Top 10 Best Character Skins in Splitgate

By Dequon Miller

Splitgate, released in Infinite Beta form less than several months ago, is the latest multiplayer FPS title making noise in the gaming community. Splitgate is a welcome addition to the multiplayer space, noted for its fast-paced gameplay coming off as a fusion between Halo and Portal. It is a refreshing addition to a space filled with games that are virtually indistinguishable.


We have already talked in length about the best guns to use in Splitgate, but weapons aren’t everything. If you are going to be running and gunning, you may as well do it in style. 


There will undoubtedly be many more skins to come in the future, but for now, here are our picks for the ten best character skins in Splitgate

10. Legendary: Shogun- Gold

Top 10 Best Character Skins in Splitgate - Shogun
Splitgate (© 1047 Games)

Available for 1200 Splitcoins, the Legendary variant of the Shogun skin, the Gold Shogun stands out far more than its’ Epic counterpart Midnight. This skin reminds of Jorge-052 from Halo Reach, due to the bulkiness.


There aren’t as much distinctive details as I would like from a set of Shogun armor. I would say lack of full commitment to themes is the biggest gripe I have with skins in Splitgate right now. But nevertheless, this is a pretty fantastic skin.

9. Legendary: Oliver- Clay

Top 10 Best Character Skins in Splitgate - Clay
Splitgate (© 1047 Games)


The Oliver skins are Oliver Twist from Oliver & Company if he grew up, became anthropomorphic, and got teleported into an FPS video game. The Oliver skins contrast widely with most of the other skins in the game. While many others draw inspiration from games like Halo and Dead Space (In my opinion), Oliver looks like someone from the 1920s on his way to see a Babe Ruth game. 


Available for 1200 Splitcoins, the Clay variant of the Oliver skin is one of the most sought after in Splitgate. It looks like what would happen if Oliver took a swim into Willy Wonka’s chocolate lake and the milk chocolate stuck to his body permanently. It stands out but does so in a good way. It also makes me crave chocolate. That may or may not be a good thing, depending on what I have in my house at the moment.

8. Legendary: Old Bones- Gold

Top 10 Best Character Skins in Splitgate - Old Bones
Splitgate (© 1047 Games)

The name Old Bones might lead you to believe that this would be some skeletal skin, but far from it. Another one of Splitgate’s awesome all-gold skins, the gold variant takes the pretty pedestrian, standard Old Bones and gives it some new glow.

Gold Bones looks like a fusion between the MCU’s Yellowjacket suit and the battle armor from Haze (A mildly awful FPS from the PlayStation 3 days). It definitely deserves Legendary status and 1200 of your Splitcoins.

7. Legendary: Rhino- Gold

Top 10 Best Character Skins in Splitgate - Rhino
Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
We first caught wind of the Rhino skins back in November of last year, with the release of the Legendary Edition. Anyone who purchased the Legendary Edition would get their hands on several Rhino skins: including the Gold variant. I personally would’ve loved more commitment to the Rhino theme, such as a pronounced horn on the top of the helmet, but that’s not to say the Rhinos we got are bad; not at all! The Golden Rhino is easily the best of the Rhino variants, with the shoulders standing out more than the others.

Many players have voiced their desire to be able to grind out for Gold skins, and I’m sure many would grind weekends away to get their hands on this shiny Rhino.

6. Legendary: T-200- Gold

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
You could probably tell just by the name T-200 that this would be an awesome skin, and 1047 Games didn’t disappoint.

The T-200, in general, is one of my favorites, and I personally think it is one of the best default sets. The armor gives me serious Doom Guy vibes, especially the helmet, which might be my favorite in-game. But of course, the gold skin is the best version.

The helmet stands out far more, with the shining visor being much better than the one of the defaults, and the splashes of grey scattered throughout really make the armor pop.

