Are Smart Triggers Worth It?

By Everett Zarnick

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AimControllers has been a company on GamingTopTens eye for a while now, and the company is starting to raise questions regarding their trigger systems. Namely, we’ve seen a huge spike in confusion surrounding the trigger systems AimControllers offers. Today, we’d like to clear up some of the confusion around the topic and shed some light on the constantly evolving trigger systems contemporary controllers are rocking.

What is a Smart Trigger?

A Smart Trigger is a customized trigger input offered by AimControllers that takes the standard variable trigger pressure offered by standard controllers and replaces it with an extremely low actuation point switch. 

What does this mean when put simply? What this means is that instead of pulling a trigger down to its actuation point, a Smart Trigger allows you to instantly click the trigger for instant reactions. To use common intuition to get a feeling for the difference yourself, imagine clicking a key on a common keyboard. Now imagine replacing your controller’s trigger with that same key using AimController’s customization services. 

Again, think click vs. pull

What are the Differences Between a Smart Trigger and Trigger Stops?

If a traditional trigger offers variable pressure inputs, and a Smart Trigger offers a set, flat, low pressure input, then what does a Trigger Stop do? Both!

A Trigger Stop exists so that players who want variable input pressures for their triggers can retain their variable actuation points while also having access to a tool that shortens the max pressure allowed. Basically, a Trigger Stop can be used to… stop your trigger. That is, a Trigger Stop can set the maximum actuation point of your controller’s trigger so that a player can have a shorter actuation point, but still have that pull feel instead of the click feel. 

Do Smart Triggers Really Make a Difference?

The answer to this question, 100% of the time, is yes. Yes, Smart Triggers make a huge difference, but the difference won’t be felt the same by every gamer. A talented FPS player will absolutely adore the Smart Triggers over the standard controller triggers, since Smart Triggers will improve the time between his reactions and their inputs by a number of milliseconds (which is huge in competitive FPS matches).

That said, a casual GTA player might find that the difference, although present, isn’t enough to warrant getting used to the new feeling Smart Triggers bring to the table. In which case, said GTA player might want to opt for the Trigger Stops to get the best of both worlds.


Whether or not you’re keen on experiencing the keyboard like responsiveness of a Smart Trigger or the unparalleled customization of a Trigger Stop, it’s important to remember that both have their respective functions and will provide a different kind of upgrade over standard controller triggers. 

If you do happen to be in the market for this kind of service, we here at GamingTopTens would be reminisce without recommending, strongly recommending employing AimControllers to do the job for you. AimControllers create products that we’ve physically tested ourselves, and provide an S-tier service that is unmatched in both aesthetics and build quality. If your interested in having AimController forge a controller for you, check out their website! Don’t forget yo use code GTT for $50 off any order above $199!