Are SteelSeries Headsets Worth It

By Jim Jones

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Gaming headsets are the all-in-one solution to your game audio needs. Games like Fortnite have almost three-quarters of their players currently owning a gaming headset.

With the number of those intending to buy a headset soon estimated to be 53%.

For what it’s worth, a decent gaming headset should combine a great fit and a good battery life with an excellent gaming experience.

Like several headsets in the market, SteelSeries offers balanced audio reproduction and solid microphones; all fit in sleek designs.

But the question is, do SteelSeries headsets offer something extra compared to a brand like Audeze, and what exactly do Audeze headsets possess that sets them apart?

Let’s go over all the details and see why the Audeze Penrose beats all SteelSeries headsets, hands down.

Are SteelSeries Headsets Worth it?

SteelSeries headsets produce good sounds and are a decent pick when hunting for gaming headsets. However, being good is how far they get. They don’t offer the premium feel Audeze offers.

Audeze pays attention to the smallest design details and prioritizes sound quality over convenience.

Overall, their earpad designs make no compromises, and from the moment you put one over your head, the comfortability it offers wins over and keeps you focused on the game.

Qualities like the ones laid above make SteelSeries headsets not comparable in any way to competition such as Audeze.

Why the Audeze Penrose is Superior to any SteelSeries Headset

The Audeze Penroseis a planar magnetic headphone designed to provide you with the best comfort a headset can offer.

Mostly made of plastic, this Audeze headset feels sturdy and durable, which gives an outstanding build quality.

There’s faux leather padding on the ear cups and headband to keep you at ease for prolonged usage. You shouldn’t be too worried if you drop the headset; it can easily withstand a few bumps without taking too much damage.

The Audeze Penrose supports a variety of audio content with its neutral but slightly dark sound profile, and its boom microphone is detachable.

It ensures low latency while you game and supports wireless connection with Bluetooth for more casual day-to-day use.

Coupled with a decent battery life that will guarantee you 15 hours of continuous gaming, the Audeze Penrose will make your gaming experience fun.

You can customize the Audeze Penrose to your taste with the AudezeHQ app.


  • + Audeze 100mm planar magnetic drivers
  • + Bluetooth and wired analog connection options
  • + Lossless 2.4GHz low-latency wireless connection
  • + Comfortable memory foam padding
  • + Detachable broadcast-quality microphone
  • + Great Lithium-polymer battery with 4-5hr charge time and 15hr battery life


The best gaming headsets will cup your ears with ease, come with the best microphones, have excellent sound, and have lengthy cords to suit any gaming setup.

The Audeze Penrose incorporates all the excellent qualities of a good gaming headset and many more.

For Audeze, Uncompromised Audio isn’t just a slogan; it’s truly a way of life. Their earpad designs make no compromises.

And their boom microphone records clear sounds, with a battery life enough to last you hours. There’s nothing more you can possibly want in a gaming headset.