Best Alternative to Battle Beaver Controllers

By Everett Zarnick

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Of the most notable custom gaming controller dealers, Battle Beaver Controllers has garnered a reputation for providing a hit and miss experience. Despite having a consistently strong performance with aesthetics, there have been a number of users who report having technical issues and high rates of button failures on multiple occasions. Although the company provides a maximum warranty time of 3 months (that doesn’t include shipping and handling fees), the extra time it takes to ship products to and fro can easily add up to six months if things don’t go smoothly on the first attempt (which seems to be fairly common). 

Altogether, this is a frustrating experience that many users would rather avoid. Our recommendation, as should be apparent to our main viewers, is AimControllers. The reasons for this are numerous. 

The first way to avoid hassle and frustration with getting a custom controller would be to avoid trying outright. For some people, especially competitive gamers, this isn’t an option. If you absolutely need a custom / esports ready controller, but want to get one through a reputable seller that trusts in their own professionalism enough to save you money and headaches, you should absolutely go with Aimcontrollers.

The first and most important reason to opt for AimControllers over Battle Beaver Controllers is due to their warranty policy. AimControllers has a lifetime warranty policy that applies to paint work, paddles, and other custom button placements and modifications. Hell, if you happen to run into an issue with the PCB board of your controller itself, they’ll repair it for free if sent back in less than 45 days from receiving the product. This warranty not only speaks volumes of the company’s trust in their own skill, but heavily outclasses that of Battle Beaver’s by a huge margin. 

Other than the high quality of the warranty offered by AimControllers, there are a number of options users, both newbie and pro alike, can make use of to make their buying experience faster and cheaper. Namely, customers can opt to send in their own controller to have all the custom work done onto it for a cheaper price than buying a custom controller brand new. On top of this price savings option, customers can also opt for expedited shipping. What most people consider a ‘reasonable’ two months to receive a custom controller can take only 5 business days from time of order. 

Additionally, customers can rest easy in knowing that all customer paint work you could want is not only available, but also complimented by AimControllers’ hand picked and professionally designed pre-built color schemes. 

On top of this, all of the customization options that esports players need are available for selection. This includes digital triggers for quicker inputs, paddles on the back of the controller for remapping buttons for ease of hand placement (say goodbye to taking your right thumb off the joystick for button presses,) and full control over the customization of the rumble function.


The options included with AimControllers’ services are absolutely reasons to celebrate for the veteran esports player. The options they have are necessities and any custom controller that calls itself “customs made” or “esports ready” will have the options they provide. The reason we send anyone, not just esports players, to them, though, is mostly due to the expedited shipping, options for reduced overall cost, and lifetime warranty that ensures every customer is both satisfied and protected from unforeseen circumstances.