Top 10 Best Breathable Gaming Chairs

By Dequon Miller

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There are fewer things that I love more than a long gaming session. It’s just you, some snacks, and 10 hours of sweet, sweet gaming. But if you’re going to be plunked down for 10 hours straight, you better make sure you’re comfortable. And that’s where your gaming chair comes into play.

Sure, you can make do with any old chair, but if you want a truly complete gaming setup, then you want the best breathable gaming chair that you can afford. And we just so happen to have ten great options picked out for you. So take a load off and let’s get started!

HOMEFUN’s Ergonomic Chair is a constantly evolving product, thanks to the manufacturer documenting customer feedback and implementing improvements to the design.

This chair supports up to 250 pounds of weight, has a 360-degree swivel, 45-degree inclination, and adjustable height parameters from 16 to 20 inches.

For some reason, the White HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair equipped with a footrest costs the same as if there were no footrest. So, get yourself a free footrest!

The HOMFUN Ergonomic Chair is an all-purpose office chair by design but still makes for an excellent gaming chair. If office chairs are more your thing than dedicated gaming chairs, check out some other great office chairs here.


+ Free footrest with White variant

+ Mesh back for enhanced breathability 

+ Extra lumbar support with thickened padding


– Assembly required and it’s not the easiest to put together

– Beware of quality control issues. 

The Flash Furniture High-Back Mesh Chair makes our list for best breathable gaming chairs thanks to its’ mesh on the backrest and headrest areas. This also comes with a convenient chrome 360 footrest, and the padding on the armrests is solid.

Flash Furniture recommends a maximum of 250 pounds if you decide to call this chair home in your gaming den, and the assembly process is quite easy.


+ Mesh back and headrest are great for breathability

+ Easy to assemble


– Bland design. 

– Numerous customers report of a pretty loud creaky noise. 

I’m sure that by now you are beginning to detect a pattern in our best breathable gaming chair list. Yes, we love mesh backrests. I can recall summer vacation as a kid playing Runescape in the library. Just me, broken AC, a cotton chair, and a sweaty back.

The ergonomic design of the NOBLEWELL Mesh Chair is very interesting as it mimics the shape of the human spine. It supports up to 300 pounds of weight, up from the standard 250, and tilt adjustment of 90-120 degrees. 

The foam-padded seat is layered with a mesh cover to ensure that it is comfortable as well as breathable, and the mute wheels make less noise and won’t scratch up your floor. The armrests are also adjustable, and you can give yourself a lot more elbow room when need be. Great for when you want to bust out the old steering wheel and play some Forza.

Or if this chair isn’t your speed when you’ve got the racing itch, maybe some of these will tickle your fancy. 


+ Very affordable

+ Extremely breathable

+ Excellent ergonomic design


– Very little height adjustment

– No headrest

– No footrest

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Chair possesses an unorthodox design. Made almost entirely of mesh, it has fantastic breathability. You can adjust the headrest, seat height, and armrests or fold them back entirely. This chair supports up to 240 pounds and the mute wheels keep your floors safe from scratching.

Not only is this one of the best breathable gaming chairs money can buy, but it is also easy to assemble given its largely mesh design.


+ High on breathability

+ Easy to assemble

+ Foldable armrests 


– Expensive

-All mesh chair may take some time getting used to

– Headrest not great for taller people

Another full mesh gaming chair, the Respawn Specter, supports up to 275 pounds and possesses a high level of adjustability. 

The front part of the seat has a synchro tilt, which allows for more flexibility, and dare I say, breathing room. You know how some office chairs make you feel like your trapped between those armrests? That isn’t a problem with the Respawn Specter.

Speaking of armrests, you can adjust the height, front and back placement as well as arm pivots. The headrest is layered with a leather cover, making it a superb resting place.


+ High breathability

+ Comfortable with a lot of room to move around


– A section of the lower lumbar has no covering

– For some, the armrests may be too far apart

– Pricey

Loving the leather headrest and thinking of trying out an all leather gaming chair? Well alright Shaft, check out some of our top leather picks!

I imagine that when the people who created the Staples Hyken finished the job, they couldn’t help but sound off a “That was easy.”

