Audeze Gaming Headsets Ranked

By Jim Jones

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Now that you’ve been able to get your hands on an Xbox Series X/S, buy a PlayStation 5, or finalized a gaming PC build, getting the best gear to compliment your game can be tricky. Every gamer wants a headset that produces quality sounds.

But, the wide variety of available headset options often cripples the decision-making of a lot of gamers.

Grabbing a cheap headset online won’t get you premium sounds. You will most definitely get audio that’d ruin the fun of your game, and that sucks.

A high-end alternative, though relatively expensive, offers incredible gameplay with quality audio, comfy fit, solid build, and excellent durability.

A perfect example of such a high-end brand is Audeze. Audeze is a highly recognized brand for consistently designing and producing exceptional and great-sounding headsets.

Considering the quality Audeze headsets possess, narrowing the best to three hasn’t been easy. Check out the following Audeze headsets to know which one best fits your gameplay.

The Audeze Penrose is an all-plastic build headset equipped with memory foam earpads and a headband cushion. Its headband is exceptionally flexible and light, compensating for its heavy planar magnetic headphones. While the Audeze is entirely plastic, nothing feels cheap – no adjustment creaks and the hinges are sturdy and firm.

Audeze Penrose offers a solid gaming experience, according to plenty of user reviews. It’s very comfortable to wear, especially for long gaming hours. If you’re all about planar magnetic gaming headsets, the Audeze Penrose is your cheapest option in the market, selling for $299.99


The Audeze Penrose is compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and 4, PC, and Xbox. The headset also supports three connectivity options: the 2.4GHz wireless USB RF dongle, Bluetooth 5.0, and 3.5mm connections. Regarding battery life, Audeze claims the headset can work up to 15 hours after a full charge.


+ Wide compatibility

+ Great audio quality


– Expensive microphone

The Audeze Mobius headset is ideal for gamers looking for a versatile headset. The Audeze Mobius remarkably meets a plethora of your needs, be it gaming, watching movies, or listening to music. It is a premium headset option designed specifically with versatility in mind.

The Audeze Mobius is the first gaming headset to use planar magnetic drivers. Hence, to generate sound, the Audeze Mobius uses magnetic fields, which can produce better quality sound. So if you’ve never used a planar magnetic headset, you’re in for an experience.

Frankly, this is one of the top gaming headsets you can get on the market. Expensive ($399.99), but you’d get value for your money.


The Audeze Mobius comes with several extensions. The pack comes with the headset itself, a USB-C to USB-A cord, a 3.5mm cord, and a 3.5mm mic. Apart from that, the package also comes with several booklets detailing the headset’s features and functions.

The Audeze Mobius is also praised for its won’t range of compatibility as it is effortlessly compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and 4, PC, and Xbox. Besides its wired connection options, the headset also offers wireless connectivity in Bluetooth 5.0, which supports LDAC, AAC, and SBC.


+ Tremendous Audio.

+ Multiple connectivity options.

+ Stereo, 7.1, and Bluetooth modes are excellent

+ Remarkable and functional 3D audio


– Quite expensive

– Memory foam is a little uncomfortable at first

The Audeze LCD-GX ($899) is arguably the best gaming headset in today’s market. Designed with the

This headset is a high-end Audeze version with a characteristic red color pattern and a boom-mic. The LCD-GX makes use of the latest magnesium chassis. The headset is lighter but similar in size to the conventional LCD headphones, saving a lot of weight.

Virtually all the components of the Audeze LCD-GX are metal-designed, resulting in a solid and durable build. Only the omissions are the suspension strap and pads are designed with synthetic leather. The Audeze LCD-GX is analog, stereo, and wires only, but it offers you the most detailed and accurate listening experience.


The Audeze LCD-GX case comes with the headphone, boom mic table, an OMTP to CTIA adaptor, a 3.5mm TRRS connector, mic inputs, a ¼” TRS cable, and a 3.5mm TRRS to dual 3.5mm TRS splitter. The headset also has a wide range of compatibility, having smooth comparability with   Google Pixel 3a XL, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and a Nintendo Switch Lite.


+ High Compatibility with almost any device

+ Remarkable audio quality

+ Excellent design and build quality

+ Durability and strength


– Very expensive


While buying a high-end gaming headset may initially seem like a splurge, it will serve you for the long haul. The Audeze high-end gaming headsets are designed with the best material to offer gamers a heightened audio experience. Go Audeze today, and you will be getting value for your money.

These headsets are often made with premium materials that house high-quality components and loads of functionality.