t have to worry about getting a product they weren’t expecting or aren’t happy with. Your investment is safe. 

Aside from the overall professional care for customers, AimControllers also has, simply put, the best talent in the custom controller business. They offer a huge amount of customization with trigger paddles for button remapping, digital triggers for FPS professionals (or would-be’s). If that isn’t enough, they also have a nice selection of customizable and pre-built color schemes or patterns for you to choose from on checkout. 

If timing is an issue, you can choose their express option for shipping to speed up the process significantly. It costs more, but you can actually send in your own controller for them to work on to reduce the prices by a huge margin. This flexibility in their business design is one of the reasons we recommended those new to this area visit AimControllers over anyone else, aside from their quality, of course. 


Having a gaming controller that’s built for high level play isn’t going to make you a great player. But, if you are a great player already, having a controller that’s good at squeezing tiny advantages out of every situation you’re in is one of the few ways you can improve the very marginal increases in skill and dexterity you can display over your gaming career. 

If you’re in the market for a controller that’s esports ready (and if you want one that’s high quality and guaranteed) its AimControllers or bust.