The Hyken is a budget-friendly breathable gaming chair option that supports up to 250 pounds and offers solid adjustment options for height and angle. The backrest provides near-complete coverage, with no empty room in the lumbar area.

If you are on a budget and looking for a gaming chair that will keep you cool, the Staples Hyken is a great option.


+ High on breathability

+ Affordable


– Tight squeeze. Not a good option for bigger people.

– Subpar armrests. The plastic can be uncomfortable.

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair just missed out on the bronze but is definitely one of the best breathable gaming chairs around. Duramont boasts that this chair has more adjustability than any other office chair on the market, and they aren’t lying.

This chair has a spectacular weight capacity of 330 pounds and tilt and armrest adjustment. It also provides full coverage of your back, with excellent lumbar coverage. The seat is layered with a comfortable, high-density foam cushion. If you aren’t a fan of the mesh seat but still prefer mesh chairs, this is for you.


+ Extremely comfortable

+ Excellent weight capacity

+ Easy to assemble


– On the pricey side

– May be too narrow for taller people

No house of mine is going to be without an ergonomic gaming chair. Did you see what I did there?

Okay, that was bad. Sorry.

What isn’t bad is the NOUHAUS Ergo3d, coming in at number three on our list of best breathable gaming chairs. It supports up to 275 pounds, thanks to its’ durable material. What turns a lot of people off of mesh chairs, is the lack of comfort that comes with cheap mesh material. ElastoMesh not only keeps you cool but also keeps you comfortable.

This chair comes with comfy and fully adjustable flip-up armrests. And did I mention it has up to 135 degrees of tilt? It’s outstanding for taking a load off. 

Another bright spot of the NOUHAUS Ergo3d is the fact that it comes in four different colors. My personal favorite is blue. You could say that we’re a fan of blue gaming chairs here at GamingTopTens.


+ Extremely comfortable

+ Nice balance of high quality and affordability

+ High level of tilt adjustability


– On the narrow side

– Not ideal for people above 6’0

Considered by many to be the cream of the crop, Herman Miller is a household name in office chairs, and for good reason; they’re as high as quality gets. 

The Aeron comes in three different sizes, meaning no matter your height and weight, you’ll find the perfect chair for you. There’s a significant amount of tilt options here, with trademark PostureFit and adjustable lumbar support for those who need it. The four different materials are Onyx, Graphite, Carbon, and Mineral. They all offer up their own unique benefits and are better-suited in different environments.

So yes, this is one heck of a chair. We listed it as one of the best gaming chairs for Call of Duty Warzone players for a reason.

It’s also extremely pricey. To put it into perspective, you could build two top tier gaming rigs for the price of this one chair. Pay for quality, right?


+ Unrivaled versatility

+ Outstanding materials and design

+ Extremely comfortable


– Very, very, very expensive

If you’re in the market for a new chair, you can’t do much better than a NeueChair.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

The NeueChair is incredibly durable, made with three-layer mesh, carbon silicomanganese, and ADC12 Aluminum Alloy. It sports Class IV hydraulic pistons to ensure safety and stability. It’s extremely sleek and also extremely comfortable.

The armrests are coated with a PU material for comfort, and the rubber wheels have caps to reduce the noise. You have numerous adjustment options, from the lumbar region and armrests to the seat slide and ControilShift.

The NeueChair is pricey, but it also comes with a 12-year warranty. That’s more than double the average warranty of other chairs on the market. So yes, it costs a pretty penny, but it’s a safe investment.

For that reason and plenty others, it’s our pick for the best breathable gaming chair on the market.


+ Extremely durable

+ Very long warranty

+ Comfortable


– No headrest

– Expensive


Imagine if you were the pilot of an airplane and you had to work a 10-hour shift in an uncomfortable seat. Sure, you could ignore it and deal with it, but it’ll definitely be distracting.

While gaming for 10-hours is not nearly the same as piloting a plane for 10-hours, the dilemma remains the same. Comfort is key for working or gaming at peak efficiency. So don’t sell yourself short when it comes to your gaming chair. Buy the throne best suited for you, and happy gaming!