Best 1440p Monitors for Competitive Gaming

By Jim Jones

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When it comes to gaming monitors, 1440p is arguably the best for getting high frames per second without losing too much detail. Most importantly, these monitors are very affordable and easy to get.

However, as regards getting the best gaming monitor, there are plenty of available options to choose from in today’s market. To this end, we’ve highlighted some of the top and exceptional 1440p monitors you can buy to give yourself that gaming experience you’ve always wanted.

Now, let’s have a look at these exceptional 1440p gaming monitors. We’ll be discussing their pros and cons and the outstanding qualities they bring to the table. Let’s begin!

With the production of Elite XG271QG, ViewSonic presents a modern and stylish 27-inch monitor for professional gamers. This 1440p monitor offers 240Hz and WQHD resolution, G-Sync, Nvidia Reflex low latency, and VESA HDR 400.

The Elite XG271QG also features a minimal reaction time of 1 millisecond (GTG), including solid contrast values and high brightness. These features offer both pro eSports enthusiasts and ambitious gamers. In addition, the Elite XG271QG “SuperClear” IPS panel also exhibits 16.7 million colors and is paired with a sharp contrast of 1,000: 1 offering high display resolution.


+ Significant low input lag

+ Remarkable response time

+ Incredible reflection handling


– Poor out-of-box color accuracy

– Unable to produce deep blacks

Looking for a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate? The Samsung Odyssey G7 is an ideal choice. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 27-inches 1440p monitor with a rapid 240Hz refresh rate that’s also equipped with a native FreeSync variable support to help curtail screen tearing.

The monitor is also compatible with G-SYNC if you prefer to use it with an NVIDIA graphics card. The Samsung Odyssey G7 also displays clear images without heavily taxing the graphic card. The monitor is durably built with a bold 1000R curved screen which helps to bring the overall screen to users’ field of view. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is also equipped with a VA panel making it an incredible choice for darkroom gaming.


+ Incredible response time.

+ G-SYNC compatible.

+ Native FreeSync support and

+ Remarkable contrast ratio.

+ Exceptional low input lag.


– Difficulties with 60Hz VRR

– Narrow field of view

The ASUS ROG PG279QM is one of the best gaming monitors in the market. The monitor comes with a 1440p IPS panel offering a decent picture quality is with good reflection and excellent brightness. As a result, the picture quality also looks remarkable even in a dark room. 

Like most IPS monitors, the ASUS ROG PG279QM has a low contrast ratio. Hence, black usually appears excellent in dark rooms. However, because of its seven viewing angles, the image stays accurate when viewed at close range because of its seven viewing angles. The monitor also has an excellent low input lag and a great response time at maximum refresh rate. Additionally, the backlight is also completely free of flickers.

The ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM is a decent monitor. With wide viewing angles, decent ergonomics, and high screen resolution, this 1440p monitor has low lag input and precise motion. However, the monitor does not support wide color gamut’s or HDR. But it works pretty well for watching videos or creating media.


+ Remarkable motion handling

+ The accurate picture quality when viewed at close range

+ Low input lag


– Black appears as gray in a dark room.

The Dell Alienware AW2721D is arguably the most striking 1440p gaming monitor you can get your hands on. It has a remarkable response time a low input lag that improves game responsiveness at a 240Hz refresh rate. The monitor is also compatible with FreeSync and native G-SYNC support to help curtail screen tearing.

The Dell Alienware AW2721D also uses an IPS panel with broad viewing angles. However, this feature is made available at the detriment of a lower contrast ratio. Hence, blacks appear grey when viewed up close and in the dark.

There’s a native dimming feature that enhances the black level, even though it’s not very effective in some cases. On the plus side, the monitor can get adequately bright enough to use in a room.


+ Functional design and highly ergonomic

+ Vivid, beautiful color production

+ Seven gaming performance

+ Quick OSD menu

+ Dedicated G-Sync Module


– Expensive

– Slight light bleed along the bottom edge


If you want to gain that competitive edge during gameplay, getting one of these 1440p monitors is your best chance at it. These gaming monitors offer decent and sharp picture qualities, rapid refresh rates, and short response time. These features enable a smooth experience for creative work, video games, and action movies.

Topping the list is the Dell Alienware AW2721D, a beast of a monitor with a great display that has everything you need and more.