5. Legendary: Vulture- ROFL

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
The ROFL skin, or as I like to call it, the Strawberry & Kiwi, Jolly Rancher, Tie-dye skin, is the skin of choice for those who want to run around like a cyborg hippie. Out of all the ROFL variants in the game, the ROFL Vulture is my personal favorite.

I think the slenderer build of the Vulture armor makes it look much better in the ROFL variant than other sets. The reflective white patterning on the ROFL Vulture looks perfect. But on sets like Hannya and T-200, the ROFL color pattern feels out of place, and the white patterning barely stands out at all.

And besides, you have to admit that ROFL Vulture is a pretty cool name. It kind of sounds like the name of a punk rock band, now that I think about it.

4. Legendary: Assassin- Gold

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
Unfortunately, Splitgate does not have an HK-47 inspired set. Yet. So, until then, the Assassin set will have to do. Is the Gold Assassin variant good enough for squashing meat bags? Answer: Yes.

As a 15-year fan of Gilded Armor in RuneScape, I can’t help but have a soft spot for gold armor sets. Like the other gold skins on this list, the gold accentuates the details of the Assassin set so much better than the lesser rarity variants. The grey spread throughout really makes it that much better as well. I don’t think this skin would look as great if it were 100% golden. 

3. Legendary: Chance- Major

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)

Taking a break from the gold, Yukon Cornelius now has his eyes on silver. And no better all silver skin exists in Splitgate than the Major Chance skin.


Just like our previously listed Oliver skin, Chance stands out for not being just another Sci-Fi-inspired combat suit. Instead, he’s someone else.


Something else.


No, not Oliver Queen from CW’s Arrow.


A crazy miner from Mad Max or Borderlands? A Legendary raider from Fallout 4? That guy Kevin from Sin City? There are a lot of ways I could describe this skin, but one word suits it best: awesome. The noir-like look of this skin does wonders for adding variety to the roster of Splitgate, and we hope 1047 games create more sets like this in the future. 

2. Legendary: Elf- Elf

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
One of the few sets in the game with a face, the Elf skin looks more like a character you would see in a fighting game, not Splitgate. However, that’s not a bad thing.

The elf’s eyes are unnerving, and his armor appears almost bug-like; Kind of like Chitin from the Elder Scrolls series though a tad more on the mechanical side. There are a lot of things that can be done with the Elf, even his own version of Samurai armor. I think that not appearing like a robot gives the Elf a lot more flexibility for future skins to be more than just color swaps. Hopefully 1047 Games gets the hint and releases more skins like this in the future. 

1. Legendary: Medieval- King

Splitgate (© 1047 Games)
Dare I say it, but this variant of the Medieval armor is truly fit for a King.

That’s right; coming in at our top spot is the Legendary King skin for the Medieval set. The King variant has an aesthetic that can’t be topped. The silver and gold are already fantastic, but the purple on the bottom half is an excellent touch as well. The set gives me vague vibes of the Justiciar, and Colossus armor sets from RuneScape. And yes, that’s a good thing. I definitely believe that this will stand the test of time over the years and remain one of the game’s greatest character skins.

I think that the King skin does a perfect job of combining an old look with a new one, much better than the Shogun set, and it should be the standard that 1047 Games operates by moving forward.


Splitgate is still very much in its infancy, and with $100 million raised in its last round of funding, Splitgate and 1047 games aren’t going anywhere. There is a lot of progress that can still be made with this unpolished gem, such as optimizing the gameplay loop and releasing more aesthetically pleasing and creative skins.

The number of avenues that the development team could take inspiration from regarding future skins, is near limitless. We’ve got the miner-like Chance Major, so how about a Paul Bunyan/woodcutter style skin? There are fish people skins, and anthropomorphic cats, what animals are going to be next? I sure wouldn’t say no to dragon people skins.

And as far as the more Sci-Fi skins go? Could you imagine a Big Daddy-inspired skin?

Anyway, these are the best of the best skins that Splitgate has to offer right now in our opinion. What are your favorites? We’d love to know below!